Retirement Trader Real Money Demo – Is Doc Eifrig’s 94% Success Rate Real?

In a brand new presentation from Stansberry Research, Dr. David Eifrig is sharing his strategy how to collect thousand dollars in month without owning or buying a single share of stock upfront. In this article you will find out if his 94% success rate with this strategy is real or pure scam.

Real Money Demo of Retirement Trader – Click here (includes a free recommendation).

Real Money Demo of Doc Eifrig Retirement Trader – Stanberry’s #1 Research Service

Today, we’re holding a real money demo of Stansberry’s most successful research service.

We asked a PGA Tour golf pro to try to collect $4,000.

If he’s successful… he’ll collect the money in just 60 seconds, without touching stocks, bonds, or any conventional investments upfront.

This guy has won 4 PGA tours and the Pebble Beach Invitational.

But he’s never tried using the strategy behind Doc Eifrig’s Retirement Trader – Stanberry’s most successful product, which has booked a 94% success rate since 2010.

Win or lose, we’ll walk you through his entire transaction…

And how to collect $1,000s a month doing this yourself.

Plus, you’ll even get a free recommendation to try it today.

Click here to learn more.

What is Retirement Trader Strategy?

Dr. David Eifrig claims that he has educated thousands of people how to make huge gains by selling put options. He first picked up this strategy on Wall Street back in 1980.

What he has created is a method for instantly collecting hundreds to thousands of dollars from publicly traded corporations without owning or purchasing even one share of stock up front. Additionally, he claims he does it with much MORE SAFETY than purchasing a typical blue chip.

How Retirement Trader Strategy Works?

Dr. David Eifrig claims he used this strategy for over 40 years, and it works on 4,400 different stocks involved in tech, retail, homebuilding, healthcare, precious metals, blockchain, finance, electric vehicles… blue chips, mid-caps, etc.

The way his strategy works, he and his team simply look for the best companies that will pay out the most money with the least amount of risk.

You will be SELLING put options.

To do this, you don’t have to own any investments upfront. And it happens automatically, with a click in your brokerage account.

In other words: You don’t have to own any stocks or options to get paid. You can sell something you don’t even own.

Doc Eifrig’s Retirement Trader: Why it’s safe enough to use in your retirement account?

With most trades – you only make money if you buy an investment, and the investment goes up. Right?

With Doc Eifrig’s Retirement Trader Strategy you’re not buying anything upfront, and you get paid if the stock goes up, sideways, or even down a little. Again, without owning or buying a single share upfront.

You aren’t really “investing.” Simply put, you are collecting money in a special type of transaction.

How to begin using Retirement Trader Strategy?

Let’s get straight to the point how exactly you are going to make $4,000 in 60 seconds, selling a put option.

First, you will log into your brokerage account. You can do this with any brokerage account. And you do not need prior experience to do it.

Then by using Doc’s strategy and following his steps, you could sell what’s known as a “put option” and collect money in the following 60 seconds. Right there, without owning a single share upfront. Just use the ticker symbol for a put-selling transaction, provided by Doc.

And once you collect this money, you get to keep it no matter what happens next. Does that sound risky to you?

This strategy allows you to almost always close each position for a profit. That’s how they have a 94% success rate over 13 years.

Doc Eifrig Retirement Trader Real Money Demo: Real Examples

The size of the gains depends on your account size and how large a position you want to take. Here are some examples. Keep in mind if you want to go big, the results could be 5 to 10 times higher.

2022 Payouts

$300 on Materials SPDR Fund (XLB)
$412 on Apple (AAPL)
$360 on Google (GOOGL)
$492 on Coca-Cola (KO)
$482 on American Express (AXP)
$445 on CVS Health Corp. (CVS)
$438 on Gilead (GILD)
$361 on Lowe’s (LOW)
$574 on Disney (DIS)
$415 on Philips 66 (PSX)
$300 on Abbott Laboratories (ABT)

You surely know how important that is, coming off the worst market sell-off in half a century.

What Makes Retirement Trader Strategy Possible?

This strategy isn’t “day trading” or taking any sort of long-term stake in a company’s future.

It uses put option. It’s an investment that can make money when a stock goes down.

The options market is much different than the stock market. In the stock market, you buy a stock and own a piece of a company.

But the options market is suited more for SPECULATORS.

In the options market, a lot of investors just try to speculate on where stocks are going next.

When Is The Best Time to Start Using Doc Eifrig Retirement Trader?

Approximately every four years, a special window in the market comes up that gives you the possibility to earn two to three times the average amount on the same size position.

And right now, in 2023, one of those windows has just opened following the sell-off of last year. It gives you the ideal opportunity to start this strategy immediately.

Who is Doc Eifrig?

