Mason Sexton Prediction: The Second Insight Event

Mason Sexton will share his prediction at The Second Insight Event. He believes that something big is coming – a six-month period that could “make or break” your portfolio…


Whitney Tilson’s Newest Prediction

He has been called “The Prophet” by CNBC. He predicted the 2017 bitcoin collapse to the day… the top of marijuana stocks to the hour on Yahoo Finance in 2018… the bottom of Netflix before it rose 90-fold… and the bottom of the COVID crash to the day.

Today, he’s stepping forward with a must-see warning for the stock market and where to move your cash immediately.

Mason Sexton Prediction: The Second Insight

Radio host Buck Sexton has interviewed some of the brightest minds in the world…

But last May, he hosted an event thirty years in the making. His father, Mason Sexton – who famously called the 1987 crash – joined him to share a big new prediction.

You may remember the event… It was called “The Prophecy,” and it was the first time Mason had made a major public prediction in decades.

Mason warned that the market was about to top out and revealed how to profit.

Of course, few believed him at the time. But that’s exactly what happened.

Anybody who listened to Mason could have seen gains up to 847% from a series of leveraged plays.

But now, Mason is coming forward with the next part of his prediction… A “Second Insight” that’s going to surprise just about everyone.

In short, he believes that something big is coming – a six-month period that could “make or break” your portfolio…

Beginning just a few weeks from now.

He’s sharing his warning Tuesday, November 14th at 8 p.m. ET at The Second Insight Event – including how to prepare.

Mason called the 1987 crash “practically down to the minute,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

He was named a “Top 10 Timer” by Timer Digest in 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1993, and 1994.

More recently, he warned his hedge fund and billionaire clients about the exact bottom in 2020, the exact top in 2022, and more.

So, when he shares a big prediction, it pays to listen.


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Who Is Mason Sexton?

Mason Sexton began his career on Wall Street after graduating from Harvard Business School in 1972. He spent two years in the Corporate Finance Department of Morgan Stanley. He also did a stint with Salomon Brothers in M&A. Then, he headed the Sales and Research Department of Mabon Nugent & Company.

In March of 1984, Mason founded Harmonic Research, a bi-monthly newsletter that specialized in making uncanny, specific predictions for the market. With Harmonic Research, Mason predicted the top of the market in 1987 to the day.

Then, weeks before it happened, Mason predicted the epic crash of Black Monday and showed his clients how to profit from the fall. Today, Mason is the founder and Chief Investment Analyst for New Paradigm Research, a firm that utilizes Mason’s decades of experience to continue making uncanny market forecasts.

The Map: Mason Sexton’s Premium Service

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When Is Mason Sexton Prediction: The Second Insight?

The Second Insight Event has been scheduled to take place on Tuesday, November 14th, at 8 pm ET.


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How to watch Mason Sexton Prediction: The Second Insight?

Tune in here to watch The Second Insight Event.

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