LikeFolio Investor Review: Is Andy and Landon Swan AI Small-Cap Stock Legit?

Andy and Landon Swan, the legendary quant experts are stepping forward with important message for a “second wave” of A.I. investments, ready to pop. This could be the last chance to make money from the early stages of the most important technological innovation of our time — artificial intelligence (AI). Read further for more information on how to get a piece of the $15.7 trillion A.I. megatrend.

LikeFolio Investor Review: AI Market Size

Internet is one of the most powerful economic engines. It contributes an astounding 12% of the US GDP and has generated 17 million new jobs just in the last four years.

The adoption rate of A.I. technology is happening 42 times faster than the adoption rate of the internet. Experts predict the A.I. market size will grow twenty fold by 2030 — up to nearly $2 TRILLION.

LikeFolio Investor Review: The Disappearing White-Collar Job

AI platforms like ChatGPT can review and analyze legal contracts faster and with better accuracy than a human can. ChatGPT is also being used to successfully argue traffic tickets. What is the prospective of legal profession in the future?

Three years ago, “Software Developer” was one of the most highly desired — and highly paid — jobs in America. ChatGPT is not perfect, but it can write basic code faster than humans can.

Digital education giant Chegg recently announced a major drop in revenue on account of ChatGPT. For short time the business lost close to 49% of its value

The A.I. megatrend is already shaking up the $11.9 trillion global healthcare market.

There are many more examples. Even IBM, a top employer in the US, has announced a hiring freeze because of A.I.

We will repeatedly hear news about how artificial intelligence has destroyed once dominant and strong businesses. No matter if they are family owned or big employers.

Andy and Landon say there is good news ahead for regular people who are prepared for this shift. Their proprietary technology is uncovering the new batch of titans on the market.

Investors who bet on the right A.I. stocks now — at the dawn of A.I. in the early 2020s — are giving themselves the chance to turn thousands into millions.

Andy and Landon Swan AI Biggest Winners

Andy and Landon believe the biggest winners of A.I. won’t be “A.I.” companies. They’ll be businesses that use artificial intelligence to boost productivity and delight their customers. In fact, in the last year, they ’ve already alerted their subscribers to over a dozen A.I.-related opportunities with returns like:

  • 275% on a chipmaker
  • 79% on an EV company
  • 31% on a gaming software firm
  • 121% on a tech giant
  • 56% on an online shopping company
  • And more…

Of course, these are some of their best picks. But they believe this is just the beginning.

They successfully select these companies using the stock-picking algorithm they developed. It finds winners in different industries – from healthcare firms… to transportation, restaurants, apparel, etc.

LikeFolio Investor: How Does It Work?

Over a four-year period, the system served up 80 triple-digit profit opportunities across their services. Andy and Landon are confident that it can predict the future direction of a company’s stock price.

I’m sure you want to know how it is doing it … Well, as a predictive tool it is using AI technology to monitor what people post online on social media.

Their Social Heat Score provides them with clear insight into the thoughts of millions of people.

What trends are they paying attention to?

Which goods are making them happy?

And most importantly, which particular stocks are likely to explode.

The best part is, this information is delivered in real-time, with only a three-second delay.

Thanks to the Social Heat Score, they know what’s REALLY happening with a company, despite what the media or Wall Street experts are trying to convince the public.

Because the data doesn’t lie.

Andy and Landon Swan Brand Map

The system doesn’t track or identify individual users. It goes through millions of postings each day in search of patterns in the data.

This is such a big sample size that even the most ambitious consumer polling companies could never compete with.

The tool that helps them to make sense of that huge data is something they call it the “Brand Map.”

Landon shared that they had to allocate and analyze more than 150,000 keywords and phrases that show precisely when someone is talking about a company’s brands or products online. It was necessary step in order to develop that extensive mapping of brands and products to their publicly traded corporations.

After that, we set out to apply the brand map over the whole social media, capturing every single mention of the brand names of publicly traded companies.

They believe they’re catching everything that Wall Street and analysts are missing.

Andy and Landon Swan The No. 1 A.I. Small-Cap Stock

During the presentation Andy shared that he believes their system just made what might be the biggest and most important forecast it’s ever made. The rise of what could become the No. 1 A.I.-powered stock of the decade.

It is a tiny, stock currently trading under $5.

LikeFolio Investor Review

Online mentions of live sports streaming have increased 33% since last year, which is great news for this small business.

All information is in this report: “The Great Microcap A.I. Moonshot”, including the name and the ticker symbol. You’ll also get ther full explanation for what the prospects are — both short- and long-term.

You can get this report as part of a membership to LikeFolio Investor research service.

This is the same caliber of predictive research Andy and Landon Swan have been sharing with their hedge fund and Fortune 500 clients for years.

How Much Is LikeFolio Investor?

By becoming a new member today, you’ll receive a full year of LikeFolio Investor for just $49 (75% OFF!). But you must act fast and become a new member before this special offer expires.

LikeFolio Investor Review

Andy and Landon will let new subscribers test-drive LikeFolio Investor for 60 days. If you’re not satisfied, contact them within that timeframe and you’ll get a full refund.

What Is Included with LikeFolio Investor Membership?

Here is a list of what you will receive immediately:

  • One year of LikeFolio Investor Alerts (12-24 Alerts per year). Each recommendation will be accompanied by exact price targets and details about whether Andy and Landon believe it is a short-term or long-term play.
  • Weekly LikeFolio Investor Videos (Up to 52 per year). These weekly videos are highlighting the most exciting and lucrative opportunities on the system. Andy and Landon will review all current recommendations and will discuss any market irregularities that have come to their attention. Each video bulletin is approximately 5-10 minutes long.
  • Bonus Reports and Roundtables.
  • BONUS REPORT #1: The Great Microcap A.I. Moonshot (Value $99). Inside is all you need to know about the rise of what could become the No. 1 A.I.-powered stock of the decade.
  • BONUS REPORT #2: The Power of Blockchain (Value $299). Read about five companies making their marks within decentralized finance, crypto, and blockchain. Andy and Landon expect each to be a long-term winner as consumers and businesses embrace blockchain technology.

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LikeFolio Investor Review: Is It Worth It?

Andy and Landon Swan presented a one-of-a-kind A.I.-driven algorithm. It finds consumer shifts on social media before they become news on Wall Street.

Until recently, this algorithm has only been available to the financial elite. Their hedge fund and institutional clients pay up to $750,000 a year for this unique service.

Today, this “ultimate information edge” can be yours at deeply discounted price.

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