Jeff Brown Silicon Valley ‘Unlocked’ Review

Jeff Brown Silicon Valley ‘Unlocked’ is Wednesday, June 23, when Jeff will share his latest discovery – Penny IPOs which are tiny tech stocks that go public almost every week, anyone can buy and are dirt cheap. In fact, most are 100-300X cheaper than the big, overhyped-junk IPOs like Airbnb and Lyft!


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Jeff Brown Silicon Valley ‘Unlocked’ – FREE “Penny IPO” Event

Jeff Brown says that the chance to invest in the next Tesla or Amazon hasn’t disappeared completely.

In fact, he found a small sector of tech companies that are still enabling regular investors to get in while the biggest gains are possible.

Jeff calls them “Penny IPOs.”

That’s why Jeff is returning to Silicon Valley… He’s on a mission to uncover the best of these Penny IPOs. He’s crafting a list of the top companies in this space.

And on June 23, at 8 p.m. ET, Jeff will share all about it at his special event, Silicon Valley “Unlocked.”

Jeff Brown will even be giving away the name of his top private Penny IPO to attendees.


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When Is Jeff Brown Silicon Valley ‘Unlocked’?

If you’ve got money in tech stocks, but you don’t have exposure to “Penny IPOs” – you’re doing it WRONG!

Penny IPOs are tiny stocks 100-300X cheaper than the big, popular (overpriced) tech stocks of today and because of a strange quirk, they are often IMMUNE to crashes like 2008 and last year!

On Wednesday, June 23, at 8 p.m. ET, Jeff Brown – the man regarded by some as one of America’s most accurate tech investors is holding a special event to discuss his findings on these Penny IPOs, including his top pick.

Jeff Brown Silicon Valley ‘Unlocked’ Penny IPO List

Jeff Brown has a background in Silicon Valley. And he’s an active angel investor. He has personally invested in four unicorns (private companies valued at $1 billion or higher). He also invested in two decacorns (private companies valued at $10 billion or higher).

By his own estimations, He’s sitting on returns of 936%, 14,000%, and even 25,000%.

As just one example, Jeff Brown was an early investor in Coinbase (COIN) years ago, when it was still small and in its developmental stages. At the time, its valuation was $1.5 billion.

It went public in April this year. Since then, its valuation has reached as high as $100 billion. That’s an excellent return… but Jeff is not planning to sell anytime soon. He believes COIN still has even more room to run.

Jeff has experience finding rare, overlooked opportunities.

Lately, he has been putting this expertise to work hunting for opportunities where the biggest gains are still possible.

More than five years ago, he started thinking about this dilemma, wondering how he could bring everyday investors the kind of gains you used to have a shot at 20+ years ago.

And he has been on a mission to uncover a new list of “Penny IPOs” that can turn your modest investment into a nest egg.

Now Jeff Brown is giving you the rare chance to join him “in the field” as he puts his skills to the test.

So if you’d like to learn more about Jeff Brown’s list of top “Penny IPOs” companies that still have the potential to become the next Amazon, Dell, or Cisco… please sign up to attend Jeff’s upcoming special event Silicon Valley “Unlocked.

There, on Wednesday, June 23, at 8 p.m. ET, Jeff Brown will unveil the latest “Penny IPOs” that should be on your radar. The event is completely free to attend.

He will give away the name of one of my favorite still-private “Penny IPOs.”

So please join him that evening for the full story on what these stocks are… how to spot the best ones… and how to start profiting.


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Final Words

As many readers know, we’ve been seeing initial public offerings (IPOs) in record numbers. Already, more companies have gone public in 2021 than in the entirety of last year.

But unfortunately, regular investors have been locked out of the greatest gains. Twenty years ago, just $486 invested in Amazon would have brought us $1 million. But now, “hot” IPOs like Airbnb and Snowflake go public after their biggest gains are long gone.

That’s why Jeff Brown spent over five years developing a system that could pinpoint early-stage technology stocks with incredible potential… a small number of IPOs that can greatly outperform the rest.

And he found these companies in a small sector of the tech market. They’re what Jeff is calling “Penny IPOs” because, unlike hyped public offerings such as Uber – which went public at a valuation over $74 billion after almost a decade of being private – these early-stage tech stocks go public while they’re still tiny… and while they have their biggest growth ahead of them.

The crazy thing is, 99% of investors have never heard about these stocks. Because they’re so small, they don’t often show up in the headlines on news websites or achieve the “hype” other popular stocks drum up.

Yet because they’re public, any retail investor with a brokerage account can invest in them. They’re not restricted to accredited investors. There’s no gatekeeper preventing investors from profiting from these companies.

And that’s why Jeff Brown wants to put them on his readers’ radar. On Wednesday, June 23, at 8 p.m. ET, Jeff Brown will be hosting a very special event… Silicon Valley “Unlocked.

If you’d like to find out more about what these Penny IPOs are… which ones made his list… and how to start profiting from them…… please make sure to go right here  reserve your place.

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