Michael Robinson Radical New Dollar Review: Digital Fortunes Instant FedNow Portfolio Stocks

Wondering if Michael Robinson Radical New Dollar is the real deal? This detailed Digital Fortunes review will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

In his A Radical New Dollar presentation Michael Robinson, a Pulitzer Prize nominated journalist, is breaking another HUGE story when it comes to our money.

He is talking how a radical new dollar upgrade is about to revolutionize money as we know it. This upgrade isn’t designed to replace the dollar. It’s designed to improve the dollar.

For these of you that haven’t had the chance to watch the presentation, here is a quick review of the most important details.

Why The Radical New Dollar Upgrade Is So Important?

Michael Robinson believes that in the close future this New Dollar will permanently change our money. The same thing happened during the last three money transformations of our lifetimes:

  • The introduction of credit cards in the 1950s.

This radical change to money revolutionized our spending habits. We no longer need cash. Because we can easily use a credit card to pay for everything we want to buy and pay back in monthly installments.

And early investors who recognized this innovation back then had the chance to experience huge stock gains on the companies that started and supported the early credit card industry. Like MasterCard. Its stock is up nearly 8,900% since it went public in 2006.

  • The untethering of the dollar from gold in the 1970s.

Until 1971 the value of the U.S. dollar was tied to a fixed quantity of gold. But on that afternoon in August, President Nixon and the Fed made the revolutionary decision to separate the US dollar from gold. And our dollar became a fiat currency for the first time in its nearly 200-year history.

And this fundamental shift in the value of the dollar served to widen the gap between the super-wealthy and the rest of us. It also raised the price of gold almost 2,500%. Turning every $5,000 invested into nearly $125,000.

  • And the rise of online banking and bill pay in the 1990s.

The economy has been significantly impacted by online bill payment and banking. And fundamentally changed how we invest, save, and spend our money.

Nowadays, we can buy almost anything online from our personal computers…We are able to get loans without ever going to a bank…We can also pay our bills online. All of this without ever using physical currency.

People who recognized this innovation in its early stages were rewarded with the chance to earn massive gains from companies that operated or supported online banking like Citigroup, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.

It is called FedNow and it’s kicking-off right now… whether you’re ready or not.

What The Radical New Dollar Means For Your Savings And Your Retirement?

The U.S.’s existing system for processing payments is more than 50 years old. It still uses the archaic clearinghouse banking model from the 20th century. Transaction takes at least three days to clear. it’s glacially slow by 21st century standards.

FedNow is the first new payment rail in the United States since the introduction of the clearing house system in the early 1970s. With FedNow payments are processed instantly. This change is going to involve radical new upgrades to our financial system. We’ll need faster servers, new computer chips, new fiber optic cables, stronger computer processing power, etc.

As investors, each point of contact offers us the potential to get a stake in the companies powering this upgrade.

How Early Investors Could Potentially Make Huge Profits?

If you’re an active investor ready to take advantage of this trend…  you haven’t missed out yet. Michael Robinson and his team compiled a report called “The Instant FedNow Portfolio”.

After months of research, he is confident the fintech stocks in this report represent the very best opportunities to invest alongside the FedNow trend. And it includes what he believes is one of the most exciting stocks on the market.

This company not only has a huge growth potential but it has already:

  • established itself as a payment partner with Uber;
  • It provides payment services for tax refunds from TurboTax;
  • It is forging partnerships with both Apple and Amazon.

The best part is that this little-known company’s stock trades for less than $25.
And Robinson’s prediction is you could easily see this company’s stock 5X in close future.

You are able to get access to the entire report to you right now… for FREE if you take a trial subscription to Michael Robinson’s research service Digital Fortunes.

What Is Included With Digital Fortunes Trial Subscription?

Here’s everything that you’ll get when you subscribe to Michael Robinson Digital Fortunes:

  • Three MONTHLY ISSUES for the next 3 months. ($249 value)
  • REPORT #1: The Instant FedNow Portfolio contains five potentially explosive fintech opportunities to take advantage of FedNow’s disruption of the fintech industry. The very best opportunities to profit from what could be the final dollar upgrade of our lifetimes. ($199 Value)

The Instant FedNow Portfolio

  • REPORT #2 (FREE BONUS): The #1 FedNow Moonshot Report. Inside this report you’ll find all the details about Robinson’s top rated moonshot stock to get ahead of the FedNow trend. On the high side, he expects up to 9,000% gains. ($199 Value)

The #1 FedNow Moonshot Report

  • Full access to his MODEL PORTFOLIO, where you can track all his recommendations.
  • E-MAIL UPDATES whenever news breaks that may impact any of the open positions in the model portfolio.

How Much Is Digital Fortunes Trial Subscription?

New members who join Digital Fortunes today can try it for three months at a steep discount off the standard subscription price. Instead of signing up for 12 months at $995, use this link for a special 3-month trial of Digital Fortunes… for ONLY $99!

If you do not like it, request a refund within first 30 days.

You will be asked to choose between these three plans:

  • VERY BEST OFFER ($299 Value): JUST $99 for a 3-month digital subscription + extra bonus reports + premium customer service. Automatically renews at $99 per quarter.
  • PREMIUM OFFER: $99 for a 3-month digital subscription + extra bonus reports. Automatically renews at $99 per quarter.
  • BASIC OFFER: $49 for a 3-month digital subscription. Automatically renews at $99 per quarter.

You may cancel at any time.

Is Digital Fortunes Worth It?

It’s NOT too late to claim your share of the enormous wealth it’s set to create after a radical new dollar rail called FedNow. It’s set to transform entire industries.

FedNow has more than $73 trillion up for grabs. The disruptive nature of this supercharged dollar means that there’s a ton of money to be made right now! Claim your share here!

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