Power Gauge Investor: Marc Chaikin’s 2023 Top Ten Stocks Revealed

In a brand-new Urgent Fed Warning presentation, Marc Chaikin reveals Power Gauge Investor – the only Wall Street indicator with a 100% success rate of predicting where the Fed will send the stock market next – going back to 1955. He also explains exactly what to do with your money  to prepare.

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Marc Chaikin Urgent Fed Warning Interview

In this interview with Marc Chaikin, 50-year Wall Street veteran explains in detail what is coming and what exactly you should do with your money before January 1st. If you missed his Urgent Fed Prediction for 2023, read further for important information.

For the last time this year, Marc is joining Amy Gamper to provide you the most thorough stock market road plan he’s ever shared in his 50-year career.

Starting with an urgent prediction that involves the Fed’s next move.

The expected day of the market bottom…

And what it exactly implies for your finances in the beginning of 2023.

But let’s step back to analyze…

Chaikin Analytic’s Power Gauge Investor Prediction

You probably know by now Chaikin Analytic’s Power Gauge Investor. Marc used the Power Gauge Investor to chart almost every twist and turn in U.S. stocks in 2022.

Yes, including the sale off in May 2022


And September’s drop


He was expecting both declines weeks in advance.

Important detail is that the prices of all NINE individual stocks for which he issued explicit warnings decreased. Some examples are:

  • Chewy (CHWY) collapsed more than 45%
  • Sea Limited (SE) dropped down 66%
  • Wayfair plummeted 76%

He is now doing the same for 2023. So that you will know exactly what will happen and how to use your money to prepare.

Marc Chaikin Critical Warning for January 2023

The market rollercoaster hasn’t stopped since January 2022. According to CNBC, 2022’s stock market wiped out $9 trillion of wealth.

Wall Street’s big banks experienced some hardship, but ordinary households felt the brunt of it.

Marc believes the history is about to repeat itself.

A recent near-record inflow of cash into stocks was noted by Bank of America. The third largest stampede since 2008 occurred when their clients invested more than $6.1 billion in equities in only one week. But Marc Chaikin is confident that these people are making a huge mistake, because this is not the bottom yet.

The bear market is NOT over!

Marc Chaikin Prediction: When the Market Will Hit the Bottom

The Fed’s almost continual rate hikes have had the biggest impact on the markets in 2022.

The Fed holds the fate of the U.S. stock market in its hands. They will determine when we see a bottom and when this bear market finally comes to an end.

Since 1955, the Fed’s interest rate decrease has brought an end to every single bear market.

Look at this chart:


Do you see the pattern? Every bear market since 1955 has ended when the Fed lowered interest rates.

It’s impossible to predict exactly when they’ll pivot.

Marc Chaikin Advice: How to Protect Your Wealth

You may be little disappointed that Marc didn’t reveal the exact day of market bottom. But his words are crystal clear: Your wealth and investment plan don’t have to be derailed by the Federal Reserve’s activities in 2023.

There are two sides to everything, even this. Or to put it another way, he shared both good and negative news.

The bad news is that you were hoping that things would “go back to normal” in 2023, but the chance is minimal.

The future looks to be full of extremes. Extreme turbulence, tremendous peaks and valleys.

The worst is most certainly over for some market segments.

However, the dark times have barely started for other industries.

Marc is confident he has very clear, very straightforward way for you to position yourself to see extraordinary potential profits in 2023.

In fact, if you follow to this exact plan, 2023 might end up being your finest investing year ever, according to his prediction.

Actually, you still have a good number of opportunities to make money in 2022.

Here is a list of 10 top-performing stocks of 2022:


It is not a surprise to see a lot of energy names, given the phenomenal rise the sector has had.

However, they also have another thing in common – all 10 of them received bullish rating from the Power Gauge Investor.

Marc Chaikin Secret to Make Money in 2023

The Power Gauge is an algorithm, designed by Marc Chaikin to monitor and predict the future performance of the stocks in a period of 3-6 months.

