Moneyball’s Sector Alpha Report Review: Biden’s Puppet Master EXPOSED

Have you ever had the nagging suspicion that Joe Biden isn’t actually running America? Have you ever wondered who is actually in charge on the back end?

Andrew Zatlin, Founder & Chief Analyst,Moneyball’s Sector Alpha Report recently shared some really interesting information about this. Read further for a closer look at

Biden’s Puppet Master EXPOSED?

He’s been called “the most dangerous man in the world”…

“The new Karl Marx”…

And even “the Antichrist”…

But Zatlin calls him Joe Biden’s Puppet Master…The man directing all of Biden’s policies that are destroying America.

This man has never been on a ballot. He has no formal position. He is not a member of any committee, council, or cabinet of the government.

Most people have never heard of him. But he is connected to the most powerful people in the world. People like Bill Gates, Clinton family, The leader of the Chinese communist party, Xi Jinping, the head of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde are just some of his connections.

How will Biden and his Puppet Master soon take control of our life?

In this presentation, Andrew Zatlin is showing how Biden and his puppet master will completely control how you spend your money by using a made-up climate crisis.

Let’s dive in to see is this another crazy conspiracy theory.

Think about this:

Instead of increasing domestic oil and gas production to help Americans pay less at the pump, Biden has declared war on fossil energy. He is depleting our strategic oil reserve and pleading dictators of Saudi Arabia and Venezuela for oil.

The dollar is being devalued at the fastest rate in 40 years.

Inflation has reached a stage where many families must now decide between putting gas in their car and putting food on the table. 401K accounts are getting wiped out.

Additionally, mortgage rates are at an all-time high, making home ownership unaffordable for millions of Americans.

He has allowed almost 5 million unauthorized immigrants through the borders.

These people could be criminals, terrorists, etc.

And he’s using race and gender to play us against each other.

He’s dumbing down and indoctrinating our children with anti-American propaganda in the schools and media.

He also releases real criminals onto the streets by emptying prisons.

Andrew Zatlin is asking: Can someone really be this incompetent?

Who is Andrew Zatlin?

He’s been a trained economist for more than 30 years… He took senior roles in Business Strategy and Operations at NEC Electronics and Cisco.

He differed from other mainstream economists because of the unique insights that real-life experience taught him about how economies truly operate.

That’s why he was ranked #1 for Jobs Forecasting by Bloomberg.

Today, he lives in North Carolina with his family and runs an independent investment research firm called MoneyBall Economics. Independent means that he does not accept any advertisement from other companies.

Some of the top hedge funds in the world, managing more than $20 billion in total, have used his research.

His forecasts are backed up by facts…

And the facts in this case are unmistakable.

Joe Biden is planning to use a bogus global warming crisis to implement the most radical change in America’s history.

Does climate change pose an existential threat?

Zatlin is gathered some information about this topic from a scientist who wrote a book about climate changes.

The book is called: “Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, and Why It Matters. ” His name is Steve Koonin. He has an MIT doctorate in physics. He was also BP’s former chief scientist and the U.S. Department of Energy’s former undersecretary for science.

Here is his conclusion:

“Very few people, and that includes journalists who report on climate news, read the actual science I have.

And what the data—the hard science—says is that… things are NOT that bad.

Heat waves in the US are NO MORE COMMON than they were in 1900.

Hurricane activity is NO DIFFERENT that it was a century ago.

Floods have NOT increased across the globe over more than seventy years.

Greenland’s ice sheet is NOT shrinking any more rapidly today than it was 80 years ago.”

Zatlin’s conclusion is that most people don’t know the truth because Biden’s Puppet Master and his associates have corrupted scientists. They are using the fear to control the population.

Who Benefits from This Hysteria?

The point is that they want us to take their action and use their solution of the problem. They tell us the only way to solve this crisis is to give them absolute power and control.

Trillions of dollars would be needed to make the switch to green energy…

Massive government funding… and a new, expansive public work policy.

If you want a crisis that will inevitably result in increased government control…

And that enables them to take more of your money for their schemes, investments, and spending on their friends and family…

By 2030, global renewable energy spending must increase to more than $4 trillion per year.

Because of this, Biden’s puppet master has already made agreements with numerous powerful companies, including Apple, Amazon, Bank of America, Boeing, and many more.

Also, they have all promised to push for a demand for “green” goods.

Guess what… all the money is going to their pockets, not ours.

Soon they will start tracking also individual consumption. Al Gore, a former vice president, has teamed up with Google to track “individual emitters” of greenhouse gases around the globe using satellite technology.

Tracking = Controlling

Once a government is able to track you, they’re able to control you.

If they think you’re eating too much red meat, fed by cows who emit carbon…

They’ll only allow you to eat that awful “meatless meat” they’re selling in stores now. If you don’t comply… they’ll force you to comply.

A digital dollar will be implemented to track personal carbon allowance.

Zatlin gives an example, if you go over your personal carbon allowance…

They could even impose fees and punish you by withdrawing money directly from your account.

I know, it sounds scary. Listen to his presentation for many more examples to get his point why he is urging you to act now to protect yourself and your family.

Here are the details how you can opt out of their evil plan.

Andrew Zatlin Warning: Get Out Of Cash Now

He is basically recommending taking five steps right now:

Step # 1: Opt out of the digital dollar

He put all the instructions you need to follow inside a special report called: “How to Opt Out of the Digital Dollar.” Following these steps you will take your assets “off the grid” so Biden and his Puppet Master will not be able to get them.


Inside this report Zatlin talks about a little-known asset that has outperformed stocks, real estate and gold over the last 25 years… and it’s 100% protected from the digital dollar.

