Chaikin PowerTrader Review: Is Power Trade Strategy Legit?

The Power Trade Signal is the real secret behind Marc Chaikin’s strategy for 2023. When it occurs, this is a very strong indicator that the moment has come to make ONE precise deal for potentially HUGE, quick gains. Does his story hold any water? This Chaikin PowerTrader Review has the answer.

Marc Chaikin The 2023 Trade Event presentation

As a result of the market shakes in the recent months and the wave of bank collapses, Marc Chaikin is stepping forward together with Briton Hill. In their most recent presentation they explain how Breakaway Momentum Indicator has predicted stock market’s moves since 1950 with a 100% success.

Marc is also sharing his BIG 2023 prediction based on a rare signal that’s occurred a handful of times in the last 72 years. This signal flashed in the last weeks alarming about an upcoming big shift of the markets. Here are all details.

Who is Mark Chaikin?

Marc is a Wall Street legend who has worked in this field for more than 50 years.

Perhaps he is best known as the creator of the Chaikin Money Flow Oscillator, one of Wall Street’s most recognizable indicators that can be found in every Bloomberg and Reuters terminal on the planet. Banks, hedge funds, and all the most popular brokerage sites use this indictor to pick stocks.

Marc built three new indices for the Nasdaq that bear his name in order to provide investors with ETFs of their top stocks and help people outperform the market.

Currently Marc helps his 1,000,000 followers across 148 countries to navigate today’s volatile markets by using The Power Gauge. This is his stock rating system that analyzes stocks based on 20 essential factors. Then it distills them into a simple rating, green for bullish and red for bearish.

This system won the best investing research product of the year award from both Morningstar and Bloomberg.

During the The 2023 Trade Event presentation, Mark shared an information only he is able to see within the system.

He said, “The volatility likely isn’t over yet,” and to expect, “pullbacks of 3% to 8%.”

Read further to learn what it could mean for you and your money in 2023. You will also learn what Power Gauge has to say about few of the hot spots on the U.S. market.

Power Gauge and The Bank Run Crisis

Marc built Power Gauge to pick up on signals you could never see simply by looking at technical charts.

Probably those of you that already follow his work, remember Marc’s event on November 15th, 2022, where he predicted that “A major shift in our financial system that could lead to a run on the banks in 2023.”

Marc confirmed he didn’t expect it to turn out this way. Nobody could have done it.

But, with interest rates rising and cash earning nothing in banks, it seemed obvious that a large amount of money would begin to flow out of banks… and flow to a location where it can generate a higher rate of return.

It was purely based on economics. It was obvious that the situation would create market volatility, and that’s exactly what we’ve witnessed since then.

Silvergate Capital Corporation was the first domino to fall. Here is what Power Gauge is reporting about this company:

If you have never used the Power Gauge before, look at the very bottom of the screen where it reads Chaikin Power Gauge Trend. It shows if the Power Gauge rates a stock as bullish, neutral, or bearish. Green for bullish, yellow for neutral, and red for bearish.

On April 25, 2022, the Power Gauge flashed a bearish sell signal, and the stock has been either bearish or neutral ever since.

It also displayed a bearish sell signal on First Republic Bank on April 1st, 2022.

It flashed SELL on Signature Bank on July 11th.

And it flashed sell on Silicon Valley Bank on July 25th.

Bottom Line: If you had followed the Power Gauge, you would have known to sell ALL these failing bank stocks and stay out of them about a year ago.

Power Gauge and the U.S. Stock Market 2023

On January 24th, Marc reiterated his prediction of increased volatility in the US stock market. He informed his followers, “The volatility is certainly not done yet,” and predicted “3% to 8% pullbacks.”

Because of stronger-than-expected economic growth, the market had a solid start to the year. Yet the Power Gauge warned that more instability was on the way.

On February 2nd, nine days after Marc’s warning, the market hit it’s 2023 peak. Since then, the market has dropped exactly 8%. Exactly as he predicted!

Bottom Line: Marc would never be so arrogant as to claim to foresee what the markets would do next. But he is confident The Power Gauge can detect shifts even before most investors are aware of them.

Marc Chaikin: Major Shift Is Coming to The U.S. Stock Market

The Power Gauge has just flashed another important signal with significant effects for anyone who is currently invested in the market.

It is not just about the bank collapses. Marc is predicting a wide shift among most of the stocks. Most people don’t expect this coming wave.

And Marc shares exactly how he knows about the upcoming shift. It is something that he keeps track of. It is called the Breakaway Momentum Indicator.

What Is the Breakaway Momentum Indicator?

Walter Deemer, a famed long-term technical analyst, coined the name for this indicator.

Walter began his career at Merrill Lynch in 1964, working under the legendary Bob Farrell. His hard work earned him the Market Technicians Associations’ Award for Lifetime Achievement, which is only given out a just a few times.

When we analyze Breakaway Momentum, we take a deeper look into the relationship between two sets of stocks. We’re comparing the ratio of stocks advancing each day for 10 days vs. the stocks that are declining each day.

When that calculation reaches a specific level, as it recently did, it is time to pay special attention.