Every day the market is open, it scans more than 5,000 stocks and assigns a new rating—Bearish, Neutral, or Bullish.


A stock has received a bullish rating if the Power Gauge has identified an exceptional purchasing opportunity. According to pure, accurate data, the chances are that it will increase during the next few months.

Many people are questioning how Power Gauge rates the stocks. It inputs technical and fundamental factors to determine what and when to buy.  Here is the list of all factors taken into consideration:


And here is an example how these factors translate for a stock rating:


With another word – these weighted 20 factors, this perfect blend of fundamental and technical metrics – this is his secret to make money in 2023.

Bottom line: Investing alongside the Power Gauge is the fastest, most straightforward path to outperforming the market every year.

Marc Chaikin’s Triple Digit Gains When the Market Crash

During a briefing a while ago, Marc recommended EQT on camera. He remains extremely bullish on the stock and thinks there is a lot of room left.

However, if you had purchased it on February 24, 2022, when the Power Gauge alerted you to this exceptional purchasing opportunity, you would have already realized a gain of up to 124% on this stock. The full list of Marc Chaikin’s triple digit winners can be found here.

Marc Chaikin’s Top 10 Stocks Of 2023

Everyone is aware of the significance of making investments during a bear market, and the potential earnings.

But it’s much harder to put that into practice.

During this interview, Marc is taking his audience inside the Power Gauge in a way he has never done before.

He is showing his followers exactly how he found the 10 best stocks of 2023.

Not only this, but he is also sharing the best time to buy the best stocks of the year by a wide margin is in the first 90 days of the upcoming year.

I doubt many regular investors know that November through April is historically the best time to buy stocks every year.

Marc Chaikin’s Worst Stocks Of 2023

The same 20 fundamental and technical elements that are included in the Power Gauge to indicate when it is ideal to BUY a stock can also be combined to indicate when it would be best to SELL a stock, before it suffered significant losses in the following three to six months.

For these stocks, the Power Gauge issues a BEARISH rating.

This is how Marc knew it was time to sell the nine stocks he warned about in 2022.


The AVERAGE loss for the 10 equities I issued 2021 warnings on was 76%.

Bottom line: The only thing more important than the stocks you do own… are the stocks that you don’t.

Marc Chaikin Prediction: What to Buy and What to Sell in 2023?

Marc Chaikin just released two brand-new special reports where you will find exactly what to buy and what to avoid in 2023:

  • The Chaikin 2023 Top Ten Report – here are the ten stocks you absolutely want to own right now. Ten chances to double your money.

The Chaikin 2023 Top Ten Report

  • The Chaikin 2023 Bottom 10 Report – He scanned through the Power Gauge’s BEARISH ratings for this shortlist of well-known stocks to identify the ten tickers Marc believes will see the greatest devastation. These are the stocks that, as the new year draws closer, you MUST SELL OR AVOID.

The Chaikin 2023 Bottom 10 Report

You can get these two reports for FREE when you subscribe to Marc Chaikin Power Gauge Investo research.

Here is some more information if you are interested to get all of Marc’s new recommendations and warnings for 2023.

What Is Power Gauge Investor?

Power Gauge Investor is Marc Chaikin’s top-tier research service. It provides analyses of large number of U.S. Stocks, using the Power Gauge system. The team will pick #1 stock recommendation from the top stocks uncovered each month. Usually, it is a small cap stock with high potential gain. Subscribers have access to a constantly updated portfolio with other stocks.

Power Gauge Investor

Every month you will read about smaller, lesser-known stock recommendations. Along with his new stock warning.

Remember, being in the right stocks and staying out of the wrong stocks will decide your wealth in 2023.

What’s Included with Your Power Gauge Investor Subscription?

Here’s everything you’ll receive:

50% OFF One full year of Power Gauge Investor

50% OFF One full year of Power Gauge Investor

This is your chance to get all of the smaller, lesser-known recommendations you need to protect yourself and potentially make 3 to 5 times your money off the hidden opportunities that Marc’s just detected.

