Is Ian King The Fourth Convergence Legit? [Extreme Fortunes]

Ian King just published The Fourth Convergence report where he reveals his No. 1 semiconductor stock to own RIGHT NOW. But is he really on to something? Keep reading for a look at his latest presentation and newsletter, Extreme Fortunes.

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What Is Ian King’s The Fourth Convergence?

The G2 has come head-to-head.

America and China have found the breaking point…

As both nations race to control the single most important resource on the planet.

This has ignited what Foreign Affairs has dubbed “The New Cold War” between China and America.

They’re battling over what’s being called “the new oil.”

The Center for Strategic and International Studies called it “the preeminent national security concern of the modern era.”

As it stands, China is now spending more per year on imports of this resource than they do on fossil fuels…

A lofty investment, considering China carries the weight of the world’s largest population.

But that’s just a sign of how vital this resource is

This Fourth Convergence, is quite literally the opportunity of a lifetime. It’s been 70 years in the making. It’s essentially the key that will ignite the $94 trillion global economy.

And it’s all thanks to the microchip. Anyone who follows Ian King’s research knows he considers microchips to be the new gold rush.

This Fourth Convergence, which is 70 years in the making, will be the biggest of them all … helping America lead the microchip industry … unlocking the true potential of the $94 trillion global economy.

It’s a situation you can’t afford to be ignorant of…

So Ian King has taken all the steps to bring it to your full attention… and give you a precise blueprint.

It’s called The Fourth Convergence: America’s Next 1,000% Wave.

The Fourth Convergence: America’s Next 1,000% Wave

This report includes everything you need to know about this Fourth Convergence: and the company leading the charge, the buy range, the full breakdown of how its technology works, Ian King’s price targets for this company … and much more.

This report also includes TWO additional semiconductor companies that are a strong buy.

Having this report means you’ll have THREE potential winners in the semiconductor space as the Fourth Convergence unfolds.

You can Ian King’s report when you subscribe to Extreme Fortunes newsletter.


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Who Is Ian King?

If Ian King’s name and face look familiar to you, it’s likely because you’ve seen him on the major media outlets talking about the economy and incredible investment opportunities in the market.

With experience at Citigroup and Solomon Brothers, Ian was one of the few who saw the crisis of 2008 … and as a hedge fund manager, he bet against financial companies. Resulting in a record 261% gain.

Most people lost over 50% at the time, but investors in Ian’s hedge fund, made a 261% gain. Incredible.

Ian then went on to see opportunities in electric cars, medical companies and green energy.

In 2017, he started publishing some of his investment recommendations.

I point all of this out, because it’s important to know that when Ian King says there’s an opportunity to make incredible gains … well, he knows what he’s talking about.

And while these stock gains are amazing, Ian’s cryptocurrency gains are even more impressive. Take a look at these monster gains.

And now, according to Ian King, there’s a Fourth Convergence at our doorstep. One that will unlock the true potential of the microchip industry and fuel our $94 trillion global economy…

Add millions of jobs, and produce a new generation of wealth, sprung from America’s own middle class.

What Is Extreme Fortunes?

When it comes to the Extreme Fortunes portfolio, Ian King is looking for companies that are small, but mighty…

  • Stocks in the $100 million to $3 billion market cap range (small caps).
  • Stocks in niche, growing tech markets.
  • Stocks with explosive 1,000% potential in those markets.

Ian King and his team have a special 3-phase research strategy for Extreme Fortunes.

When you become a subscriber, you’ll find out how they are able to pinpoint when a company is going to change its entire industry: Like Netflix spearheaded streaming, like Apple revolutionized cellphones or like Amazon forever changed how we shop online.

Extreme Fortunes stock picks combine scientific algorithms with Ian King’s expert research in industry trends. Your next investment could be:

  • A new drug.
  • A new technology.
  • A new medical device.
  • A new system for doing things.
  • A behind-the-scenes business that serves other businesses (B2B).

And Ian King’s #1 goal in this service is to help you invest in solid, tech-focused companies that are positioned to soar by 500%, 1,000% — or more.


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What’s Included with Your Extreme Fortunes Subscription?

Here’s everything you get when you secure your Extreme Fortunes membership:

The Fourth Convergence: America’s Next 1,000% Wave

In this report, Ian King reveals his No. 1 semiconductor stock to own RIGHT NOW for the chance at gains of 1,000% or better over the next five years. As the Fourth Convergence unfolds, Ian believes it’s imperative you have this stock sitting in your portfolio.

Plus, Ian King reveals two more of his favorite semiconductor stocks … companies he believes could easily double, triple or even quadruple your money in the months and years to come.

At Least 12 Trade Alerts a Year

Each month, Ian King will send you a brand-new investment recommendation. He will break down how it fits the parameters of his proprietary strategy and will reveal all his research on why each stock is the absolute best candidate to grow your wealth.

The Extreme Fortunes Model Portfolio

This is one of the most important parts of your membership. As a member of Extreme Fortunes, you will see ALL of Ian King’s recommendations — every stock he has a buy rating on. Ian King’s research has concluded they have the best chance at generating 1,000% gains over the next five years.

Altogether, access to this model portfolio alone could run into tens of thousands of dollars in value — but you get unlimited access to it.

Weekly Research Updates

Once a week, Ian King will send readers an update on where the Extreme Fortunes model portfolio stands … how the market is affecting positions … what to expect from open trades … or maybe even just a quick SELL for you to take profits on an investment that shot up even faster than expected.

24/7 Access to the Extreme Fortunes Website

You will receive a login and password to the encrypted Extreme Fortunes website. This website holds every past issue, every past trade, every special report and every video that Ian King and his team have put together. Your bonus report, The 5 Great Disruptors, is waiting for you here.

A Dedicated Customer Care Team

A team of well-trained and educated customer service representatives can help you with any questions you might have about your membership. You’ll receive Extreme Fortunes customer care hotline number after you place your order.


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Extreme Fortunes Pricing

Your one-year price for Extreme Fortunes is only $2,995 per year.

But today you can give it a try for $4,995 for FIVE YEARS.

A savings of $10,000.

Remember: This offer is only available to the first 1,000 people who join today.

Extreme Fortune Refund Policy

When you join Ian King’s Extreme Fortunes, you have the next 100 days to decide if Extreme Fortunes is for you.

If after 100 days you decide it’s not a match, let Ian’s team know and they will give you a full credit. You can apply that credit toward any of Banyan Hill other services.

Bottom Line: Should You Join Ina King’s Extreme Fortunes?

We think that your timing to join Extreme Fortunes couldn’t be better.

Right now, three powerful economic forces are coming together in a historic convergence event … one which has only happened three times before in this century.

It sent Cheniere Energy roaring 4,500% in five years…

Helped folks capture a 919% peak gain on Tesla in 13 months…

And a 2,000% home run on Moderna in under two years…

But the “Fourth Convergence” promises to be even bigger…

Sending a select group of semiconductor stocks surging to legendary highs.

Like when Skyworks jumped 3,800%.

Or AMD screamed 5,300% higher…

Even the breathtaking 12,000% gain on Wolfspeed.

A $1,000 investment into each of these positions would’ve grown into over $214,000 … in less than five years total.

Keep in mind: These are just 3 of the 32 examples of 10X gains delivered by semiconductor stocks in less than five years…

And these were wins delivered by semiconductor stocks before the Fourth Convergence.

In your special report, The Fourth Convergence: America’s Next 1,000% Wave…

You’ll discover Ian King’s No. 1 stock to buy RIGHT NOW — plus two more semiconductor firms that he believes are capable of delivering life-changing gains within the next five years.

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