Growth Investor Review: Louis Navellier Plan For Protection From Biden’s Choke Point

You may not know by now, but you are at a crossroad.

Soon you will need to choose which path to take.

One path could result in more control, liberty, privacy, and MONEY flying away from you in the following decades.

Louis Navellier from Investor Place is pointing to another path. If you take it, you may gain MORE CONTROL, FREEDOM, PRIVATE LIFE, and, yes, more MONEY.

Let’s follow him to figure out what exactly he has in mind.

What Is Biden’s Operation Choke Point?

Louis Navellier has a serious warning on how Biden and the Dems are about to attack American citizens.

Their new plan is designed to work no matter the outcome of the 2024 elections.

This new attack does not use weapon. It does not require an approval from the House or the Senate.

The target is your money.

According to Navellier, the pilot program is already happening.

It includes a digital currency, negative interest rates, taxes taken from your account without your permission, monitoring your spending. You will have your money controlled.

We’re hearing more and more stories of people getting their savings confiscated.

Getting arrested for exercising their freedom of speech.

And getting harassed for supporting certain politicians.

How does Louis Navellier know all of this?

As a result of his own observation of the corruption and evil within the government during his time as a federal banking regulator.

Who is Louis Navellier?

When he was still a teenager, Louis was given permission to use one of Wells Fargo’s mainframe computers to assist in the creation of one of the first index funds in history.

Shortly after that, while he was working as bank analyst, he became good friend with an economist for the Federal Reserve. He had an opportunity to witness the corruption of the government and banking industry.

This shaked his world so deep that he walked away and started his own private investing firm.

First, he developed a computer algorithm that suggested buying stocks in Dell, Microsoft, and Apple before those firms becoming well-known.

Then he kept refining his financial algorithms and enhancing their results.

These algorithms have competed against Peter Lynch’s and billionaire Warren Buffett’s track records…

Louis’ investing company currently manages $1 billion in funds from individual clients.

They outperformed 239 other funds to be named the #1 International Growth Fund by Financial Week!

Over 200 institutional money managers and pension funds have trusted them with their money.

He has been featured on CNBC, FOX Business, etc.

What is Central Bank Digital Currency?

In 2021, Biden signed Executive Order 14067, which officially gave a green lite for a Central Bank Digital Currency.

The technology has already been tested in government projects called Project Icebreaker, and Project Inthanon-LionRock.

You won’t hear about this from the corrupt mainstream media. But they’re the first phases of the global Central Bank Digital Currency that could replace the U.S. dollar.

This map is showing which countries are developing a Central Bank Digital Currency.

Central Bank Digital Currency

97 nations all over the world are already making progress.

America is undoubtedly one of them.

The French central bank plans to launch its digital currency this year.

Moreover, China’s Central Bank Digital Currency has already been used to transact 100 billion Yuan.

Louis Navellier has a specific strategy that can help you to protect yourself.

Louis Navellier’s plan for protection

Louis put together an underground report called “Secure Your Savings From The CBDC: Beat Biden’s Plan To Steal Your Wealth”.

“Secure Your Savings From The CBDC: Beat Biden’s Plan To Steal Your Wealth”.

Here are the steps:

  • Escape the surveillance and control of a Central Bank Digital Currency.
  • Switch your savings to secure investments that can grow as the world becomes more dangerous.
  • Protect your money.
  • Increase your wealth.

You can get this report for FREE when you join Growth Investor.

Given the alarmingly high inflation these days… Just keeping your money secure won’t do much. You must start building your wealth today if you want to retire comfortably.

What comes with Growth Investor subscription?

With Growth Investor on your side, you will be able to fight back against Biden’s Choke Point. It is designed to simultaneously increase your wealth.

To do that you will need the following tools, included with this subscription:

  • REPORT #1: Secure Your Savings From The CBDC: Beat Biden’s Plan To Steal Your Wealth. This report includes step-by-step guide what exactly you need to do to protect your money and increase your wealth.
  • REPORT #2: Off The Radar Income.

Off The Radar Income

Inside are details about a form of investment that’s off the radar. It has nothing to do with precious metals… or collectibles… or stockpiling essentials.

This special type of investment rose 200% in 2022 alone. Often it is also Tax-FREE.

You get to make money, maintain your privacy, and not pay taxes.

This sort of investment is also nearly risk-free. In some cases, you are even assured of payment. These aren’t government or corporate bonds. It delivers good returns even in depressions and market crashes.

  • REPORT #3: Oil Stocks Set To Rocket Up: How To Profit From Insane ESG Policies.

Oil Stocks Set To Rocket Up: How To Profit From Insane ESG Policies
The oil industry is just getting started. Earnings may soon soar to new heights.

Louis discovered 5 oil firms that can bring you huge income.

None of the five stocks mentioned in this report are household names like BP, Chevron, or ExxonMobil.

Louis expects return 10 to 20 times the money invested in just one of these companies.

  • REPORT #4: The Inflation Solution: How To Make More Money As Inflation Screams Higher

The Inflation Solution: How To Make More Money As Inflation Screams Higher

An effective inflation hedge is gold. It has increased by nearly 400% since the early 1990s.

Another investment, though, soared by a startling 3,800% within the same time period.

  • 12 months of monthly newsletter Growth Investor. It will guide you to avoid the governmental control and will give you investment recommendations that can crush the market. So far Growth investor had an average gain of 38.31%. In 2021 it was the amazing 46.6%.
  • Access to their private model portfolio updated in real time. You will get all current Growth Investor recommendations.
  • Special “Fast Action” Bonus Report #5: Protect Yourself From The Coming Wave Of Online Thieves.

Protect Yourself From The Coming Wave Of Online Thieves

Gaining wealth has the drawback of making you a huge target for robbers. Both government officials and private crime groups. You can protect your identity (and your money) online by following to the recommendations in this research. Make sure you learn how to browse the web anonymously (hint: if you’re using Google, Microsoft Bing, or Yahoo!, then you’re doing it wrong) so that the government and tech firms can’t watch your every move.

  • FREE subscription to Louis Navellier’s daily e-letters: Market 360.

How much is Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor?

The retail price for a one-year membership to Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor is $299. Use this link and for short time you will be able to subscribe for only $49.

You’ll get a full year to go over everything – all the reports, all newsletter issues, the complete model portfolio, hundreds of back issues, and more.

If this membership is not a good fit for you, contact their customer service for fast refund.

It is up to you to secure your financial future… and take advantage of the hard work Louis has done.

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