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Palm Beach Confidential is the primary Palm Beach Research Group cryptocurrency and blockchain newsletter service. Led by Teeka Tiwari and his team of experts, The Palm Beach Confidential service is considered as the ideal advisory program for those looking to enter the cryptocurrency space.


“Crazy” video update from Teeka Tiwari

Teeka Tiwari Final Call

The last time this opportunity appeared was five years ago…

And it gave everyday Americans a chance to become millionaires – turning $1,000 invested in each play into $1.4 million…

Now it’s happening again.

You’re going to think Teeka is crazy for even talking about it… Yet he just launched a special event around it…

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Palm Beach Confidential Newsletter – What is it?

Palm Beach Confidential is a subscription service in which  Teeka Tiwari share picks that have the same criteria as other Palm Beach Research Group publications, but focus on smaller companies to generate higher returns. Most of these companies have market caps of less than $1 billion.

For this reason, Palm Beach Research Group Co-founder Tom Dyson and Editor Teeka Tiwari previously reserved these plays for their family and closest friends. But with the creation of Palm Beach Confidential, and thanks to its limited membership, they can now deliver these plays to you. In other words, you can now consider yourself part of their “inner circle” and one of their confidantes.

  • Teeka Tiwari is a former hedge fund manager and youngest VP in the history of Shearson Lehman Brothers.
  • Since 2016, he’s been covering cryptocurrencies in his small-cap trading advisory, Palm Beach Confidential, for nearly 10,000 subscribers.
  • At the time of this writing, Teeka’s recommended 18 cryptocurrencies with an average return of 647%.

Teeka Tiwari, who is the editor, will email you monthly with new recommendations, and send out email and txt alerts for any urgent buy or sell recommendations.

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What Do You Get For Your Money?

When you invest into Palm Beach Confidential, you get the following:

– 12 Monthly Issues of Palm Beach Confidential Newsletter: You’ll get this monthly newsletter plus updates few times per month so you can stay up to date with urgent crypto or stock picks without having to wait for the new issue to come out.  In the newsletters, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the market in it’s current state, including a few of Teeka’s picks and exactly why he recommends you pick them up.

Training videos.  In the online newsletter members area, you get quite a few training videos that take you through the “A to Z’s” of online trading (crytpo and stocks).  You’ll learn exactly how to get everything set up, even if you’re a total newbie to trading.

Teeka’s 1000% Guarantee: If you don’t grow your wealth by a minimum of 1000% in the next 12 months, you get the next year’s subscription absolutely free.

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Palm Beach Confidential INSIDE (Screenshots)

Once you are logged in, click on “Palm Beach Confidential”. This is where you can poke around in the Crypto Corner and access Teeka’s current recommendations in the Portfolio Section.

Once you are logged in, You’ll see all sections of the site. Let’s go through all of them:

Welcome Center


Access your special reports. You might have come on board as a subscriber by responding to a creative marketing message you saw online. This section is where you can access all of the special reports detailed in that message.


Read the Palm Beach Confidential user’s guide.

In this service, PBRG Co-founder Tom Dyson and Editor Teeka Tiwari deliver “off the beaten path” plays. Tom and Teeka typically learn about them in closed-door meetings with industry contacts… while traveling the world to get boots-on-the-ground research… or when scoping out companies to deliver to our Palm Beach Letter readers.


Check out their exclusive member benefits. You’ll have access to your monthly issues, portfolio, asset allocation guide, and much more. These materials will make you a smarter, richer investor.


We publish issues around the third Thursday of every month. We also publish market updates. We don’t stick to a set publishing schedule for them, however. If there is any significant action in the markets that affects our portfolio, Editor Teeka Tiwari will update you.

Crypto Corner

In the “crypto corner” section you can find a lot of valuable information:

Here is a list of the current materials which you can find in the Crypto Corner:

  • Four Simple Steps to Buy and Store Cryptocurrencies

Read the four steps to buy and store cryptocurrencies. This simple graphic is perfect for beginners. It provides links to our recommended services and answers these questions: Where should I buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrency recommendations? What are all these services for? What’s the difference between a wallet and an exchange?

  • The Cryptocurrency Quick-Start Guide

Cryptocurrencies are one of the hottest investment opportunities in the world right now. The industry has gone from zero to $18 billion in less than a decade. Look at Factom, a crypto created by two Austin, Texas, entrepreneurs. Last year, it beat out 99% of stocks, delivering 511% gains.