This signal is extremely predictive of where stocks will likely move next.

What Marc and his team are currently keeping track is a chart of the S&P 500 going back over 70 years.

And the small red arrows represent the infrequent occurrences of the signal. It has only triggered 18 times in the previous 72 years.

These red arrows show us the periods when advancing stocks far outweighed declining ones throughout history. It has been an incredibly bullish indicator for stocks.

Here are the exact numbers as Marc was showing them during the event:


As you can see, this signal has resulted in positive gains over the following 6 months, 100% of the time going back to 1950.

And the average gain over the following 6 months is 16%.

S&P 500 and Momentum Indicator

The average returns we might expect 12 months after this signal occurs are even higher. 22% gains for the S&P 500 is the historical average we can expect to see by the end of the year.

Marc is certain that we are very close to the bottom. And he definitely would not recommend buying any regional bank stock today.

Housing market and The Power Gauge

Home sales in the United States have fallen for the 12th month in a row, the worst run in more than a decade. Mortgage interest rates have quadrupled. Could we be witnessing a replay of 2008?

Here is a screenshot of Power Gauge that represents how Marc is looking at housing market right now.


The companies that constitute the S&P 500’s homebuilder index are listed on the left.

And, as you can see, practically every stock in this index is currently rated bullish or very bullish by the Power Gauge… with only a handful in the neutral group.

Bottom Line: The entire homebuilding industry currently earns a “very bullish” grade in the Power Gauge.

Marc Chaikin Prediction for 2023

Marc said “We are at the start of a bull market… perhaps a volatile one, but a bull market none the less. I believe stocks will claw themselves back higher and higher for the remainder of the year.”

And the Breakaway Momentum Indicator is showing that you shouldn’t be scared right now.

He said this is exactly what he has been waiting to see for months. And now the Power Gauge pointing that it’s happening.

The last time this signal occurred was three years ago – in 2020 before the market soared 57%.

It also flashed in March of 2009, before the market rose 302% during its longest bull market in history.

Bottom Line: Marc Chaikin is looking ahead to a very bullish 12-month period that could see the S&P rise 20% or more.

But don’t forget that we must also be prepared to manage the 3%-8% pullbacks that history predicts will occur along the road. That’s why it is so important to approach this volatile market with the perfect strategy.

Chaikin PowerTrader – Marc’s Strategy for The Rest Of 2023

First, this strategy will allow you to remove the Fed from the equation… and concentrate on a single, simple method that could be your best road ahead to HUGE returns in 2023.

Today, the majority of Wall Street believes that a bottom will not develop until the Fed aggressively reduces rates. This means we have a good start. It could last a few weeks or months. But, for the time being, we could get in ahead of the rest.

What stocks will be the big winners?

This is a picture of several indexes tracked by the Power Gauge. You will notice that small- and mid-cap stocks have been the top performers over the past three months.


It makes sense if you follow the market. Mega-cap growth stocks are still trading at a premium to the current inflation rate. During prior bull market runs, companies such as Tesla (TSLA), Amazon (AMZN), and Alphabet (GOOGL) were market darlings.

But not any longer.

New bull markets, according to history, have new leaders. That is very likely to happen again this time.

Marc and his team can uncover these stocks with the help of the Power Gauge, using a special signal. We would like to give you some details what is so special about it.

The Potential of the Power Trade Signal

This signal is the real secret behind Marc’s strategy for 2023. Because when it occurs, this is a very strong indicator that the moment has come to make ONE precise deal for potentially HUGE, quick gains.

In Marc’s presentation, you will see examples of how using this signal can generate opportunities to make more than 7-times your money.

One of them was Workiva (WK). If you only used Power Gauge, you could have made up to 86% on Workiva (WK) in 5 months. By using Power Trade Signal strategy, your 86% gain could grow to the incredible 729%.

That’s how powerful a predictor of a stock’s short-term performance it is.

You cannot use Power Trade Signal strategy on any stock on Power Gauge. The Power Trade Signal only appears on stocks that are already rated Bullish in the Power Gauge.

Marc and his team pretty much looking for bullish rated stocks that experience volatility.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to select randomly Bullish rated stocks. But being rated bullish in the Power Gauge is the first requirement that needs to be met. There is another important factor.

Here is the code that makes the signal trigger in Power Gauge:


Marc and his team are entering the market AFTER the volatility has occurred.

The stock falls as a result of the volatility. A brief acceleration.

Then they’ll see if it sets off the Power Trade Signal.

And if it does, they only enter the trade when the volatility has gone.

From a Power Gauge sense, there has never been a better time in history to use this method.

I am sure by now you are wondering how exactly are they multiplying the gains? The simple answer is that Marc’s strategy relies on buying an option. To be specifying – they are using one kind of option. And only AFTER a Power Trade Signal triggers.

What’s the catch?

Buying options is not the same as buying stock. With the call option they’re looking at, you pay a little amount up front. Marc gave an example where the Call option they purchased was merely $2.70 per share.

Now, say you put in $2,700. Even if everything goes wrong, you can only lose that much. All you risk with these specific option strategies is the money you put in.

