Dan Ferris Extreme Value 10-Stock Portfolio for a Go-Nowhere Market: Sneak Peek

You might be wondering what kind of stocks Dan Ferris included in his Extreme Value 10-Stock Portfolio for a Go-Nowhere Market. So today, I wanted to take a few minutes to give you a sneak peek at the 10 stocks I’ve narrowed it down to…

Dan Ferris 10-Stock Portfolio for a Go-Nowhere Market Stock Picks

The portfolio is essentially made up of five main categories:

A unique way to own gold and silver bullion – without having to buy the metals yourself.

Gold is a 50-bagger since the U.S. dollar went off the gold standard in 1971. And since inflation began soaring… it has crushed stocks, bonds, Bitcoin, and pretty much every other financial asset since then.

But most people don’t want to own physical gold directly.

For one, you have to worry about storage. You need to make sure the gold’s safe so no one steals it. That involves fees, of course. And then if you want to sell it, you have to haggle with a dealer.

But that’s the beauty of what Dan Ferris found, and included it’s in his 10-Stock Portfolio for a Go-Nowhere Market.

It’s a way to get real ownership of physical metal, without any of the stress or fees.

The single best stock Dan Ferris EVER found in more than 20 years in the markets.

This is Dan’s highest conviction idea—ever.

According to Dan Ferris, if you just bought into this one stock – and forgot everything else about his big prediction… He thinks you’d be 100x better off than whatever else you’re doing right now.

This stock has every quality you should be looking for today.

Which is why Dan Ferris thinks it could double or triple just on valuation alone.

But with the crash that Dan Ferris sees is coming for stocks… He thinks it could be as much as a 10-bagger when gold gets going. Because when gold starts to skyrocket, the potential for this company is off the charts.

Businesses that stand to benefit from rising precious metal prices, as well as other commodities like uranium and potash

This company is primarily involved in royalty investments.

A royalty is a type of financing in which the investor buys the right to earn a percentage of a mine’s production. The royalty holder gets a payment “off the top,” or before any expenses are taken out for the operation of the mine.

In other words, royalty holders get paid before ANYONE else – even before the mine workers!

So, it doesn’t matter if the mine even makes a profit. If the mine produces, the royalty holder gets paid. Which is why these are such important investments for you to own in the coming years – and why it’s a major part of Dan Ferris Extreme Value 10-Stock Portfolio for a Go-Nowhere Market.

Critical infrastructure plays

In this section, you’ll find a unique type of company that invests in renewable energy projects, like solar and wind.

You’ll also see something that Dan Ferris calls a “mission-critical service.” It will all make sense when you check out the portfolio for yourself.

But the beauty of these companies is that they’re typically able to pass higher costs on to their customers. And that’s because of how necessary their products and services are.

Lastly, there’s some businesses you might not typically think of as being a strong form of protection during an environment like this

But they could literally save your retirement.

I can’t really give away much more than that… but these are firms that Dan Ferris is confident will benefit from higher commodity prices and, like the infrastructure plays he mentioned above… they’re able to pass costs along to their customers.

One thing I also want to point out is that these are NOT just some companies Dan ran a screen for and dropped into a model portfolio.

Most of these companies are stocks that Dan Ferris already have researched, studied, and followed for YEARS.

He put many hours into researching the 10 stocks that made it into this model portfolio.

Which is why Dan says that he has such a strong sense of conviction about each and every one of them – and about the portfolio as a whole.

Iif you buy every recommendation in it, you’ll not only protect your downside and survive whatever crash is still coming…

You’ll also still be able to see massive potential gains in the coming years.

Again, it doesn’t involve assets that are hard to buy, like futures or cryptocurrency, or the complexity of things like options.

It literally couldn’t be easier to get started.

Just keep in mind: Access to this new model portfolio will only be available for a short while longer.

So, I encourage you to get started with it right now.

Dan Ferris Extreme Value Review : FAQ

Here are some other questions I’ve received.

Here are Dan Ferris answers for you …

Do you give out one new stock recommendation a month?

When you sign up for Extreme Value right now, the first thing you’ll immediately get access to is my new “10-Stock Portfolio for a Go-Nowhere Market.”

As you heard, this is something I will keep an ongoing watch on.

If we need to sell a position, or buy more… or anything else – you will be among the first to know!

But yes, in addition to this done-for-you model portfolio… I also do recommend stocks and other investments as part of your subscription.

