The Last Drop Summit – Is Jim Rickards Event Legit?

The Last Drop Summit is where Jim Rickards will share the details about a crisis so big that it will send the Dow plummeting as much as 60%, and kicks-off a new lost decade for U.S. stocks.


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What Is Jim Rickards Last Drop Summit?

After six days of bank failures…

After sending out email after email warning you that this crisis was coming…

After going live in an urgent emergency broadcast last week to update on the failure of Silicon Valley Bank and the contagion that followed…

Jim Rickards will go live again Monday, March 20th at 2:00PM in another emergency broadcast called the “Last Drop Summit.”


Because despite what the mainstream media would have you believe…

The worst of this crisis is NOT over.

And there is a much bigger threat lurking right around the corner.

One that could send America careening into a new economic dark age, and send the Dow plummeting 30%…40%…60% as this all plays out.

Reader, if you’ve been following Jim Rickards, then you know that he spent the last week working around the clock to keep you updated on this crisis.

In fact, just two days before the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, Jim sent out an email warning that “New Bank Run Was Already Underway”.

And that wealthy individuals were already pulling their cash out of the bank.

Jim Rickards

Jim Rickards even brought in an expert to show you how to open a special account to help avoid the coming carnage.

But this new crisis is much bigger than any of that.

In fact, it could easily multiply these bank losses by several orders of magnitude and lead to a new lost decade for US stocks.

That’s why it’s so urgent that you attend Jim Rickards Last Drop Summit this Monday at 2:00 PM.


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What will Jim Rickards share through The Last Drop Summit?

Jim Rickards will cover things like:

  • The REAL reason why banks like Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, Credit Suisse are beginning to blow up…
  • Why this could lead to one of the biggest market crashes in living memory (think Lehman but 10 times worse)
  • Why this crisis is following a strange pattern, one that’s occurred before nearly every major market crash of the last 103 years.
  • How this pattern could send the Dow plummeting 30…40… even 60% starting this upcoming Wednesday at exactly 2:00 PM.
  • Why this crash could kick-start a new economic dark age for America, where stocks fall and stay depressed for decades to come.
  • Why some of the brightest minds of our time, like Nassim Taleb, Warren Buffet’s right hand man Charlie Munger, and Ray Dalio all seem to agree with Jim Rickards.
  • What you need to do to protect you and your family’s wealth.
  • A trade recommendation that could 10X or more in just weeks or months as this all plays out crash, absolutely free.

How To Sign Up for Jim Rickards Last Drop Summit?

Jim Rickards Last Drop Summit has been scheduled to take place on Monday March 20th at 2:00 PM ET. You can claim your free spot here.

Bottom Line: Should You Attend Jim Rickards Last Drop Summit?

If you thought the blow-up of Silicon Valley Bank was going to be the worst of it…

And that this crisis was over…

Well I hate to tell you this, but according to Jim Rickards – it’s not…not even close.

And as we speak there is a much deeper threat lurking under the surface.

One that’s set to hit the market THIS upcoming Wednesday at exactly 2:00 PM ET.

And once it does we could see the biggest single market crashes of our lifetime.

A crisis so big it sends the Dow plummeting as much as 60%, and kicks-off a new lost decade for U.S. stocks.

You see, Silicon Valley Bank… Signature Bank of New York… The crisis at Credit Suisse are just the beginning.

And this new crisis is about to make each one of those look like child’s play.

That’s why Jim Rickards is going live on Monday March 20th at 2:00 PM ET during a “Last Drop Summit” to give you all the details.

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