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Meet George Gilder

Former presidents, former presidential candidates, technology magnates, media personalities…all listen to this man.

And for good reason.

Legend has it this legendary futurist handed President Ronald Reagan the first microchip Reagan had ever seen, telling Reagan that this chip would change the world.

It turns out he was completely right.

Today, microchips run everything from our smartphones to our banking systems to our home refrigerators…

And the stocks of companies who manufactured or used these chips went up more than 3,700%… 4,200%… even close to 20,000% over the long run since his prophecy.

Today, announcing for the first time…


Tech insiders are holding their breath for what’s about to be revealed

… A prediction that could mean the END for market giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon and more…

… And it has the potential to make early adopters as much as $1,000,000.

It’s all happening on July 2 at 1 pm est, with the return of the world’s #1 tech futurist George Gilder.

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After predicting the smartphone a full 13 years before its 1997 release…

After correctly predicting internet bandwidth would be the end of television (this was back when 56k dial up modems over phone line was the only option of transmitting data across the internet…)

This man is “un-retiring” to make what may be his most surprising prediction yet.

The man’s name is George Gilder.

He’s widely considered America’s #1 futurist and he’s making his latest ground shaking announcement on July 2, at 1 PM EDT.

George’s view of the future is so incredible, so unbelievable, you probably won’t believe him.

You can bet against him if you want.

But remember this day… because George’s prognostications have an eerily uncanny way of coming true.

Especially the crazy ones.

And when this new prediction comes to pass, it will change the way you shop, bank and communicate online.

Plus: This prophecy has a very good chance to make early investors rich….

George foreshadows a wholly different view of your life that could make early investments life-changing gains.

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