So, how many per month?

Well, it all depends on what the market is offering us…

When stocks are cheap, I might recommend one stock a month.

Maybe even more than one!

When stocks are expensive, I might not recommend anything in any given month.

Point being, yes when you sign up for Extreme Value right now, you will be receiving even more buy recommendations from me over the next two years.

Of course, you’ll also have access to Commodity Supercycles for the next two years as well.

So you’ll likely be getting multiple new stock recommendations a month.

Click here to get started now.

Where can I read the transcript of your Meltdown Warning?

If you’d like to scan the text version of the transcript, you can read that right here, too.

What percent of my portfolio should I invest in these 10 stocks?

You could put as much (or as little) into these recommendations as you feel comfortable.

I wouldn’t recommend selling everything else you own and dumping it all into this – even though these are my highest confidence investment ideas right now.

But I think a good general recommendation is probably putting at least 20% of your portfolio in these stocks.

That’s what I would do, if I were in your shoes.

But of course, the ultimate decision is up to you!

Dan, you mentioned get out of index funds. Why not a modest investment in reverse index funds?

Great question… I try to avoid inverse funds, because many of them use derivatives rather than just selling short.

And I’m worried about how those derivatives might behave during a crisis.

For example, you might have seen stories about how some UK pension funds’ interest rate hedges got them into trouble recently, exacerbating a rout in UK government bonds.

Maybe if I spent a decade trading derivatives on Wall Street, I’d be more comfortable.

But even then, I still remember how AIG went bankrupt selling derivatives that were like insurance against credit losses… and the people who bought those instruments likely made billions.

I’d hate to be on the wrong end of one of those episodes.

So I try to avoid ETFs based on derivatives (though it’s not always possible, because they’re so popular nowadays).

When I recommend shorting indexes, which I’ve only done three times in Extreme Value (including twice this year), I prefer to recommend selling short an index fund that holds stocks in the conventional manner.

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What was that Buffett chart example you showed alluding to a crash?

One (of many!) indicators I like to look at is called “The Buffett Indicator.”

At one point, Buffett called this: “The best single measure of where valuations stand at any given moment.”

It’s simply compares the value of the U.S. stock market to U.S. GDP.

So what does “The Buffet Indicator” say today? Take a look…

The scary part about looking at this chart… is that it’s a full one-third HIGHER than the long-term trend line…

And well above the previous record high it hit during the Dot-Com bubble!

Which – if history is any indicator – and I’m going to bet it is – proves that stocks MUST snap back down… to get back in line with its long-term trend.

In short: The bottom ain’t in folks… and you need to prepare immediately.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee that comes with Extreme Value?

Yes, absolutely.

When you get started right now, not only can you get started for more than 75% OFF the normal price for everything included in this offer…

And it’s all backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

In short, you can take the next 30 days and check out everything Extreme Value has to offer… the model portfolio… my new reports – everything.

If you’re not completely happy, you can receive a FULL REFUND in the form of Stansberry Credit. In other words, you can apply the money you spend today to ANY of Stansberry’s 20+ research services — no matter the price.

We have research services that cover everything from cryptos… to options trading… gold and silver… bonds… venture-style investing… and more.

So if you enjoy the sort of research my firm publishes, this should hopefully make today’s offer a no-brainer.

Oh, and if you decide on day 31… or day 60 that you changed your mind, that’s fine – we’ll pro-rate your credit. Just let us know.

Again, I want you to be happy – even if it’s not reading my work.

Click here to get started now.

What happened to your motto of “Prepare, don’t predict”?

If you’ve been reading my work or listening to my podcast, you know this is my motto.

First of all, I’m glad you remembered it!

And I understand how this might be confusing for you, since you also heard me warn that stocks could fall 75%…

And we’ll then likely see 20+ years of a go-nowhere, ZERO RETURN market.

Bottom line is that it’s impossible to do anything, including investing, without having some idea of what the future might hold.

But let’s be clear: I’m not saying this is 100% what will happen…

I don’t have a crystal ball.

And you’re right to be skeptical of anyone who claims to know what the future holds.

However, I’m saying this is what is LIKELY to happen… based on history… and based on current market valuations.

But look…

What if I’m only partially right… what if stocks ONLY fall 40%… and stay flat for 10 years?

What if stocks ONLY fall 25%… but inflation soars to 14%… as it did in the early ’80s?

