Kyle Dennis FAST 5 Trades Update: Fast 5 First Trade

Two weeks ago, I launched Fast 5 Trades.

I’ve had a lot of questions about the service that has reached blockbuster status in barely 14 days.

Fast 5 Trades is my highest conviction trade idea, released to you Monday morning and poised to profit by Friday, in 5 days time.

I wanted to reach out and give you an update on this service’s performance, because last week I noticed that you decided this offer wasn’t for you.

Well, I’m going to show you that you were wrong.

Let’s talk about my first Fast5 alert: DMPI.

DMPI is a pharmaceutical company that develops cutting-edge cancer therapies.

I alerted this stock last Monday because they announced they would be updating data on two phase 2 trials on November 22nd.

My research indicated this stock would respond positively to this news, and respond it did.

DMPI went up 11% in 2 days.

That may not sound like a lot, but it’s more than you made this week by NOT having Fast5.

Current members were profiting THEIR FIRST DAY as a Fast 5 member…

Check out Antonio:

Looking great so far is right!

How about Zvi?

13.5% in two days, plan clearly laid out on Monday morning…

Folks, I’m reaching out to you again with this information because if you want to take advantage of the market each and every week by implementing 1 trade that was selected specifically for you, I’m your guy.

I’ve told you before, but now I have the chance to SHOW you the way this service is delivering for Antonio, for Zvi, for people just like you but probably with cooler names.

I’m sorry Susan, that wasn’t directed at you.

Fast 5 Trades is for anyone and everyone who wants to make money in the market on 1 simple trade a week.

It’s easy as that.

And sometimes, the profits come in 1 day!

I guess it’s time to start Fast5’s sister service… Fast1! LOL!

Next Monday, I’ll be alerting my highest-conviction Fast 5 trade.

What you gonna do?

Yes, I want Kyle’s Fast 5 Trade in my inbox on Monday.