Doc Eifrig Income Intelligence Review (I Joined!)

Stansberry Research released a new presentation of their research product called Income Intelligence. It is a monthly advisory dedicated to income investments.

Dr. David “Doc” Eifrig and Matt Weinschenk are the people behind Income Intelligence since 2013. This research is a simple way to collect potential massive income. It is appropriate for anyone at any level, and you can get it on a promotional price now. The package includes great bonuses.

First, let’s get into details to make sure this is the right product for you.

What is Income Intelligence?

Income Intelligence identifies long-term, high-quality assets, such as dominant industry leaders… extra income streams from bonds… preferred shares… REITs… business development companies… and more – concepts you’re not likely to come across on your own.

And, while they can never guarantee profits, you should understand that their entire strategy is based on generating large amounts of income, as well as possible capital gains, from low-risk investments.

David and Matt won’t distract you with information of what Nasdaq is doing, or what Elon Musk tweeted. Their focus is to show their members how to take advantage of money-making opportunities with very low risk.

But before you consider their offer, let’s dive into the past and learn more about David and Matt’s careers.

Are Dr. David “Doc” Eifrig and Matt Weinschenk Trustworthy?

Dr. David “Doc” Eifrig is a partner at Stansberry Research and their most successful analyst.

He’s the man behind Retirement Millionaire, Income Intelligence, and other studies, such as Retirement Trader and Prosperity Investor, where he’s demonstrated readers a current string of 156 consecutive winning trades over nearly three years.

Matt Weinschenk is a director of research at Stansberry. For more than a decade, Matt was Doc’s top analyst and right-hand man. He is now in charge of all of Stansberry Research’s 30-plus publications. He has a master’s in applied economics, and he’s a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Dr. David Eifrig, a Partner at Stansberry Research recently issued a critical retirement warning.

He shared his one strategy, he uses with his own money, that could help you retire in the next years ahead of your plans.

It’s a lower-risk approach to position yourself for a series of cash payouts as high as 29%… and perhaps hundreds of percent capital profits in the long run. Readers who followed their suggestions earned 12.2% and 7.7% per year just for owning those stocks, on top of substantial cash gains.

Here you will find all details plus the name and ticker of a recommendation yielding close to 8%.

How to Profit from Interest Rates Change?

Naturally, interest rates naturally go DOWN over time. You can see the trend in this diagram:

There’s a lot of noise, a lot of fluctuations in the short term, but we know the trend is down.

The first reason is that there is a lot more wealth in the world than ever before. With a larger supply of money looking for a place to go, interest rates will inevitably fall.

The other reason is technology. There have been numerous advancements that make lending money safer than ever before. We have modern accounting. Today, we have credit ratings. To settle disagreements, we have a well-established court system. We also provide methods for lenders to spread risk by bundling multiple loans together.

More lenders, more money to be leant – lower rates. It makes sense.

Here comes the opportunity that we have right now, while the interest rates are still high. You must take advantage of them. Incredible yields all over the place. Numbers haven’t seen in decades.

Consider earning 12% a year for owning a quality investment in a down market, before compounding and any potential capital gains.

As interest rates fall, the prices of these assets will certainly skyrocket.

That’s a win-win situation.

And there’s an even better way to earn money that rises over time. By investing in world-class, solid businesses, which are the only ones you should own in this environment. These are the businesses recommended by Income Intelligence.

Doc’s FREE Stock Recommendation

Doc shared a way to take advantage of current environment… rather than sitting around being upset about it… through a stock that you can go buy right now if you choose to. It is Enterprise Products Partners, and the ticker symbol is EPD.

Enterprise is an oil and gas master limited partnership (MLP) with a lot of upside potential due to the increasing importance of natural gas.

In Income Intelligence, this is a live recommendation. It’s currently yielding just under 8%… which is fantastic in this environment, and in what Doc considers to be a very high-quality and low-risk name.

We would like to share the steps David is recommending taking today.

Doc’s Specific Moves to Take Today

Dr. David “Doc” Eifrig recommends three moves that you should make today. They could set you up for a steady income for the rest of your life.

STEP 1: How to Collect 20% or More, Every Year

Stansberry Research has been sharing this secret with readers for more than a decade. During the presentation they give an example with one of their recommendations back in 2010 – Microsoft (MSFT). The share price back then was around $27 – and today it’s around $250. Up more than 800% and they are still holding.

You would also receive dividends that are growing each year.

Of course, you might have been collecting these dividends every year. That makes sense in some circumstances. Nevertheless, if you’re preparing for retirement or simply looking for a long-term investment, there’s a much better option.

You can take advantage of the power of compounding by reinvesting your dividends in Microsoft stock. Your quarterly dividends purchase additional shares, which generate additional dividends, which purchase additional shares the next quarter.

If you’d followed this approach since their recommendation, you could have turned every $10,000 into $123,308 – a total gain of 1,133%.

When our organization initially began spreading this concept, the easiest way to do so was through what were known as DRIPs.

DRIPs were “dividend re-investment programs” offered directly by individual corporations as a kind of incentive to keep their shares for a long period and grow wealth that way.

If you want to reinvest dividends, you can flip a switch on your brokerage account and your broker will do that for you automatically, for free. Keep the necessary tax records too. Assuming you’re even using a taxable account.

When Stansberry first launched Income Intelligence, they dedicated an entire model portfolio to this technique. It is called World Dominating Dividend Growers.

They’ve been waiting for this exact moment ever since.

World-class stocks are on sale. Dividends are increasing in popularity and significance as a result of the market’s shift to high-quality, cash-generating assets.

