Rogue Strategic Trader Next Exxon Revealed: Nomi Prins SMR Energy Briefing

Nomi Prins SMR Energy Briefing is where Rogue Strategic Trader editor reveals the Next Exxon – the only company in America that has the license required to produce SMR.


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Nomi Prins’ SMR Energy Briefing – What Is All About?

According to Nomi Prins, we’re at another crossroads for our nation’s infrastructure.

Right now, Nomi is researching a new breakthrough fuel source that can be a game-changer for alternative power. The government has already passed a law that could potentially send trillions of dollars into this sector.

Nomi found a tiny company in the energy sector with the power to transform the U.S. energy grid.

It’s pioneering a new fuel breakthrough called “SMR.”

This breakthrough is 2 million times more powerful than oil.

It’s also 3 million times more powerful than coal. And yet, the coal industry is lining up to invest…

Now, Nomi think that this new “SMR” legislation could funnel substantial profits to that company.

It has secured the first and only federal license to sell “SMR” in America…

In other words, this tiny company is in the right place at the right time.

The best part is, right now, you can play it for less than $2 per share. And in the long run, it has the potential to deliver as much as 20x profits.

On Saturday, Nomi held a special “SMR” Energy Briefing to explain what this energy source is… the law that can bring it mainstream… and a small company that can ride this trend to life-changing gains.

With record low fuel reserves… and natural disasters pushing our energy grid to the brink…

America is ready for ‘SMR.’

That’s why Nomi Prins and her team have been heads-down, searching for a way to play this trend.

And what they found could turn out to be the highest returning stock of Nomi Prins’ career.

Even though it trades absurdly cheap right now…

It could give you the chance to see 23 times your money or more.

Nomi Prins calls it “The Next Exxon”

The Next Exxon was granted the country’s ONLY NRC approval license to build small modular reactors.

According to the Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy – this means SMR is no longer an abstract concept.

She said: “They are real and they are ready for deployment thanks to the hard work of [this company].”

At this moment, you can stake your claim for less than $2. And Nomi’s showing you exactly what to do…

But don’t wait…

A new law titled S.3428 could send shares of this company skyrocketing as soon as March 22.

How you can unlock Nomi Prins’ new recommendation and learn the name of The Next Exxon?

All you have to do is become a member of Nomi Prins service, Rogue Strategic Trader.

And you’ll gain immediate access to Nomi’s new report, The Next Exxon.


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Who Is Nomi Prins?

After exposing the corruption on Wall Street, Ph.D. economist Nomi Prins became one of the world’s most respected investigative journalists.

Maybe you’ve read some of her best-selling books that exposed how Wall Street rigs the financial markets…

Or watched her explain what’s really happening on Wall Street on news channels such as Fox Business, CNBC, Bloomberg, PBS, or C-SPAN.

She’s often invited to meet with the folks at some of the most powerful organizations in the world…

Such as Federal Reserve officials, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the United States Senate, just to mention a few.

Now, on Thursday, January 12th at 8 PM ET, Nomi will reveal why she believes a new law that just went into effect a few days ago will help trigger a $46 trillion market shift…

Leading to the biggest winners and losers of 2023.

You’ll want to be here on this page live because she’s giving you two free picks, one stock to buy and another to avoid.

With how urgent this development is, the only way to take advantage of it is to take action.

What’s Included with your Rogue Strategic Trader Subscription?

Accept Nomi’s early-bird deal and you’ll instantly receive:

Your First Rogue Strategic Trader Pick: “The Next Exxon”

Nomi Prins The Next Exxon

When Nomi heard whispers of the country’s first ‘SMR’ firm to secure approval from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission — she immediately dialed up her contacts inside Congress for the full scoop.

Her investigation uncovered an investment she believes could rival the 240-fold growth of ExxonMobil over the long haul. A company that could single-handedly transform the U.S. energy markets in the coming year. Right now it trades for 1-50th the price of Exxon, but if Nomi’s prediction plays out, early investors could make millions.

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Is There Any Guarantee?

Yes. You’re covered by Nomi’s Double-Down Guarantee :

Nuclear Revival “Companion Pass” Guarantee

When you claim your two-year membership to Rogue Strategic Trader, Nomi and her team guarantee they’ll do everything in their power to let you ride the ‘SMR’ revival… and every other warrants play they recommend… to the absolute peak.

Nomi has added it to this offer — her first of this kind — to give you all the support you need to tap into the $4 trillion boom in the SMR market.

90-Day, 100% Credit Guarantee

Nomi believes the rollout of ‘SMR’ in America will be transformative — and she’s thrilled to have you join along for the years of potential profits that lie ahead.

However, if you’re not fully satisfied with Rogue Strategic Trader… simply contact Nomi’s team within the first 90 days of your membership. You’ll receive a full credit, which you can apply towards any other Rogue Economics (or their corporate affiliate) services. Please note: They do not offer cash refunds.

Rogue Strategic Trader Subscription Fee

Rogue Strategic Trader sells for a retail price of $4,000 per year.

But if you’re among the first 1,000 new members, you’ll get a 63% discount.

Better yet…

Instead of just getting one year at a discounted rate…

Today, you get 2 years of Strategic Trader for only $1,500!

That works out to just $750 per year…

Which means you’re saving $3,250 on an annual basis — or $6,500 in total savings if you act right now.

You might NEVER see Nomi offer her services at a price lower than this, ever again.

Bottom Line: Should You Join Rogue Strategic Trader?

As a Rogue Strategic Trader member, you’ll have access to declassified government info that is set to rock the U.S. energy markets in the days ahead.

Recent legislation has opened the doors for you to profit from it. And that’s important because the energy sector is about to experience a $4 Trillion shift in the market.

Nomi has discovered a company that’s part of this shift and she’s ready to pull the trigger on it. It’s the only company that’s federally licensed and in a prime position for you to profit from it immediately.

Nomi’s calling it “The Next Exxon.”

Those who take the steps today to add it to their portfolio could have the opportunity to take advantage of this massive opportunity in the energy market.

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