Or what about the flipside… what if my estimate is too conservative?

Who knows just how bad things will get…

The important thing to take away is this:

Whatever comes next isn’t going to be pretty… whether it’s a 75% crash… or a 25% crash… 20-years of a flat market… or a few years of a flat market.

Remember: Japanese stocks STILL haven’t recovered from their 1989 highs:

And inflation here is NOT likely to slow anytime soon…

The Fed is simply out of options.

So, the crash could be WEEKS out from here… or it might take months to play out…

My point is that we are NOT out of the woodwork yet. Not anywhere close.

And again, this is all based on history.

Which is why it’s so important to be prepared with my new model portfolio of 10 stocks…

How will this crash affect gold?

In the short-term, a crashing market tends to take everything down with it, and gold will likely fall, too…

Though I doubt it’ll fall nearly as much as stocks and bonds.

It’s held up great this year and I expect it’ll hold up well in an equity or bond market crash.

Long-term, a major crash will be great for gold!

It’s an asset you can’t afford to be without for the next several years, starting right now.

Look, I don’t care what anybody says about gold not soaring since inflation started rising…

Gold has crushed stocks, bonds, bitcoin, and most financial assets since this bear market started.

People complaining about the precious metal are probably those who lost a ton holding tech garbage. And they’re trying to take it out on gold.

  •  Gold is a 50-bagger since the U.S. dollar went off the gold standard in 1971…
  •  It has outperformed stocks in the 21st century…
  •  And it has a 5,000-year history of preserving wealth.

That’s because it offers a level of protection you can NOT find in any asset that can be manipulated or diluted, like most stocks…

Or in something like bitcoin, which has only been around for a little over 10 years.

It’s how a lot of super-rich families have been able to stay rich for decades in America – despite the crashes, decades of no returns, etc.

I’m talking legendary names like the Rothschilds… the Morgans… the Bass family… the Lilly family.

Historically, they’ve all kept a significant portion of their wealth in gold.

So yes, I think gold should do well during the crash and the 20 years that follow…

No bear-market-resistant portfolio would be complete without some gold.

Which is why it plays such a key role in my new “10-Stock Portfolio for a Go-Nowhere Market.”

Don’t forget…

I’m also giving you instant access to Stansberry’s Financial Survival Program ($3,000 value) the moment you get started today…

This 7-part series kicks off with Module 1: Prepare for Bear Markets With Cash, Gold, and Defensive Holdings.

Inside, we include additional, actionable gold recommendations that you can act on immediately, should you want even more gold exposure as this crash unfolds.

Click here to get started now.

What are the 2 stocks you recommended we sell?

The two stocks I think you should SELL are Apple (AAPL) and Tesla (TSLA).

I have nothing personally against either company…

In fact, I actually recommended Apple years ago and one of my readers made 100x their money on the stock, after that recommendation.

Standard Disclaimer: The investment results described in this testimonial is not typical; investing in securities carries a high degree of risk; you may lose some or all of the investment.

However, these are two of the most important stocks in the market right now…

And again, history shows us that the largest-cap market leading stocks tend to lag other stocks after the top of a big mega-bubble has passed.

In the current bear market, they haven’t seen the pullback that most other stocks have seen yet.

So, I think a 20% (or more) pullback is extremely likely in the coming weeks and months and they’ll likely underperform the market for many more years to come.

If you own, and plan to sell… and need a good recommendation of where to place the funds – I highly recommend my new model portfolio which you can get access to right here.

Will the crash come after the midterm elections?

The timing of the crash is impossible to predict…

It’s also impossible to predict if the crash will take hours, days, weeks, or even a couple months.

Usually there’s a catalyst that sets off a big market crash.

For instance, if Putin uses a nuclear weapon – my guess is the markets will spook, and that could spark the crash.

Or if China invades Taiwan…

Or really any other possibilities…

Maybe a new virus or deadly variant, who knows!

And sometimes, a crash can just pick up momentum and seem to come out of nowhere, with no obvious catalyst…


Valuations are still too high…

History shows us that valuations ALWAYS revert to the long-term average, and usually sink below that level before finally recovering.

So, stocks WILL inevitably pull back to more reasonable valuations.

I just can’t tell you the exact day. Nor can anyone else, for that matter.

But I can help you prepare as soon as you join Extreme Value today  with the most generous special offer I have made in my career.

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