Teeka Tiwari: This Bullish Signal Is Good News for Bitcoin

Teeka Tiwari shares another bullish signal for bitcoin. It’s a trend with a consistent, positive trajectory that’s continued to rise. Even through the recent crypto pullback.

By Teeka Tiwari, editor, Palm Beach Daily

Selling on downside volatility is probably the biggest reason investors lose money in crypto.

Maybe they bought bitcoin when it was up and relatively stable… like last August.

Then their investment fell 13% in one month… only to surge 73% higher two months later.

Followed by a painful 52% fall two months after that.

I regularly remind readers not to invest more than they can afford to lose…

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to watch $1,000 in bitcoin dip to $870, soar to $1,505, then plunge to $722 in five months.

Especially when you’re reading headlines like “Investors Fear ‘Crypto Winter’ Is Coming” and “Cryptos Lose $205 Billion in 24 Hours.”

That’s why my team and I have recently been highlighting the bullish signals we see in crypto… like its positive long-term trend and record institutional buying.

Today, I’ll share another bullish signal for bitcoin. It’s a trend with a consistent, positive trajectory that’s continued to rise. Even through the recent crypto pullback.


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A New Record-High for Bitcoin

Crypto volatility is the admission price we pay for the opportunity to experience life-changing returns.

So, if you’re looking for a bullish signal, you can’t focus on short-term moves. You must dig deeper.

A recent report from blockchain data firm Glassnode has identified a trend you won’t hear about in mainstream finance.

Historically, when bitcoin prices fall, we see a decrease in crypto wallets holding bitcoin. This makes sense since people sell during big drops.

But then the trend reverses about mid-bear market, and people add bitcoin back to their wallets.

Glassnode measures this trend by looking at the number of wallets with a bitcoin balance higher than zero… what it calls “non-zero” wallets.

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The logic here is that there are more wallets with a zero-dollar bitcoin balance when bitcoin sells off.

According to Glassnode’s research, that’s what happened after the 2017 top that preceded the 2018 crypto winter… and as recently as the bitcoin sell-off last May.

But things have gotten interesting since then.

Take a look…


Although bitcoin prices fell in the last three months, the number of non-zero wallets increased to a record high of 40.2 million.

And this uptrend is still visible when you narrow the focus to retail wallets… those holding less than a single bitcoin.

Glassnode also looked at bitcoin “illiquidity,” or the amount of bitcoin held in wallets with little to no spending history.

It found that about 76.2% of bitcoin’s current supply is illiquid. It also noted an uptrend in illiquid wallets.

That’s big.


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While crypto and bitcoin have pulled back… and headlines warn us about the next Crypto Winter… more wallets hold bitcoin than ever before.

And more bitcoin is being held instead of sold.

We can’t know how many wallets an investor holds. But it’s safe to assume that the number of individuals holding bitcoin is near or at record highs as well.

Crypto isn’t dying. Investors aren’t abandoning bitcoin. We’re just experiencing normal crypto volatility.

The only difference is that while prices fall… more people are buying and holding bitcoin than ever before.

That’s a wildly bullish sign.

Look Past the Volatility

Rather than focusing on the day-to-day − which nobody can consistently predict − focus on the big picture.

Volatility is how you make 10x, 100x, and even 1,000x returns. It’s the price you pay for the chance to make life-changing money from tiny grubstakes.

We’ll continue to see crypto volatility. And bitcoin might waffle around some more… but that’s not important.

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My job is to position you in investments that will positively impact your net worth over the next several years.

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Friends, my goal is to help you create a collection of world-class assets… and use small, uniform positions so you can handle volatility without losing your mind.

That’s my job.


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Because that’s what’s at stake here… It’s your financial future.

I believe crypto assets are the best way to do that.

If you haven’t already, join those “non-zero” holders I mentioned above…

Bitcoin’s current price of about $36,700 offers a low-cost entry point relative to my 2025 target price of $500,000.

Even a small $500 position is enough to get started.

Because when the dust settles, this pullback will be just another blip in bitcoin’s long-term upward trajectory.


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