Greg Diamond Prediction 2023 – The Get Out of Cash Event Legit?

Is there a way to potentially double your money over and over again this year… without touching a single stock along the way? Yes!!!

It comes from our friend Greg Diamond, a former $65 billion pension fund manager. In fact, you could have doubled your money 6 times last year and 34 different times altogether by using his strategy.

Greg has a big new prediction for 2023 that we wholeheartedly agree with. If you have any cash to put to work, it’s a must-see right now.

Greg Diamond is posting the full details right here.

Greg Diamond Prediction 2023 – What Is It?

Greg Diamond is hosting a special FREE online session titled The Get Out of Cash Event on January 12, 2023, at 10 a.m. ET.

This will be a fantastic opportunity to make money will happen in 2023.

How we know this? We heard it from Stansberry Research – one of the best research advisory firms that helps people to make money in all circumstances.

Greg Diamond’s prediction is that this year, the markets will likely experience an unusual occurrence that has only happened three times in the previous 25 years. It offers both a significant chance to earn a lot of money and a dangerous hazard if you don’t know how this will play out.

When we last experienced similar market conditions, you could of double your money ten different times, by following Greg Diamond’s recommendations.

And that’s why… on January 12 at 10 a.m. ET…

The man who nailed the 2022 crash – Greg Diamond – will unveil a strategy that could be the best investment opportunity of the year.

What Will Be Covered at Greg Diamond’s Get Out of Cash Event?

Greg Diamond has a lot of information to cover at this event. Here are some of the topics he will talk about:

  • Greg will reveal the exact day in 2023 that stocks could see their biggest turning point in 20 years.
  • He will share his FREE recommendation. His last pick in 2022 went up 60% in 1 week.
  • Special guest at the event will be Wall Street legend Marc Chaikin.
  • During this event you will be walked through the strategy, so you understand exactly how it works. It dates back to a farmer in 1876, who discovered a secret law of the markets that still works today. And it could double your money 10 times this year, without touching a single stock.
  • Greg Diamond will reveal the names of 5 stocks on the verge of a massive turning point.

We urge you to reserve your spot now.

3 Steps you should take to prepare for Greg Diamond’s Get Out of Cash Event

Video #1: After predicting the 2020 and 2022 crashes, now Greg is predicting that rare market event will come in 2023.
Video #2: How to double your money during the rare event Greg predicts will happen in 2023
Video #3: Why you must listen to Greg, get OUT of cash… and into a strategy that dates back to 1876, which Greg has applied to book 34 gains of 100% or more, in good and bad times.

Greg Diamond Get Out Of Cash

Do not act on his strategy before you read his report and how it works. In this report you will read about Greg’s strategy, how he used it to predict crashes of 2020 and 2022.

This report will not be available after January 12.

Something very important – one of the three stocks in this report (name and ticker included) is a gold stock. Please pay extra attention to it. Greg predicts it will soon see an exponential move.

Greg believes that by using his approach, you might double your money on this stock without touching a single share.

Who is Greg Diamond?

Greg Diamond served as the chief trader for one of the America’s first hedge funds, a $65 billion pension fund. Throughout his impressive career, he:

  • managed up to $900 million each day,
  • made an average profit of $155,000 per day,
  • booked a $4.6 million profit in 24 hours
  • made a $1,424,800 profit in 24 hours
  • and many more

At Stansberry Research, Greg Diamond foresaw the 2020 disaster three months ahead of time, when COVID-19 was barely making news.

He predicted the crash of 2022 one day before it happened. Since then, he has booked 34 gains of 100% or more without ever touching stocks

Greg Diamond’s Get Out of Cash Event Special Guest: Marc Chaikin

Marc Chaikin is a stock analyst and founder of Chaikin Analytics. He worked on Wall Street for 50 years and:

  • Withstood 10 bear markets,
  • Cntributed to the creation of three new indices for the Nasdaq.
  • On April 30, 2018, Marc and the Chaikin Analytics team rang the NASDAQ Opening Bell to celebrate this highly successful launch’s first year.
  • He has made numerous appearances on Fox Business and CNBC’s Mad Money, where Jim Cramer once declared that he had learned never to bet against him.

In April 2022, he warned a bear market was coming, before the S&P 500 dropped 20%.

His analysis back in 2021 suggested that the tech sector would enter a bear market, before the tech sector experienced a 50% decline.

He issued a warning on 21 stocks, including the nine worst tech stocks of the year, which have now fallen by up to 81%.

Greg Diamond’s Favorite Stock for 2023

As you will see at Greg Diamond Get Out of Cash Event, this stock aligns to a strategy that dates back to 1876.

For Greg, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is a cash cow.

He says: “If you want the chance to make serious gains on the rare event, I’m predicting for 2023, then pay close attention to AMD”

Get his other 3 cash cows for FREE here.

Greg Diamond’s Get Out of Cash Event: Final Thoughts

On January 12 at 10 a.m. ET, Greg Diamond will share his biggest new prediction at The Get Out of Cash Event.

This is a FREE event. You only need to register HERE, and you will receive valuable information about a strategy that dates back to 1876, and still valid these days. It will help you double your money over and over again no matter where market goes in 2023.

See you there! Don’t forget your pen and paper.

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