  • The Most Explosive Crypto Plays for 2017

Cryptocurrencies are going berserk right now. According to The Wall Street Journal, analysts are warning of a trading frenzy. Bloomberg reports cryptos are minting a new class of millionaires.

  • Video Guides: How to Buy Cryptocurrencies

We’ve had a lot of subscribers write in asking about purchasing and securely storing digital currencies. In the videos below, you’ll find answers to the most commonly asked questions. You’ll also find a table that compares some of our favorite cryptocurrency wallets.

  • Cryptocurrency Wallets

We’ve compared some of our favorite cryptocurrency wallets. Look at the table below to see which one best fits your needs. Then, use our guides to set up your cryptocurrency wallet.

  • Safely Store Your Cryptocurrencies

It’s of critical importance that you learn how to safely store your cryptocurrencies. In this report, we’ll show you how to do that using wallets that are connected to the internet and offline wallets.

  • How to Open Abra, Poloniex, and MyEtherWallet Accounts

Use this guide to set up Abra and Poloniex accounts as well as an ether wallet. Be sure to check the portfolio page to see most up-to-date cryptocurrency buying advice.

  • Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Services

There are many services for purchasing and storing bitcoin out there. Our team has put together tables comparing some of the biggest. Click here to see the differences between the services.

  • The Palm Beach Research Group International Guide to Buying Bitcoin

Use this guide to find out where you can buy bitcoin anywhere in the world. We cover common ways to purchase, in which countries our recommended services are available, and country-specific services.

  • Crypto FAQ

See our answers to readers’ most frequently asked cryptocurrency questions.

  • Teeka’s Cryptocurrency Q&A Webinar

On Wednesday, April 26, 2017, Teeka held a live Q&A session with Fernando Cruz, director at Palm Beach Research Group, Palm Beach Confidential analyst Greg Wilson, and special guest Charles Shrem.

They spent over two hours answering new subscribers’ questions.

Issues Section

Here you can find published monthly newsletters with recommendation in them. It isn’t just cryptos – you may find some issues with stock picks.

Updates Section

Anything important Teeka feels the reader needs to know. These updates come multiple times per week, often 2 in a single day.

Reports Section

Your special reports are here. You might have come on board as a subscriber by responding to a creative marketing message you saw online. This section is where you can access all of the special reports detailed in that message.

Portfolio Section

Here you can access Teeka’s current recommendations!!! At the time of this writing, Teeka’s recommended 18 cryptocurrencies with an average return of 647%.

Who is  Teeka Tiwari?

Teeka Tiwari, Editor

Teeka Tiwari is the co-editor of The Palm Beach Letter and editor of Palm Beach Confidential. He epitomizes the American dream. Growing up in the foster care system in the United Kingdom, Teeka came to the United States at age 16 with just $150 in his pocket and the clothes on his back. By 18, he had become the youngest employee at Lehman Brothers. Two years later, he shattered convention by becoming the youngest vice president in the history of Shearson Lehman.

In 1998, he made a small fortune going short during the Asian crisis. But then, he “got greedy” (in his own words) and hung on for too long. Within a three-week time span, he lost all he had made—and everything else he owned. He was ultimately compelled to file personal bankruptcy.

Two years after losing everything, Teeka rebuilt his wealth from the markets and went on to launch a successful hedge fund. After these events, he developed a newfound appreciation for risk. He made risk management his No. 1 priority. Now a retired hedge fund manager, Teeka’s personal mission is to help teach individual investors how to grow their money safely.

Teeka has been a regular contributor to the FOX Business Network and has appeared on FOX News Channel, CNBC, ABC’s NightlineThe Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and international television networks.

Download Teeka Tiwari new book – “New World Money” Here:

Read Full Chapter 3 of Teeka’s book New World Money here

Read Full Chapter 2 of Teeka’s book New World Money here

Read Full Chapter 1 of Teeka’s book New World Money here

In the book you’ll discover:

  • How Bitcoin “Rose From the Ashes” of the Financial Crisis, to Reinvent Money as We Know It
  • Why Bitcoin Will Change the Monetary System
  • Why Bitcoin is the Perfect “Safe Haven” to Protect Yourself During the Next Financial Crisis
  • How Bitcoin is About to Disrupt Wall Street
  • How One $100,000 Trade of Cheese and Butter Changed the World
  • Where to Find the Next “FANGS”

