Is Andy Snyder King Of E-Fracking Legit? [Venture Fortunes Research]

Andy Snyder’s King Of E-Fracking presentation is turning heads in investing circles, and I want to see if it lives up to the hype. Follow along for a look at Andy’s new presentation as well as Venture Fortunes Advisory.


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Andy Snyder’s The King of E-Fracking – How to Invest in it?

Our friend Andy Snyder over at Manward Press just dropped me a note…

The first thing that caught my eye was his 740% stock projection. But then I did a little research on the opportunity, and I have to say…

This could be HUGE.

It’s a unique play on oil and gas… a new tech I’d bet 99% of our readers aren’t invested in.

Heck, you may have never even heard of it.

But oil and gas analyst Joseph Triepke says, “It’s definitely got the attention of the shale industry.”

And Barclays expects this new tech to grow from a 7% market share today to 20% by 2025.

Andy thinks it will happen even faster… and says the company he’s tracking could jump as much as 740% higher in the next two years alone.

Here are the details…

Andy Snyder found a stock play for the AGES. It’s a new type of oil and gas play (the hottest thing around right now)…

It’s a newly listed stock (so almost no one’s heard of it yet)…

And it’s got a revolutionary technology that could totally disrupt the world’s $6 TRILLION energy industry…

One that could potentially lead to lower energy costs for Americans.

Best of all, Andy Snyder’s research indicates that this stock could jump 740% within the next two years.

Yet it only trades for $20 today!

Andy Snyder put all the important details into a brand new report called:The King of E-Fracking: Ending the Climate War and Making You Rich.”

The King of E-Fracking: Ending the Climate War and Making You Rich

It contains everything you need to know – including additional research, the company’s name and its ticker symbol.

And Andy is giving it away FREE to anyone who joins his one-of-a-kind, early-stage investment research service Venture Fortunes.

Venture Fortunes Review – What Is It?

It’s the only research service I know of designed to target fast-moving opportunities early in their life cycle.

Andy Snyder’s goal is to help regular folks make incredible profits in pre-IPO and early-stage companies.

To that end, each week Andy studies everything from IPOs and early investments to promising startups and recent acquisitions.

Then he use his decade-plus of experience as a financial analyst to narrow down the best opportunities available…

He looks at financial statements, the management team’s experience and prior successes, and of course, the company’s USP…

What makes their product or service better than anything out there?

When Andy finds a great opportunity, he sends it your way.

Sometimes, he will get in during what Andy calls Venture Private Offerings… where he gains early access alongside private investors.

Other times, he will jump on board a stock that’s just gone public… like with today’s e-fracking opportunity.

Andy Snyder and his Venture Fortunes team always aim to catch early-stage investments right as they’re about to experience hypergrowth.

Getting in early is key, and here’s why…

The sooner you get in, the more you can make.


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Venture Fortunes Review – How It Works?

Once you’re a part of Venture Fortunes, here’s how it will work.

Each week, Andy Snyder will scan the markets for new early-investment opportunities.

Remember, the earlier in a company’s life cycle you get in, the better.

As he goes through this process, he’s looking for a number of factors.

First, he wants to see companies with stellar management teams and major investors…

He wants to see CEOs who have a history of taking companies public and rewarding shareholders.

Andy Snyder wants to see big institutional support because that helps drive share prices higher.

Companies that Andy Snyder recommends must have products or services that radically alter the marketplace.

He’s looking for game-changing technologies that will see mass adoption.

Andy is also looking for tremendous sales growth and big profit margins.

The moment Andy finds an opportunity like that, he’ll send out a Venture Fortunes Alert.


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Who Is Andy Snyder?

Andy Snyder is the founder of Manward Press, the nation’s premier source of unfiltered, unorthodox views on money. An American author, investor and serial entrepreneur, Andy cut his teeth at an esteemed financial firm with nearly $100 billion in assets under management. Known for his outspoken market commentary, Andy’s been a keynote speaker and panelist at events all over the world, from four-star ballrooms to Senate hearing rooms.

Today, Andy’s dissident thoughts on wealth and investing can be found exclusively in Manward Digest, as well as in the pages of Manward Letter. He also helms the award-winning investment advisory services Alpha Money Flow and Venture Fortunes.