Hence, for the first time in almost a decade, they are introducing a brand-new Word Dominating Dividend Grower model portfolio.

This model portfolio is completely diversified… and poised for potentially large capital upside – hundreds of percent gains – in the types of high-quality fortress businesses and industries that you want to be in right now.

It’s pretty much everything you’ll ever need.

In a new report titled The 20% Strategy: How to Set Yourself Up for Low-Risk Yields That Can Pay for Your Retirement, they lay out all you need to know to get started.

The 20% Strategy: How to Set Yourself Up for Low-Risk Yields That Can Pay for Your Retirement
You will learn how to set this up, how to distribute your money if you invest, how to manage this portfolio, and much more.

STEP 2: Buy These Three 12%-Plus Yielders Today, While You Still Can

Matt shared information about three distinct ways to earn at least 12% in dividends right now.

Many of these investments offer monthly dividends rather than quarterly or twice a year.

You may start collecting cash very rapidly. You can still reinvest your dividends, as you can with the world-class stocks.

You will be able to find everything you need to know about these investments in the special report Three Ways to Earn 12%+, Right Now.

Three Ways to Earn 12%+, Right Now

STEP 3: A Way to Beat the Market that Could Be Worth Millions Over Time

Stansberry’s team developed a tool that can take a lot the guesswork and worry out of the hardest part of your finances. It’s called the Intelligent Retirement Model.

Intelligent Retirement Model

Your asset allocation plan, if you have one at all, will have a greater impact on your retirement prospects than any stock, market approach, or unique portfolio.

Matt and Doc developed the Intelligent Retirement model, and they consider this probably the most important thing they have ever done in more than 15 years at Stansberry Research.

It is exclusively for subscribers to Income Intelligence research.

This is a strategy for minimizing risk and maximizing upside potential across an entire diversified portfolio of investments, in and out of stocks.

They show their subscribers the exact allocation plan they recommend each quarter – and why.

This model doesn’t limit you to any specific stock, bond, or ETF positions. And it doesn’t require a special account… an advanced trading approval… or any asset that’s difficult or complicated to buy.

How to get started with Income Intelligence?

The best way to get started with Intelligent Retirement is by reading over their newly updated Intelligent Retirement Handbook, which explains everything you need to know.

Intelligent Retirement Handbook

How much is Income Intelligence?

Current promotion will give you access to Income Intelligence for TWO years for only $1,500.

That’s 70% OFF what others will soon pay for the exact same research… and the best price they have ever offered or ever will offer for two full years of Income Intelligence.

You will have 30 days to decide if this service is for you. If you are not happy, they offer Stansberry credit that could be applied to their other products.

What’s Included With Your Income Intelligence Subscription?

Here’s everything you’ll receive:

70% OFF Two Full Years of Income Intelligence

First and foremost, you’ll immediately begin receiving Doc’s most elite income research – at the best moment for income opportunities that you’ve seen in years. You’ll get the next 24 monthly issues, with new recommendations each month… plus Doc’s full model portfolio… every past issue and report Doc Eifrig published… his asset allocation guide… his monthly income triggers… ideas… special updates… and much more.

NEW SPECIAL REPORT: The 20% Strategy: How to Set Yourself Up for Low-Risk Yields That Can Pay for Your Retirement

Showing you how to get started immediately with the single best income strategy Dr. David Eifrig ever uncovered at Stansberry Research – that could set you up for potential yields as high as 29% with Dr. David Eifrig’s World Dominating Dividend Grower model portfolio.

NEW SPECIAL REPORT: Three Ways to Earn 12%+, Right Now

Of course, while snowballing 20%-30% future yields are terrific – why wait, when you could start collecting 12%… 13%… even 14% right now in Dr. David Eifrig’s favorite, low-risk, income-gushing ideas! These are investments that could start paying you every month, immediately. Better still, when interest rates fall (as Dr. David Eifrig expects they will) the value of these investments is likely to soar – while you keep getting paid.

The Intelligent Retirement Model Handbook

The only guide you’ll ever need to feel confident about Dr. David Eifrig’s asset allocation plan. David Eifrig will show you what to do and how to get started with a model that’s dramatically outperformed the S&P 500 Index over the last 50 years… and beat the dangerous “60/40” model by even more. And you’ll always get every update to Dr. David Eifrig’s allocation plan – at least quarterly – from now on, as long as you’re subscribed to Income Intelligence.

Premier Access to Retirement Millionaire

Retirement Millionaire is unlike probably any other research you’ve ever read. It’s a guide not just to becoming wealthy with the world’s best stocks, but to living richly in retirement. That means saving money on everything… living and traveling in style… tips for optimal health, and much more. And Premier access means this research is yours from now on, as long as you’re receiving Income Intelligence – at no additional cost whatsoever.

Portfolio Booster: How to See Huge Gains (And More!) OUTSIDE the Stock Market

This special bonus, featuring Dr. David Eifrig, Matt Weinschenk, and two other top Stansberry editors, was previously only available to members of Dr. David Eifrig’s top tier Alliance program, who pay upwards of $33,000 for access. It’s a perfect complement to this package today, and it could have a big impact on your success in 2023 and beyond.

Special Updates & Alerts

Throughout the month, Doc and Matt will email you updates as needed, telling you when to lock-in gains… add to or close a position… plus any new portfolio developments.

Doc’s Daily Newsletter

You’ll start receiving Doc’s daily newsletter, Health & Wealth Bulletin, chock full of timely topics and tips, delivered straight to your inbox Monday through Friday at 3:30 p.m.

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