Dr. David Eifrig Jr., MD, MBA is the editor of Retirement Millionaire, a monthly advisory that shows readers how to live a millionaire lifestyle on less money than you’d imagine possible. “Doc” is also the editor of Retirement Trader, a trading advisory which shows readers a safe way to double or triple the gains in your retirement account, with much less risk,  and Income Intelligence, a monthly investment advisory which shows investors how to expertly time their purchases to maximize their returns.

Before joining Stansberry & Associates in 2008, Dr. Eifrig worked in arbitrage and trading groups with major Wall Street investment banks, including Goldman Sachs, Chase Manhattan, and Yamaichi in Japan.

In 1995, Dr. Eifrig retired from Wall Street, went to UNC-Chapel Hill medical school, and became an ophthalmologist. Now, in his latest “retirement,” he joined S&A full-time to share his experiences and ideas with readers.

What’s Included with Your Retirement Trader Subscription?

Here’s everything you’ll get when you subscribe:

ONE FULL YEAR of Retirement Trader

Retirement Trader

Twice a month, Dr. David “Doc” Eifrig will email you his newest briefing, detailing the model portfolio and all of his newest recommendations. You could instantly collect hundreds to thousands of dollars on each recommendation and walk away. He’s booked a 94% success rate since 2010 through his unique strategy.

Special Updates

Special Updates

Throughout the month, Doc will email you updates as needed, telling you when to lock-in gains and how to close each position.

One Full Year of Income Intelligence


Where each month Doc will recommend low-risk investments that could earn you double-digit yields on your money with 100% or more capital gains potential. You can read our full Income Intelligence review here.

Options Trading Master Class

Options Trading Master Class

Where you’ll learn everything you need to know about options trading. In this simple, easy-to-watch 7-video course, Doc will show you how to set up your brokerage account for selling put options, conduct a live demo on his personal computer, and demonstrate the “twist” that allows you the chance to close almost any position for a profit.

Model portfolio of trades to make immediately


Since 2010, Doc has booked 651 winners out of 691 positions for a 94% success rate with this strategy, through bull markets, bear markets, flat markets, manias, crashes, and everything in-between.

SPECIAL REPORT: How to Unlock Your Brokerage Account for Instant Cash

How to Unlock Your Brokerage Account for Instant Cash

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • How put selling works…
  • How to make the trade available in your brokerage account…
  • How to collect the biggest payouts… and Doc’s “twist” on how to almost always close for a profit.

Retirement Trader Calculator

Retirement Trader Calculator

An online feature where you can input any trade and calculate exactly how much money you’ll collect, the trade’s time span, your potential annualized gain, risk level, and more.

Education Portal

Education Portal

Where you can access Doc’s complete archive of research reports, dating back more than a decade. Including his public briefings and video updates on the state of the market, Q&As, and more.

High Income Retirement

High Income Retirement

The book that helped launch Doc’s career as a national retirement expert, detailing his favorite tricks, secrets, and techniques for earning 12% to 20% on your savings, with the least amount of risk.

Welcome Gift

A surprise gift for all new members. It contains all of Doc’s secrets for living a better and wealthier retirement. Plus a special bonus others paid $2,499 to receive.

Retirement Trader Pricing

Retirement Trader normally costs $5,000 for one full year.

But because today’s market has multiplied the payouts higher than normal… and because it’s so important to collect income right now…

If you get in today, you can receive one full year of Retirement Trader at the special price of  $2,000.

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Plus, FREE access to Doc Eifrig’s Options Trading Master Class, a 7-video course on how to sell options. Including Doc’s “twist” on how to close almost any position for a profit.

Plus, FREE access to Doc Eifrig’s complete archive of research reports.

Plus, FREE access to Doc Eifrig’s education portal, where you can find Q&As on the state of the market and Doc’s current predictions.

Plus, FREE access to the Retirement Trader calculator, where you can input any trade and calculate exactly how much money you’ll collect, how long the trade will last, your potential annualized gain, risk level, and more.

Plus, a FREE e-copy of Doc’s classic book, High Income Retirement: How to Safely Earn 12% to 20% Income Streams on Your Savings.

Plus, a one-time welcome gift Doc Eifrig never shared before, which others have paid $2,499 to access.

But you must get in today, before this limited-time offer expires, to receive all of these bonuses. Once it expires, this special offer – with all of the bonuses included here– will no longer be available.

Retirement Trader Pricing

Retirement Trader Satisfaction Guarantee

As a part of this offer you’re also entitled to Doc’s EXTENDED 90-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Take the next 90 days and review everything Doc send you, including all of Doc’s special reports, his recommendations, and his entire model portfolio.

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with Doc Eifrig’s work, simply call Stansberry Customer Service team at 888-863-9356 and you’ll receive 100% of the money you spend right now back to you in the form of Stansberry Credit.

This credit can be applied toward any of the other 25+ Stansberry Research products of your choice over the next year.

There’s no cash refund.

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