An investment that is immune to economic downturns and is inaccessible to Biden and his puppet master. I’ll let you in on a little secret: it fits in your pocket, and you’ll never have to disclose it to the IRS.

Step #2: Place a portion of your funds into the Puppet Master Protection Portfolio

Zatlin recently created this all-weather portfolio, which ought to perform well regardless of what the market does.

It contains what has been called “the recession-proof trade of 2023″—an investment made outside the stock market.

You’ll find all the details of this model portfolio inside another special report called The Puppet Master Protection Portfolio.


Step #3: Invest in the “1,000% Backdoor” Play Into the Digital Dollar

The infrastructure for the digital dollar has already been built, and Zatlin found a unique way for you to invest in it.

I mean, you might as well make money off of it if Biden is going to make this drastic adjustment to the value of the dollar, right?


You will read all details in his report The “1,000% Backdoor” Play Into the Digital Dollar.

Step #4: Invest in the Only Booming Sector of the Economy

Biden’s crazy green energy policy is triggering a huge boom in oil stocks.  Petroleum refinery PBF Energy is up 230%, the tanker shipping company Scorpio tankers skyrocketed as high as 340%. This happened in 2022 when stocks, bonds, cryptos crashed.

Zatlin put together another bonus report called My #1 Energy Play for 2023.


It contains the name, ticker symbol, and comprehensive analysis, and it might help you make a lot of money in the upcoming months.

If you lost money in 2022, this could be your chance to regain some or even all your losses.

Step #5: Buy into The Perfect Inflation Hedge Right Now

The biggest inflation in the last 40 years is mostly a result of Biden’s green energy strategy.

That’s because as the price of oil climbs, it has a snowball effect on everything.

For instance, the cost of goods transportation increases.

Then firms pass that greater expense on to you.

Moreover, petroleum is used to make thousands of items.

Electricity bills are also skyrocketing. Many families cannot afford it.

According to Bank Of America, this increasing inflation may be here to stay.


According to Zatlin the perfect hedge for this inflation is an investment that has been crashing inflation for decades. The past two decades it brought 2,590% return. Most people don’t know about it because the advertising of this company has been banned by the U.S. government. You will find the details in the report called The Perfect Stock for Biden’s Inflation.


All these reports are FREE with satisfaction guarantee trial to Zatlin’s monthly newsletter called Moneyball’s Sector Alpha Report. Here are few words about it.

How does Moneyball’s Sector Alpha Report work?

Zatlin calls his system “Moneyball Economics,” because it mimics the data-focused strategy used by Billy Beane in the famous movie Moneyball.

Around the 15th of the month, you will receive a new Sector Alpha report.

Each issue is a brief, easy-to-read report that you can read from start to finish in less than 20 minutes.

Each month Zatlin sends out four stock-market recommendations you can make to potentially outperform the overall markets.

Inside you’ll also find what his “Moneyball Portfolio” where he keeps track of all open positions plus “special situation” opportunity.

In some cases, you will also receive special situation report packed with stock market moves to make. Similar to above mentioned report about Biden’s evil plan.

What is included in Moneyball’s Sector Alpha Report?

When you join Andrew Zatlin’s flagship research service today, 100% satisfaction guaranteed, you’ll get instant access to:

  • A Full Year of Moneyball’s Sector Alpha Report with new recommendation every month!
  • Special Report #1: How to Opt Out of the Digital Dollar – Inside this unique report, you’ll learn a simple series of steps that anyone can follow to basically take your assets “off the grid” so Biden and his Puppet Master may never be able to touch them.
  • Special Report #2: The Puppet Master Protection Portfolio – This special report includes an investment outside of the stock market that has been nicknamed “the recession-proof trade of 2023” as well as the entire all-weather portfolio that should perform well regardless of what happens in the market.
  • Special Report #3: The “1,000% Backdoor” Play Into the Digital Dollar. Inside this research, you’ll uncover a new opportunity to invest in the infrastructure powering the digital dollar. Famous investors and billionaires like Elon Musk, Marc Cuban, and Carl Icahn have all already invested in this venture. Your chance to join them is now.
  • Special Report #4: My #1 Energy Play for 2023. Energy stocks are rising right now, and with this report you’ll learn the name, ticker symbol, and full research on a play that might make you a lot of money in the coming months.
  • Special Report #5: The Perfect Stock for Biden’s Inflation. Find the name and ticker symbol of a company that has been CRUSHING inflation for decades and putting up a 2,590% return the past two decades.
  • BONUS Special Report #6: The Moneyball Trader’s Playbook. Learn how to harness various data sets to predict what will happen next in the markets.
  • BONUS Special Report #7: The Secret to Sector Alpha Profits. How to identify, invest in, and ride the fastest growing sectors to the biggest potential profits.
  • BONUS Special Report #8: Foodflation: Six Ways to Get Rich From The Global Food Crisis includes names and ticker symbols of six different plays that could help you turn this insane food inflation into profits, including a play that’s up 55% in the last six months alone.

How Much Is Moneyball’s Sector Alpha Report?


A lot of information is initially included with this service. This is at least $691 value for just $99 for their Very Best Offer if you use this link.

Once you sign up, you will have 30 days to test out the service for a full refund.

Additionally, to the “Very Best Offer”, You can choose from Premium or Basic offer.

Premium offer is One Year Subscription: $99 for a 12-month digital subscription + 5 special reports + 2 bonus reports + 1-year free of Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor!

Basic Offer includes one year subscription: $49 for a 12-month digital subscription + 5 special reports + 1-year free of Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor!

These offers won’t last long. You must act now if you want to try it out.

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