What Is Porter Stansberry America’s Secret Energy Grid? [I Bought It!]

You won’t find this map in a textbook…

Porter Stansberry America’s Secret Energy Grid

It reveals what I call AMERICA’S SECRET ENERGY GRID.

Made up of 93 power facilities across 28 states, this secret energy grid, and its core technology, is all our country needs to move away from carbon-based power…

But for decades its adoption has been blocked by radical climate activists who falsely believe wind and solar are the only solutions to climate change.

However, that’s about to change, and fast.

On February 21, 2023, a plan from the U.S. government went into effect that means the energy produced by this secret grid will now be fully scalable.

Meaning, this energy could soon make its way into every town and city in America – potentially unleashing $1 trillion in new wealth along the way.

For early investors, there’s never been a more exciting opportunity.

Watch my new documentary and you’ll see why

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