Luke Lango Reveals “Massive AI Turning Point” Wednesday at 8pm ET

Luke Lango just went live with his brand new report “7 AI Moonshots With 100X Upside.” Inside that report are Luke’s top 7 AI Winners and his favorite pick is 333-times smaller than Nvidia.

Luke Lango’s 7 AI Moonshots With 100X Upside

As Luke told last night at the AI Turning Point Event, he’s convinced we’re on the verge of a turning point for the ENTIRE $15.7 trillion AI boom.

That’s because 6 of the world’s richest billionaires, including Elon Musk – They’re ALL betting billions on custom AI chips.

This is the next phase of the AI boom.

Right now, Nvidia controls around 90% of the GPU market. But GPUs are NOT a new technology and were invented 17 years ago for video games. And just like how Cisco owned 80-90% of the internet router market BEFORE getting crushed –

Luke is convinced Nvidia is about to share a similar fate.

According to Luke, these 7 tiny AI moonshots are at the center of the custom AI chip revolution.

And his favorite pick is 333-times SMALLER than Nvidia.

Virtually nobody is talking about this story yet – But that could all change in just a matter of days during Nvidia’s earnings announcement.

So what are you waiting for?

All it takes is a single tweet to blow this story wide open. Don’t miss your chance to see 100-times upside with these 7 tiny stocks.

Act now by claiming your special report, 7 AI Moonshots With 100X Upside.

As Luke Lango showed last tonight, there are only two choices for this AI Turning Point…

Choice #1: You can ignore this message and do nothing.

Choice #2: Buy these 7 tiny AI moonshots that Luke is convinced could return 100-times profit potential because of what’s coming. (This is his 100X AI Blueprint).

We already know a massive AI event has been scheduled for November 22nd.

So if you missed Nvidia, you have a chance right now to follow this blueprint and get in at the ground floor of the next phase of the AI boom.

But you need to take action.

Remember, we could be just days away from the ENTIRE $15.7 trillion AI revolution shifting directions.

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Luke Lango’s AI Turning Point Event

Luke Lango is a legendary Silicon Valley insider who’s spent years working at the highest levels of venture capital.

  • Luke has worked with some of the most successful angel investors on the planet.
  • Over his career, he’s issued 200 recommendations that’ve since gained triple digits or more.
  • A dozen of those recommendations peaked as high as 1,321%, 3,628%, even 8,290%.  (Just $10,000 into only one could’ve almost made you a millionaire.)

But what Luke is revealing Wednesday night at 8pm ET could be his biggest call yet.

That’s because he’s going to reveal the details of a shocking AI event that could be about to change everything.

This event is not a prediction. It’s scheduled to arrive in just a few days.

Time is running out to take advantage.

But during the event, Luke is going to share his 100X AI blueprint for turning what’s coming into 100-times profit potential.

Secure your spot now and don’t miss Luke’s 100X AI blueprint.

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