Second FREE year of Power Gauge Investor

Second FREE year of Power Gauge Investor

You’ll also instantly receive and EXTRA full year of Marc’s hand-picked stock recommendations and analysis delivered directly to your inbox each month. This ensures you’ll continue to receive the BEST stock ideas from the BEST analyst out there, not just in 2023, but in 2024 too. This is simply your best chance to see extraordinary gains over the long term.

One FREE year of the Power Gauge Analytics system

One FREE year of the Power Gauge Analytics system

With this advanced version of Marc’s extraordinary system (that usually costs $5,000), you can screen for the best opportunities in the market and instantly know if any stock you own or wish to own is rated a BUY, SELL, or HOLD.

One FREE Year of Marc’s Power Gauge Report

One FREE Year of Marc’s Power Gauge Report

You’ll also lock in a FULL year of Marc’s flagship research service, the Power Gauge Report. Every month, you’ll get Marc’s big-picture thoughts on the markets, and the lowest-risk ways to take advantage.

One FREE year of The Discovery Engine tool

One FREE year of The Discovery Engine tool

Unlock names and tickers poised for growth that you’ve likely never heard of before. With Marc’s first-of-its-kind system (based on the technology pioneered by Netflix), you simply type in any winning stock – and you’ll instantly see a list of similar stocks with the same potential to skyrocket. Just as important, you can use this system to weed out the most dangerous stocks in the market right now.

Access to The Chaikin 2023 Top Ten Report

Marc just used his system to hand-pick what he believes will be the top 10 best performing stocks in the market over the next 12 months. Remember, his system found 9 out of 10 of the best performers every year going back to 2016. If you do nothing else for your wealth in the first 90 days of 2023, move your money into these 10 stocks.

Access to The Chaikin 2023 Bottom Ten Report

Marc just personally selected the 10 stocks he thinks are headed for big losses in the new year. Chances are, you may be holding one or more in your portfolio right now. This report alone could cover the price of your membership many, many times over.

Marc’s Portfolio Boost

Marc Chaikin's Portfolio Boost

A brand-new release and surprise gift for all members. This could reshape the way you approach investing, forever. Others paid $2,499 for it, but you’ll get it free of charge, while this offer lasts.

A FULL Year of Marc’s Monthly Market Insights

Marc’s Monthly Market Insights

As an added bonus, you’ll immediately unlock Marc’s monthly briefing where he cuts through the noise and explains what headlines and numbers are ACTUALLY important to pay attention to in the financial markets each month.

A Library of Special Reports, Issues, and Videos from Marc

A Library of Special Reports, Issues, and Videos from Marc

As an added bonus, you’ll immediately unlock Marc’s entire library of special reports, monthly issues, daily insights, and how-to videos. It’s a wealth of knowledge from a Wall Street legend, at your fingertips.

How Much Is Power Gauge Investor Now?

While one full year of Power Gauge Investor typically costs $5,000, when you act right now, Marc’s instantly knocking 50% OFF the price.

Take advantage of the incredible discount offer here!

Is There Any Guarantee?

You’re protected by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee backed by Chaikin Analytics


Final Words

The central bank’s rate hikes have rattled the markets for months. But the Fed’s next move is what could decide whether you make or lose money in the early days of 2023.

That’s why Marc Chaikin prepared a special presentation to help you learn all about what’s coming. In this presentation, he shows you exactly what to do with your money before January 1.

Watch the presentation here.

Opportunity still exists out there. We just need to look for it in the right places.

And according to Marc Chaikin, the right place is to invest into his top ten stocks for 2023, hand picked by him and his Power Gauge system. You can learn more about these stock picks in Marc Chaikin’s report titled: The Chaikin 2023 Top Ten Report. The only way to get this report is to subscribe to Marc Chaikin’s Power Gauge Investor research.

For a limited time you can get 2 years of this service for a discounted price of $2,500.


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