Your downside is fixed, but your upside is basically unlimited.

Options are not very popular because of their reputation.  Because most options investors use them for gambling. And often they end up loosing huge amounts of money they don’t have.

Bottom line: Used correctly, options can be a great way to create income for retirement, or to buy great stocks at a discount.

What is The Best Way To Start Using Marc Chaikin’s Strategy?

If you want to give Marc’s strategy a try, good starting point is his report called The Power Trade Manifesto. It explains how to use Power Trade Signal to generate 100%-1,000% gains.

report-The-PowerTrader-ManifestoIn this report, you will find information:

  • How to get started with Power Trades.
  • Simple instructions how to execute Power Trades from your brokerage account.
  • How to limit the downside of every Power Trade you wish to make, and recommendations for properly sizing your positions.
  • Chaikin’s specific approach for creating a portfolio of Power Trades in the future months – as well as when they’ll notify you to close your Power Trades for maximum gains.

What Are The Best Power Trades Recommendations?

Finding these opportunities requires daily monitoring of the entire market.

This is very time-consuming job and Chaikin partnered with Briton Hill.  Here is the exact words Marc said about Briton: “I asked the only person I knew I could trust with this task to help me monitor the Power Trade Signal and find the best opportunities for our followers each month…Now that we’ve have been working hand in hand for months now. I can say there’s nobody else I’d rather have help me with this project.”

Who Is Briton Hill?

He’s a self-made multimillionaire who began collecting rare gold and silver coins at the age of ten… and cashed out in 2011 at the high.

Briton Hill joins Chaikin Analytics following a stellar early career. He was one of the youngest traders in investing giant Fidelity’s 77-year history.

He then co-founded a private wealth management firm Weber Global Management, growing assets from $17 million to more than $150 million in less than three years.

Marc believes Briton is going to be the future of Chaikin Analytics. During the event Briton and Marc announced the beginning of a new chapter for Chaikin Analytics.

They assured everyone that their new initiative is a perfect way to make money in this volatile new bull market. It’s called Chaikin PowerTrader.

What New Offers Chaikin PowerTrader?

This is a new research service that will use the Power Trade Signal to find the best opportunities every month to quickly double or triple your money. Mark and Briton not only give out suggestions, but they also outline the exact actions you will need to take to make their recommended trade.

You can find their recommendations in Chaikin PowerTrader Model Portfolio. These are opportunities you’ll want to act on very quickly if you wish to achieve the best results.

As individuals realize that a new bull market is forming, even before the Fed reduces interest rates, a flood of money will come into the market as institutions, hedge funds, investment banks, and, most importantly, ordinary investors race to get out of cash and back into stocks.

In this case, timing is everything.

Hou much is Chaikin PowerTrader?

Going forward, one full year of Chaikin PowerTrader will normally cost new members $5,000.

For short time you can become a charter member of Chaikin PowerTrader through a special offer 50% OFF regular price.

That means you can become a charter member of the brand-new Chaikin PowerTrader right now for just $2,500, the BEST OFFER.

This offer does not accept refunds. But if you are not happy, you can get a credit valid for one year.

What is included in Chaikin PowerTrader?

As a charter member, you will receive a package of research, recommendations, and FREE bonuses valued at $16,999.

Here is list of what you will receive:

  • 50% OFF 12-months of Chaikin PowerTrader (Value: $5,000).
  • One Free year of the Power Gauge Analytics system (Value: $5,000) – use it to screen for the best opportunities in the market.
  • Access to Marc and Briton’s brand-new model portfolio.
  • One FREE year of The Discovery Engine. With this system you type in any winning stock, and you will see a list of similar stocks with the same potential.
  • PowerTrader Master Class Video Series (Value: $2,500) Follow Briton as he demonstrates how to do Power Trades yourself, from setting up a trading account to placing a trade from your computer. Each video is brief and simple to understand. All you have to do is to follow instructions.
  • Access to The Stansberry’s Top 5 Power Trade Report. It includes Marc’s and Briton’s top 5 favorite opportunities that just triggered a Power Trade signal.
  • Access to The Power Trade Manifesto. This is Power Trade “bible.” Inside is everything you need to know how to build your portfolio, how to place Power Trades, and much more.
  • Access to Two Popular Stocks Telling VERY Different Stories in the Power Gauge. Marc has just personally chosen two popular stocks that you should know about. Currently The Power Gauge rates one a BUY and one a SELL. You probably have one or both in your portfolio right now. And when you see their names, you’ll be amazed.
  • Marc’s Portfolio Boost (Value: $2,499) that could reshape the way you approach investing.
  • And more.

Final Words

Marc believes that if you follow him, he can make 2023 your most profitable year to date. Yet, you must commit to make one specific change in your investment strategy.

You will have to learn something new. And once you’ve mastered it, you’ll discover how effective this new method can be.

Getting started takes very little time and effort.

And don’t forget – once this special offer expires – with all of the bonuses detailed above – will no longer be available.

I think this offer today, considering the predictive abilities of the Power Gauge and Marc and Briton’s track record is simply a no brainer.

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