Greg Diamond Prediction Of Stock Market Bottom in 2023: Ten Stock Trader Picks Revealed

UPDATE May 2024!

Greg Diamond’s Critical May 22 market warning!

According to my colleague, Greg Diamond, the stock market is headed for a major shake-up, potentially in the next few days. It could devastate most folks’ portfolios… or hand you multiple opportunities to double your money. But you have to understand what’s happening, and the right way to play it. Click here for full details…

As we kick off the new year, Greg Diamond goes live with his newest prediction for 2023.

Further in this Greg Diamond’s Prediction and Ten Stock Trader review, you will read important details about Greg’s radical new way to potentially double your money multiple different times this year.

It could be a great opportunity for you as we are approaching the market’s “historic turning point”. You could make incredible gains without touching a single stock along the way.

Without wasting more time with introduction, let’s dive into the essential details.

What Greg Diamond Sees Coming This Year? [Prediction & Warning]

Greg is warning you to get out of cash NOW. Before a RARE and HISTORIC EVENT that could leave millions of people behind and determine your wealth for the following ten years.

Many people believed that the sell-off from last year was only a brief decline that would soon recover.

But Greg held steady throughout the year, repeating many times that a nasty bear market was unfolding.

Greg’s prediction for 2023 is that we’ll see one of the greatest inflection points for money-making potential in 20 years. It contains both a massive money-making opportunity and a NASTY THREAT if you don’t understand how this thing will unfold.

It may sound funny, but his prediction is based on a strategy that dates back to a pig farmer in 1876. His name was Samuel Benner. He lost everything in the market panic of 1873. Later he wrote a book that aligns with the same strategy Greg has used throughout his career.

Once you fully get it, this strategy is the ONLY thing you’ll ever need to find the biggest gains and steer clear of the biggest losses.

Are Greg Diamonds’ Predictions Accurate?

Some people laugh at Greg’s approach because it is unusual. It is unlike anything you learn in school or books.

However, if these people honestly believe they know what drives the markets, they are most likely mistaken. They have been exposed to Wall Street’s BS for so long that they don’t know any better.

The truth is that Greg’s strategy really works.

Back in January 2022, Greg held a special event, called Crash 2022. He made an outrageous prediction: “I predict that in 2022 we’ll see the start of a MASSIVE crash that could lead to the longest bear market since the 2008 financial crisis.”

Shortly after that, the market had its worst sell-off in fifty years.

And by following his advice, you could have doubled your money six different times without ever touching a stock in the process.

You might dismiss his prediction as a fortunate accident.

However, he predicted the crash of 2020. three months prior to the event, when COVID-19 was only a murmur in the news.

On January 6, 2020, he wrote: “The following dates each year usually mark an important inflection point. March 20 to 25.”

As he had forecast, the market collapsed and bottomed on March 23.

These are just couple of examples. We encourage you to check his reviews and his track record here.

Is Greg Diamond’s The Power of Cycles Legit?

Farmer Samuel Benner lost everything during the 1873 market collapse. He tried to analyze and figured out how it happened.

In doing so, he discovered a market secret that would eventually make him wealthy through bull and bear markets, as well as the small number of others who studied his work in the years that followed.

He discovered the power of cycles… and how these cycles affect prices.

The market has predictable patterns that can bring you a ton of money in quite unexpected ways. And Greg Diamond is explaining it in a very simple way:

“Prices go up for a simple reason: Because people are willing to pay a higher price!

If the public isn’t willing to pay a higher price than the current quote, prices can never, ever move up, no matter what’s happening with earnings, profits, sales, the news, and so on. This is also why prices can fall so quickly and unexpectedly.

When no one is willing to pay the current price, a stock will freefall until it reaches the minimum threshold people are willing to pay. Make sense?”

Greg’s point is that emotion—fear, greed, anxiety, and excitement—is what really drives the markets over the SHORT TERM. These emotions influence the PRICE investors are ready to pay.

And because these emotionally driven pricing cycles occur so frequently and regularly, that people like Greg are able to make a living by detecting them.

In short, Greg believes every 7 years, the market repeats itself. For example:

2001 – dot com crash
2008 – financial crash
2015 was the market’s first year with a loss since the financial crisis.
2022 crash

This happens because price action has a way of repeating itself even when the times and the investments change. Because it is based on everlasting human emotion.

Bottom line: Earnings, new products, interest rates – those play a large role over the LONG term. But ultimately, and this is Greg’s area of expertise and what he finds to be so predictable, people’s emotional responses to these things drive prices higher or lower over the SHORT term.

So, if you know where to look… and how to interpret the data… the stock market repeats itself across predictable units of price, which you can take advantage of for huge potential gains, faster than you can imagine… without ever touching stocks.

What Are Greg Diamond’s Recommendations?

Greg uses very particular form of options trading. His only target are about 10 stocks.

So, by applying his strategy, he looks for huge cycles in individual stocks on the market… and looks for the perfect options play.

The benefit of using options is that you could make a lot of money, really fast.

Four different cycles and Samuel Benner himself are all pointing to 2023 as being a once-in-a-generation opportunity in the market.

Look at Benner’s card that was shared during Greg’s event:

2023 is appearing to be “a year of hard times, low prices, and a good time to buy stocks.”

Greg is predicting that during 2023 we will see a MAJOR BOTTOM like we saw back in 2009 after the financial crisis. This year will be your chance to get back into the market at HISTORIC lows.

That’s why Greg recommends “put options”. Because put option makes money when something goes down.

Greg targets only about 10 stocks.

