Porter Stansberry Big AI Die Up: The Trade Of The Decade Energy Stocks

Porter Stansberry is out with a new Big AI Die Up presentation where he reveals Trade of the Decade Special Reports. What are Porter Stansberry’s Energy Stocks?

Porter Stansberry Trade of the Decade Special Reports could be the most important reports you read this year if you’re considering buying any AI stocks. While it’s undeniable that recent developments in AI are revolutionary and will spur massive innovation across the board in the economic, it is also unavoidable that The Big AI Die Up Is Coming.


Porter Stansberry WarningLIVE NOW: Major Announcement From Porter Stansberry

Porter Stansberry, just returned for the first time in more than three years to issue one of the most important warnings of his career. If he’s right, the next several years could be a very, very difficult period for investors and everyday Americans.

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What Is Porter Stansberry Big AI Die Up?

The mainstream media and the financial press are advising their readers to buy artificial intelligence stocks because anyone who gets in now is expected to make fortunes.

Like majority of the market manias, all it takes for investors to pour a lot of money into AI stocks is the trust in the future and a fear of missing out.

Porter Stansberry Big AI Die Up

The investment mania around AI is so frenzied that it is effectively fueling the entire 2023 stock market rally.

As far as we know, Porter Stansberry is the only financial analyst stepping forward to warn us of what’s coming.

And the reason why you could see your portfolio decimated in the months ahead in The Big AI Die Up, unless you prepare for what’s coming.

In this presentation he is showing his readers the risks that are not worth taking, especially when there are far superior investment opportunities available right now.

Porter Stansberry The Trade Of The Decade

While AI and tech firms are grossly overvalued, Porter believes he found one sector that is massively undervalued. If you’re willing to go against the crowd, there is a great potential to build generational wealth.

Porter is talking about once-in-a-decade opportunities.

Porter Stansberry Energy Stocks Performance

Late in the 1990s Investors neglected the “old economy” sectors as they got swept up in the internet boom’s euphoria.

During the peak of the Dot Com bubble, these “old economy” businesses were valued at historically low levels. At that time the tech sector was trading at a price to sales (P/S) ratio of 7 and a price to earnings (P/E) near 60.

On the other hand, the energy sector was trading at a P/S close to 1 and an average P/E far below 20.

Energy stock values skyrocketed as a result of a significant “mean reversion” that followed the Dot Com Bubble crash. For the majority of the following ten years, energy stocks not only outperformed tech stocks but also the overall market.

Porter Stansberry Big AI Die Up

While everyone else poured money into overhyped and expensive IT stocks, investors who had been buying energy stocks at their historically low valuations made huge profits.

Now the stage is set for a second chance like this. However, the returns could be even higher this time. Because the supply and demand in the energy market hasn’t been this favorable since the 1970s.

Not only is the energy sector inexpensive relative to technology firms. Energy stocks currently offer a free cash flow yield of more than 13% – nearly double their yield in the early 2000s.

Porter Stansberry Big AI Die Up

Yes, everyone wants renewable, clean energy.

But the truth is that there is ZERO chance of renewables producing enough low-cost energy to power the world – at least not in our lifetimes.


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Porter Stansberry’s Energy Recommendation

A Dirty Energy Fortress

The first opportunity Porter is talking about is a dirty energy “fortress.”

Governments everywhere, but particularly in Europe, are still preventing the advancement of fossil fuels.

The global gas shortage that occurred last year, which caused prices for natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) to reach all-time highs, is only one example of how this has severely distorted the energy market.

And even though one of the hottest winters on record helped to delay the impact of the worldwide LNG shortages, the gas shortfall is still inevitable.

Europe replacing Russian gas is one of the largest re-shuffling of global energy flows in history. No doubt it will have major implications on energy prices for years to come.

Porter’s followers will get the opportunity to invest in this unique “energy fortress” that is priced at near-historic lows… and has potentially colossal upside potential in the years ahead.
Here are few facts about it:

  • It holds a near-monopoly on one “dirty” fossil fuel.
  • It generated $1.6 billion in free cash flow over the last year.
  • It will be essential to the global economy in the years ahead.

You can read every detail of this exceptional company in a report called “A Dirty Energy Fortress.”

Porter Stansberry Energy Stocks

You’ll get a complete breakdown of this Dirty Energy Fortress, including its financials, the macroeconomic environment, the risks, and the upside potential.

Everything you need to make an informed investment decision.

Better Than Buffett

Warren Buffett has been investing in energy like never before.

He has been increasing the size of his Occidental Petroleum holding hand over fist, and he just finalized the $3 billion acquisition of an LNG export plant located in Maryland.

You may now purchase what Buffett is purchasing, and you will probably do very well. Occidental is a mega-cap stock. It is also widely known that Buffett adores it. Which naturally reduces its upside potential.

