1 thought on “Bitcoin: Fad?”

  1. iam so skeptical about spending the $2500.00 I am almost 60 and I have lost out on a couple investment opportunities that would have allowed me to stop working by 63,now that dream is over. Yes, I screwed up and should have saved more over the years, but raising kids on a housing inspector salary is challenging. Was not able to start a better savings plan until I was 50. NO regrets, I am certainly not a martyr. I am glad I have my health and a grandchild. No words of encouragement will work, because I trust that Teeka’s method works, with expected up and downs. Its just spending more money that I am skeptical about (and it sounds worth it to boot!), since nothing has worked for me up to know. I realize that no other opportunity will be out there for folks like me because I feel its a little too late cause of my age, I can’t take any more chances and may have to be satisfied with my 1877.00 a month pension to live on for the rest of my life, as it goes down each year as medical insurance costs rise each year. So, I should consider myself lucky to have that! I have to really think about this.

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