Shah Gilani Trade The FED Live Event – Legit Or Scam?

Shah Gilani Trade The FED Live Event is where Shah Gilani is going in front of the camera to reveal the names of five stocks that are all but certain to crater as the markets sink faster than a stone…

The last time Shah Gilani went live before the Fed announcement, four of his trades shot up by as much as 100% in just eight days. That’s why on Thursday, October 27, he’s going live again to reveal the names of five new trade targets.


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Shah Gilani Trade The FED Live Event – What Is All About?

According to Shah Gilani, surging interest rates ALWAYS lead to catastrophic failure in our financial system.

In 1974, the fed funds rate spiked to 12% – and the markets cratered by 43%.

In 1994, rates surged to over 5% – and over $1 trillion in bonds were wiped out.

And in 2000, rates peaked at more than 6.5% – sparking the dot-com crash and obliterating over $5 trillion.

Now yet another rate hike is on the horizon – next Thursday…

Which could trigger an almighty 25% market correction.

That’s why Shah Gilani is going live six days before the next Fed rate hike – to show you how to profit through all this chaos.

The last time he went live to reveal the names of five stocks that were headed for oblivion – before the previous Fed rate hike…

Four of his trades took off like rockets for gains as high as 100% in just eight days.

But Thursday – as you’ll find out – could be even bigger!


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What will Shah Gilani share through Trade The FED Live Event?

In his Trade The FED Live Event, Shah Gilani will be unveiling a proven moneymaking strategy to everyone who attends.

This strategy made money in 2001 – when the dot-com bubble burst…

It made money in 2008, when the global financial crisis hit…

It made money in 2020, when COVID-19 wreaked havoc on our economy…

And it’s making money NOW – with the markets down double digits.

So make sure you join Shah Gilani at his live event on Thursday, October 27.

Because he’s revealing full details about his strategy…

Including the names of five famous stocks Shah Gilani is targeting for potentially monster payouts.

We’re talking about targeting peak windfalls like 906% or even 1,300% inside of a month.

Is It FREE to attend Shah Gilani Trade The FED Live Event?

Yes. It’s absolutely FREE – no catch. As a special bonus, everyone who attends will receive a free wealth-protection gift worth $299…

So don’t miss out on Thursday.

Spaces are strictly limited – and this event will reach full capacity.

Add your name to the list  before it’s too late.


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When is Shah Gilani Trade The FED Live Event?

Shah Gilani Trade The FED Live Event has been scheduled to take place on Thursday, October 27 at 2 p.m.

During Trade The FED Live Event …

  • Shah Gilani will reveal the names of all 5 Zombie Stocks…
  • He will show you why these 5 trades could soar higher than the four multidigit gains Shah scored last Fed meeting…
  • Everyone in attendance will receive a FREE wealth protection package worth $299…

Bottom Line: Should You Join Trade The FED Live Event?

We’re witnessing one of the most devastating acts of willful financial destruction in history.

The Fed’s plan to wreck our economy and plunge the markets into turmoil is wreaking havoc across America. More than $36 trillion in American wealth has already vanished. Now another brutal sell-off is all but guaranteed.

The next phase of this economic train wreck takes place on November 2.

That’s when Fed Chief Jerome Powell will announce a fourth straight .75-point hike.

When it arrives, it’ll send shockwaves through the market…

The next Fed announcement – this Thursday – is going to create even more panic in the markets, triggering another painful decline.

That’s why on Thursday – six days before the Fed’s next blunder – at 2 p.m. sharp, Shah Gilani is going in front of the camera to reveal the names of five stocks that are all but certain to crater as the markets sink faster than a stone…

So make sure you’re in the room with Shah Gilani this Thursday.

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