Luke Lango Prometheus Project AI System (I Joined!)

Over the past year, Luke Lango and his team have covertly developed “the biggest and boldest initiative ever launched in InvestorPlace history.” This initiative uses artificial intelligence to pick the best breakout stocks. Specifically, they have created an AI-powered algorithmic trading system that their research shows can consistently crush the market.

Their “Prometheus” system doesn’t tell us the best AI stocks to buy. Instead, it uses AI to pick the best stocks ripe for a price breakout.

And now Luke and his team are ready to debut their AI system to the public. They’re doing so during a special video demo on Tuesday, September 12, at 7 p.m. Eastern. You can click here now to reserve your spot.

Meanwhile, I’ve invited Luke to share a bit more about his new AI system with you folks. Here he is…

Prometheus Project: Introducing the AI System Designed to Make Investors Money

Luke Lango here, Senior Investment Analyst at InvestorPlace.

Imagine knowing, with a quantified measure of certainty, that a stock will either go up or down significantly over the next few weeks.

I’m sure it would make a world of difference for your investment strategy.

Prometheus provides that certainty. It’s an AI system trained on hundreds of thousands of financial market data points. And its singular goal is to pinpoint the exact moment a stock is ready to surge higher.

It leverages more than 50 technical and fundamental factors to tailor AI models for every applicable stock in the market. And it uses that data to ascertain the probability for a major breakout in a stock over the next month.

That is, Prometheus scans the entire stock market every week, and then uses that timely data to gauge the probability that a given stock will surge higher in price over the next few weeks.

The higher the score, the more likely the stock is to surge over the next month. The lower the score, the less likely.

Sounds awesome, right?

Over and over, we’ve back-tested this model… and it has produced stunning results. Just a few weeks ago, we also started using it in real time. And it helped us find one stock that has since popped more than 50% in just a week!

Point being: Prometheus works. It is an absolute game-changer. And on Tuesday night, my team and I will debut Prometheus to the public for the very first time (you can sign up for our event by going here).

But before we do, we must first explain why Prometheus is such a strong system and, more broadly, why using AI makes so much sense when it comes to picking stocks…

AI Is All About the Data

When it comes to AI, it’s all about the data.

At its essence, artificial intelligence is a collection of machine learning algorithms that parse through and learn from various data points. The more data you give those “algos,” the better the AI becomes.

Specifically, AI needs the so-called “4 V’s” of data to be a robust tool: volume, variety, velocity, and veracity.

AI needs a lot of data (volume), different types of data (variety), a constant flow of data (velocity), and accurate data (veracity).

You throw a bunch of high-volume, high-variety, high-velocity, and high-veracity data at an AI model, and that model will kick butt and take names.

And the financial markets provide exactly that.

Every single weekday, from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern, the U.S. stock market is open. It’s taking buy orders, sell orders, options contracts, and more – billions of them, every single day.

The average daily volume across the Nasdaq Composite index is 5 billion shares. That’s 5 billion buy and sell transactions a day – 5 billion data points for Prometheus to train on every single day.

And each one of those data points leads to a whole host of others. For example, every time a stock changes in price, even by just a penny, it produces entirely new relative strength index (RSI) data points, moving average data points, McClellan Oscillator data points, etc.

Every time a stock moves, it generates more than 50 alternative data points through all the technical indicators associated with it.

That’s more than 50 alternative data points for each of the 5 billion data points the Nasdaq Composite generates every single day.

That means, across the Nasdaq alone, the stock market generates more than 250 billion data points across thousands of stocks.

Talk about volume, variety, velocity, and veracity.

Start Driving Profits With AI Now

As the old saying goes, people speak with their dollars. That makes the stock market a utopia for training AI models.

This is why we’re already seeing some of the smartest folks on Wall Street deploy advanced AI models to make money in the markets.

For example, major firm Voya Investment Management is actively using AI models to help craft strategies across stocks, bonds, and more. Those models are doing exceptionally well. As of June, they were beating the S&P 500 by about 2:1.

I’m confident that within five years every major investment firm on Wall Street, every professional trader, and every hedge fund, mutual fund, and family office will be using AI to pick stocks.

Those who do not adopt an AI-powered investment strategy will get left behind…

Perhaps permanently.

So, if you want to be on the winning side of the market, join us Tuesday evening, September 12, at 7 p.m. Eastern. That’s when we unveil our new AI-powered Prometheus trading system for the very first time.

It’ll mark a huge step in your journey toward turning AI into your ultimate advantage – your ultimate tool for creating wealth in this new economy.

If you want to start getting in front of stocks before they jump 100% or more with near-mathematical precision…

Then sign up for my video demo by clicking here.

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