What Do You Get For Your Money with Venture Fortunes?

The moment you subscribe to Andy Snyder’s Venture Fortunes, you’ll get your special research reports and energy stock picks, plus details on your subscription.

The first thing you should do is explore “The King of E-Fracking: Ending the Climate War and Making You Rich.”

It’s critical you get in before the share price starts to move…

Once the mainstream media catches wind of this opportunity, I expect its price to quickly rocket higher.

Of course, you won’t get just that one stock play…

You’ll get a second report as well, with two additional energy plays.

These plays are especially time-sensitive, as major clients like Walmart, Google and Amazon have already signed major contracts.

In addition, you’ll receive around two exciting new opportunities from Andy each and every month for the next year.

They won’t all be energy stocks…

But for now, Andy is laser-focused on the sector.

He believes it will produce the most big winners in the year ahead.

Here’s everything you’ll get…

One Year of Venture Fortunes Research and Recommendations

One Year of Venture Fortunes Research and Recommendations

The moment Andy identifies a profit-bursting stock that fits his criteria, you’ll receive a “Buy Alert.”

He’ll explain why he likes the opportunity and why he thinks it’s primed to soar…

And he’ll provide research and data that backs him up.

Then, when it’s time to sell, you’ll get a “Sell Alert.”

You can expect roughly two Buy Alerts per month.

Immediate Access to the Venture Fortunes Model Portfolio, Filled With Current Opportunities

This is where you’ll find current recommendations, and it’s where new positions will be added.

“The King of E-Fracking: Ending the Climate War and Making You Rich”

You’ll discover everything you need to know about Andy’s #1 e-fracking play in this report, including the ticker symbol. Sales are booming and revenue is soaring, yet it’s still trading at an incredible value.

“The Perfect Energy Plays for a Changing World”

The Perfect Energy Plays for a Changing World

You’ll find two additional energy plays in this report. And with these, time is of the essence.

Both have already signed deals with major clients like Amazon, Google and Walmart. So it’s critical you act quickly before the rest of the world catches on and drives the share prices higher.

The “100X Pre-IPO Quick-Start Guide”

The “100X Pre-IPO Quick-Start Guide”

In this report, you’ll discover how to buy into Andy’s pre-IPO opportunities.

You’ll also find the four specific criteria that Andy looks for in a stock.

When combined, these four qualities often spell huge profits for the business and its investors.

“Venture Fortunes FAQ: Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions”

This report will help you get started right away.

You’ll discover how much money you need per position (HINT: only as much as you’d like to invest!), how long we typically stay in a position, and what Andy likes to focus on besides energy and pre-IPO stocks.

“Weekly Email Updates and Alerts”

Each week, you’ll get Andy’s latest research, along with his analysis on our current positions.

That way, you’ll always know what’s happening with your stocks.

Access to the Support Team

If you have any questions about Venture Fortunes or your subscription, call our friendly team in Baltimore for assistance.

They’ll ensure your experience is always first class.

Password-Protected Access to the  Venture Fortunes Website

When you sign up, you’ll create a username and password to access our website.

The website is where you’ll find all Andy’s research, the model portfolio and an archive of special research reports.

You’ll see every open recommendation, including whether it’s currently a “Buy” or a “Hold.”

Venture Fortunes Subscription Fee

You can get a full year of access for just $1,495.


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Venture Fortunes Refund Policy

And although all sales are final, Andy is making you an unbeatable guarantee…

If you’re not totally satisfied with Venture Fortunes, no problem!

Contact Andy’s Customer Care team and they’ll transfer you to a different Manward research service of your choice.

Bottom Line: Should You Join Venture Fortunes?

You know when you hear an investment idea that instantly makes sense?

Like a slap in the face… like… yeah, of COURSE!

That just happened to me.

The idea came from my friend Andrew Snyder over at Manward Press.

He says he’s found a stock that could TOTALLY change the way America produces oil…

And once I looked it up for myself, I was hooked.

He thinks the stock could jump 740% over the next two years.

Oh, and this is important…

Andy specializes in early opportunities (like private placement, recent IPOs and the like).

And this one JUST went public, so if you hurry, you can still get in around just $20 a share!

Join Venture Fortunes today to receive Andy’s Top Three Energy Plays for 2023… Including the King of E-Fracking!

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