Greg Diamond Best 10 Stock Picks

Greg is positive: “Forget index funds. Forget long-term buy-and-holding. Instead, you could make all the money you want by using just 10 stocks that are extremely susceptible to cycles.”

He believes that the cycles work best on stocks that lead the market. This is the reason why his first stock recommendation is SPDR S&P Trust. Ticker SPY.

It reflects the S&P 500. It is quite susceptible to the multi-year time cycles that he applies to the entire market. The more susceptible a stock, often the BIGGER and FASTER the gains we can see.

He has been applying his strategy to S&P stock over and over again through the years. Here are the results he is sharing with his audience during the event:

SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY)

  • 154% gain in 34 days on (AMD)
  • 180% gain in 11 days on (AMD)
  • 17% gain in 29 days on (AMD)
  • 11% gain in 11 days on (AMD)
  • 49% gain in 72 hours on (AMD)
  • 78% gain in 13 days on (AMD)
  • 137% gain in 20 days on (AMD)

Another stock that Greg is following is VanEck Gold Miners ETF. Ticker: GDX.

When a significant event occurs in the general gold market or the currency markets, GDX reflects it.

For example, let’s go back to June 2019. The U.S. dollar fell after the Fed threatened to cut interest rates. Greg immediately applied his strategy to GDX. If you followed his recommendations at that time, you could have quadrupled your money two different times – booked an 80% gain… and more than doubled your money. Everything happened in the period of about a month on four different gold recommendations he made.

You will find full list of names and tickers of the ten stocks in a report called: Ten Stock Trading: How to Double Your Money on the Same Stocks Over and Over Again.


Moreover, this report will teach you how to choose right options play to make the most money. You will get details about Greg’s gameplan for 2023, and the best ways how to play it.

Bottom line: If Greg Diamond’s prediction for 2023 is accurate, you will see it unfold across the 10 stocks he is following, in a few various cycles. Additionally, based on the precise share values he forecasts, he’ll suggest an options play.

And the only place where you can find all Greg Diamond’s recommendations is his Ten Stock Trader research.

Ten Stock Trader – How It Works?

Each day the markets are open, Greg applies the same strategy he used to generate millions of dollars for one of America’s oldest hedge funds he worked for. If you are interested, he shares details of his work in his research service called Ten Stock Trader.

He often follows the same ten stocks. Each one has the potential to double, even triple your investment without touching a single share. The amazing part is that this happens in just few days or as quickly as a couple of weeks.

You can put as much as you want into each of his recommendations. In general, Greg’s recommendation is to invest at least $15,000.

You will have to set up your brokerage account to use options. If you are not sure how to do it, you can count on Greg. He created a master class online trading videos to show how to start using options.


Each video contains step-by-step guide on everything you need to know to begin using his options trading strategy.

Last, but the most important step is to follow the weekly recommendations you will receive by email or on the app.

What is the cost of Ten Stock Trader?

Normally, one year subscription is $4,000. For short time, there is a 50% discount for new members only. You will have a chance to learn Greg’s strategy for $2,000 per year. All backed by Stansberry’s standard 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. You will have 90 days to decide if this subscription is for you.

Keep in mind that Stansberry Research does not offer money back. If you are not happy with Ten Stock Trader, you will receive full refund in Stansberry Credit. This credit can be used for any other of their products.

What is included in Ten Stock Trader?

What is included in Ten Stock Trader

This special offer comes with lots of bonuses:

  • One year of Ten Stock Trader
  • Special updates telling you when to lock-in gains… add to a position… and sell.
  • The Six-Figure Trader ($2,000 Value) – Greg’s most recent publication is a crash course on his trading methodology, complete with videos of the greatest new trading opportunities he discovers.
  • Live Stream 24/7 ($2,000 Value) where he publishes hourly analysis and forecasts, accessible via a smartphone app or the website. Greg will publish even after the markets close or on the weekends to keep you ready for the biggest and quickest moves.
  • Greg’s Trading Master Class – Greg will teach you all you need to know about option trading in a multi-video crash course.
  • Full archive of reports
  • Special Report Ten Stock Trading: How to Double Your Money on the Same Stocks Over and Over Again.
  • The Only Stock You need for 2023 ($1,000 Value) – Greg’s speech from a private conference that others paid $1,000 to access, which included his top stock pick for the upcoming year.
  • Gameplan 2023 ($1,000 Value) – Greg’s extensive cycle analysis-based plan for how he thinks the market will unfold in 2023.
  • Ten Stock Trader Portfolio Boost – An insider’s guide to maximizing the benefits of your new membership, put together with the assistance of hundreds of subscribers.
  • A digital copy of Benner’s Prophecies of Future Ups and Downs in Prices
  • Max Profit Kit ($2,499 Value) – A brand-new release and surprise gift for new members.

Bottom Line: Should You Join Greg Diamond Ten Stock Trader

Many people don’t have experience with options, and this is the main reason why they are skeptical. It doesn’t really matter if you have a lot or little trading market experience. Everything revolves around the education Greg and his team give to their subscribers.

Remember, Ten Stock Trader subscription comes with a whole library of Master Class videos to assist you in learning whatever you need to start right away with Greg’s recommendation. Buying and selling options is as straightforward as buying or selling stock.

Greg’s prediction is that St. Patrick’s Day in March 2023 will be the day when the stock market will hit the bottom. He believes this will mark the inflection point in which to buy stocks for 20, 30, 40, even 50 percent gains throughout the year.

The trading recommendations he will make around this prediction will have much higher profit potential than if you were just simply buying stocks or an index alone.

We think you’ll find this offer more than pays for itself. Good luck!

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