Teeka Tiwari’s holding an online event where he’ll give away several pieces of free research, including:

  • “Over the shoulder” video training on how to invest in any cryptocurrency…
  • Special reports that reveal his investment strategy (the exact strategy he’s used to deliver multiple 1,000%-plus winners)…
  • A live Q&A – where he’ll answer everyone’s most burning questions (please keep in mind, he cannot give personalized investment advice)…
  • And a 90-minute emergency briefing with one of the founders of the second-most-popular cryptos in the world. They’ll explain why the cryptocurrency market could be on the verge of a major breakout, beginning in January… and Teeka will reveal the name of the crypto he calls “the next big thing in cryptocurrencies.”

What’s more, as part of this event, you’ll have the chance to claim FREE Bitcoin as part of something Teeka’s calling “The $1 Million Dollar Bitcoin Giveaway.”

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Palm Beach Confidential newsletter – Real Users Reviews

Here’s what some of our customers are saying about Palm Beach Confidential newsletter:

Name: Peter A

City and State of Residence: Richmond, VA

Approximate Age: 65

“My name is Peter A, a 65-year-old retired insurance agent from Richmond, VA, now living in The Villages, Florida. While I have been an active investor for years, the whole crypto currency space (and high tech in general) was a complete mystery to me.
I received a “teaser” ad from Palm Beach and something about Teeka’s crypto and ether presentation just clicked with me.

I signed up, struggled mightily getting the various accounts and protocols set up, crossed my fingers, bought 500 ether at $9.80 and have never looked back. I have held through all of the turmoil and now, I am looking to the future and see no reason to sell in these early days.

I then signed up for Palm Beach Confidential in order to get more in depth recommendations in the crypto space, which led me to Antshares, more ether classic, and others. I bought 2000 ANS at $.15 and was amazed to see it climb to $10.00 (why did I not buy more?!) where I sold half. I then used those proceeds to buy Golem, Syscoin, and several others and am now waiting for everything to heat up again.

I fully intend to continue leveraging profits and to keep following Teeka’s advice and am looking forward to exciting times ahead.”

Name: Gail Clark

City and State of Residence: Dallas, TX

Approximate Age: 73

Professional & Financial Background: practically no financial
experience other than supporting myself for the last 32 years. I
drove a truck for 33 years and have been retired for 11 years.

” I will be 73 in September, I live in the country 110 miles SE of Dallas, TX. and I’ve had practically no financial experience other than supporting myself for the last 32 years. I drove a truck for 33 years and have been retired for 11 years. I actually started with 2 newsletters from Stansberry Associates and Agora Financial. In one issue, they recommended you folks. I checked you out, liked what I was reading and bought a subscription, then bought an Infinity membership. I started out very small with the
Legacy portfolio. From there, I tried to interest my oldest son, David. He agreed he needed to do something so he bought some stock, then he got interested in options, sold the stock saying he could make more money from options. From there Teeka started on the cryptocurrencies. That was it! He hasn’t looked back since.

I was afraid to begin with because I don’t know that much about a computer and I feared trying to open accounts and buying coins. I was more comfortable with stocks and then later options. I finally got over it and started buying. I have about $22,000 invested in different coin and currencies. Right now, they are worth approximately $77,500. The account has been up to $145,000. That was when I showed my other son, Mike and then his daughter Hailey. David is a little obsessive and was driving his brother nuts. Just like my granddaughter, in one ear and out the other. Nobody was interested until they could actually see the progress with Block folio. Now they’re all involved. Mike started an account for his other daughter, Ashley, one for himself, my daughter Michelle has one as well as my sister Robin. Of course, they are now panicked about it going down but I’ve convinced them (with Teeka’s help) to just wait it out. This is so early in the game, I plan on all of us becoming millionaires!

I still have my Legacy stocks and most of what Teeka has recommended in Palm Beach Confidential plus Steve Sjuggerud’s China stocks. I also bought Teeka’s latest stock, Templeton Dragon Fund, fits right in with my other China plays. I’m selling puts and saving cash in the bank. I also bought a lifetime subscription to Trade Stops. I sure wish I had known all this when I was working and bringing home real money. It amazes me that thanks to you people, I have more now than I ever did. Gonna need it
when the Teamster’s cancel my pension and the Social Security checks dry up. Again, thank you for all the fantastic info and just the whole attitude of putting your customers first.”

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