While OXY remains a great investment, Porter has another way to potentially making far greater profits in energy companies. He learned this from legendary energy tycoon T. Boone Pickens, and it is not popular opportunity.

This is a special way to turn a capital-intensive business into a capital-efficient one. These types of businesses don’t have to pay any of the production costs or take any developmental risks.

The operator is responsible for all capital and operating costs, and they own the mineral rights. This means, as inflation continues to drive energy prices higher, the mineral rights they already have will become more valuable.

Well-run mineral rights businesses are truly one of Wall Street’s greatest secrets.

“Better Than Buffett” report includes two energy royalty businesses that Porter and his team have highlighted for significant profits.

Porter Stansberry Energy Stocks

The first is, in Porter’s opinion, is the best oil and gas royalty company in the energy sector.

It is in the ideal buying window because it is currently trading at the best valuation since the COVID-19 epidemic, with a 15% free cash flow yield. With 80% free cash flow margins, it’s among the most capital-efficient companies you’ll find anywhere.

The second company’s asset base spans 20 million gross acres across 41 U.S. states. It is among the largest owners of natural gas minerals in America.

Its capital-efficient royalty strategy turns over 60% of revenue into free cash flow. This company is growing quickly as a result of an increase in LNG exports from the United States.

It trades for less than 9 times free cash flow, offers a 12% yield, and has a healthy balance sheet with no debt, giving you the chance to profit greatly now and in the future.

All the details of these two energy companies are inside BETTER THAN BUFFETT report. Here is more from Porter and Co.

The Next LNG Giant

Currently in the U.S, there are only 8 LNG export terminals. However, two more additional LNG facilities have been approved and are under construction at this moment.

Both are publicly traded.

One is a part of a cooperation between Qatar and the supermajor oil corporation ExxonMobil. It’s in Sabine Pass, Texas, on the Gulf Coast, and is called “Golden Pass.”

Of course, you can make investments in ExxonMobil.

However, it is such a large corporation that, even if it generates significant additional revenue from this new LNG project, it is unlikely to “move the needle” for Exxon’s stock price.

The owner of the second LNG facility under construction is a small, start-up business whose founder has experience with greenfield LNG facilities.

This new company, which is referred to as “Driftwood” in the energy industry, has a distinctive business plan that is intended only to service international markets for energy.  It intends to purchase natural gas wells in the Haynesville shale, which is located in northeastern Louisiana, and pipe the production to a new LNG plant it is constructing on the Gulf Coast.

The Driftwood pipeline and LNG plant are a $12 billion energy infrastructure project. It has the potential to rank among the most valuable energy infrastructure assets globally. It will be partially financed by the natural gas it produces on its own. Porter’s projection is that it will most likely be sold to a super major corporation, even before the project is completed.

Such a deal could lead to huge profits for investors in a very short amount of time. Currently, this is a tiny company.  And it is speculative.  This is the reason why Porter is recommending purchasing this company only if you can tolerate a lot of volatility.

The next big move for the stock will come when it announces major funding for the next phase of the project. That kind of announcement could happen at any moment. As Porter writes in THE NEXT LNG GIANT, he believes this company will be worth at least $100 billion in ten years.

How To Get Porter’s Three Special Briefings?

Porter Stansberry Energy Stocks

Typically, for access to Porter & Co’s research and investment ideas, you would need to pay $1,425 per year.

For first time, you can get his work without joining his financial research service. You can get instant access to these new briefings for just one investment of $199. There is no ongoing fees, no annual subscriptions. Nothing else. Keep in mind no refunds are offered on this offer. All sales are final.

What Is Included with Bid AI Die Up Offer?

  • 87% DISCOUNT on Porter Stansberry’s research, saving of more than $1,200 (access usually costs $1,425)
  • ​Special Briefing: A Dirty Energy Fortress – Learn about the unique, although despised company that is set to make huge profits once the world’s energy markets recognize the failure of the green energy.
  • ​Special Briefing: Better Than Buffett – Discover the lower-risk way to profit from oil and gas with this Permian-based royalty firm. It has the potential to deliver both huge market-beating returns and significant income.
  • ​Special Briefing: The Next LNG Giant – Learn about a company that has the potential to grow into one of the world’s most valuable energy infrastructure companies. Porter & Co believe this company will be worth at least $100 billion in ten years.
  • ​BONUS Report: The Goldman Sachs of White Trash – It will give you access to one of Porter’s most controversial reports ever. It reveals a nearly foolproof way to profit on the growth of poverty in America.
  • ​Weekly investment insights from Porter Stansberry.s

Final Words

In Porter Stansberry’s new reports you’ll find out exactly how this Big AI Die Up will unfold. How you can prepare for it. And most importantly, how you can potentially profit from it.

You will receive information on which stocks to stay clear of, which firms to purchase in their place, and what Porter refers to as The Trade of the Decade—possibly the best investment you will ever make.

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