Porter Stansberry Predictions & Warning 2023 Exposed

Porter Stansberry Predictions & Warning 2023 is where on October 26 Porter Stansberry is returning for the first time in more than three years to issue one of the most important warnings of his career. If he’s right, the next several years could be a very, very difficult period for investors and everyday Americans.

See why right here.

Replay of Porter’s new prediction is now available

In case you missed it, I wanted to let you know that a full, unedited replay from this afternoon just started.

Porter dropped some bombshells that you’ll want to hear right away.

  • For example, if you own any of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ stocks (Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon, Nvidia, Tesla, or Meta Platforms), Porter says you could soon be in a world of pain.
  • Porter also explains why one of the biggest banks in the world is likely to suffer a bank run in 2024… in fact, they’re already sitting on $100 billion in losses, but depositors haven’t noticed yet (you almost certainly bank or have banked with this company in the past).
  • He also explains why everyone in the world should be wondering why the Federal Reserve suddenly (and mysteriously) stopped publishing data in March that had been printed every week since 1996.

You still have time to watch the full update before markets open tomorrow…

Click here while it’s still available.

Few Words About Porter Stansberry

Up until early 2020, Porter Stansberry thought the final peak of “monetary insanity” had happened in 2008 and 2009 with the bailouts of the too-big-to-fail banks and mortgage brokers. (He’d correctly predicted Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s collapse a few years earlier, by the way.)

But then, that spring, came the greatest monetary experiment in all of finance, plus new highs in financial mindlessness… $6 trillion in government stimulus, printed from nothing, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Consequences followed. Not to our surprise, inflation – lots of it – was one… And the economy and markets have encountered a seemingly endless stream of knock-on effects.

We’ve seen rising cultural angst, political nightmares, and new record debts for the U.S. government and, increasingly, everyday Americans. Yet three years on from 2020, you could argue we’re still in the early days of the fallout of decisions made back then…

Global tensions keep rising. Americans are racking up record amounts of debt… and so are businesses and Uncle Sam… all at higher interest rates than we’ve seen in 15 years.

Major Announcement From Porter Stansberry: What comes next?

Today Porter has a few ideas, and you will want to hear them. He’s going live with a brand-new, free video presentation this Thursday that will cover all the details

If you’ve never heard a presentation from Porter – I urge you to tune in. Here is a brief preview…

The event is free, you just need to register in advance. You can sign up here.

As we said last week from Las Vegas and our annual Stansberry Research conference, Porter is back… We expect him to cover a bit about why that is on Thursday.

Porter Stansberry Big Call

When the rest of the world was panicking and we were in the really early days of the government reaction to COVID-19, Porter had a message for anyone who would listen. He said he saw a rare buying opportunity in stocks – the likes of which he hadn’t seen since 2008 or 2009…

Porter recorded an urgent message. Almost the exact day of the ultimate bottom in stocks following a 30%-plus drop in the major U.S. indexes…

This is the opportunity that you’ve been waiting for.

I never thought ever in my career that I would get a chance to buy these stocks at the kind of prices we saw in ’08 and ’09. I thought that was gone forever.

He said he wouldn’t be surprised to see new all-time highs by the end of 2020, given the flood of money he expected the government to pump into the economy and the boost it would give to stocks. That’s precisely what happened…

But Porter didn’t go and recommend just buying any old stocks. He suggested buying a portfolio that represented the epitome of what he had been studying for 25 years, including businesses that were able to withstand inflation far better than other assets.

He called these stocks the GOATs, the Greatest of All Time – and they’ve behaved like it.

The high-quality stocks Porter recommended that day and in the following months were up an average of more than 40% by year’s end… A half dozen of those stocks, even after a down year for everything in 2022, are up double or more today.

Now, he’s saying to beware and prepare for more turmoil…

So many people are confused about the markets today and have plenty of opinions. Yet Porter thinks what’s coming next for the economy is going to be worse than anyone else has told you so far.

As he says…

There is a financial crisis brewing right now that is at the same scale as the residential mortgage crisis that we had in 2008 and 2009…

In short, he’s firmly in the “recession is coming” camp – and then some. As Porter said…

By this time next year – I want you to write this down – there will be more than 10% unemployment. And by the time this recession ends, there will be more than 20% unemployment. And that’s the good news because that means if you are one of the eight in 10 people who don’t lose their jobs, you are going to get a raise.

He described what he sees coming next as the big forces of record consumer and government debt and higher interest rates converging. He also says one of the biggest banks in America is going to fail – and soon.

Not only that, but he laid out why a major crisis is brewing in a specific and large sector of the U.S. economy… because Uncle Sam is not in a position to bail anybody out anymore. Look at the turmoil already roiling the bond markets as an example.

2023’s Historic Bond Market Meltdown

As Porter said …

For the first time in my lifetime, the government is broke. Truly. If the government prints more money, the bond market will absolutely crash and so will the dollar. If the government borrows more money, there will be more inflation, the bond market will crash and so will the dollar. We are absolutely at the end of our ability to finance our way of life.

This situation will have knock-on consequences for years to come and will likely catch many Americans off guard. It’s already happening. Just look at what’s going on in Washington, D.C., most recently…

Because just a handful of folks in the House of Representatives want to curtail future spending, the U.S. is now without a speaker of the House for the longest period of time since 1860, the year before the Civil War.

That’s not a precedent we want to see repeated, but it would be ignorant to ignore the history if you’re interested in a peaceful, prosperous nation – higher highs for the U.S. stock market included. As Porter says…

Just imagine how people will be feeling in the country if the S&P 500 was down 50% in two years. People would be panicking… How many strikes are going on right now? How much incredible violence and unhappiness exists?… Everyday regular Americans are flat out of money.

Porter Stansberry Predictions & Warning 2023

Porter says there are moves you can make today to prepare for what’s to come, to protect and grow your wealth, and to take your finances and security into your own hands as much as possible.

I can’t give you all the details today, nor do I necessarily want to…

You’ll want to hear directly from Porter Stansberry, who will explain the situation as only he can. His presentation on Thursday will be unlike anything you’ve seen in years… a fascinating, albeit alarming, story you’ll never get from the mainstream news.

There is a track record here. As Joel Litman – founder of Altimetry – wrote in an e-mail to his subscribers just yesterday, he first encountered Porter more than 10 years ago and has followed his career closely since…

That’s because he has a knack for timing big macro moves in the market like nobody else I know:

  • He predicted the bankruptcy of the world’s largest mortgage brokers, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, in May 2008.
  • The collapse of General Motors… and America’s biggest mall owner General Growth Properties.
  • He predicted and tracked the rise of hydraulic fracturing in the United States… and its ultimate collapse.
  • And he predicted a 550% rise in the price of Bitcoin in the summer of 2020.

All have come true.

This latest message and prediction are so important and time sensitive that we rushed a film crew out to Porter’s 130-acre farm to record it. There’s a lot he wants to tell you… both about where he has been and why he left.

But, more important, he wants to explain why a looming crisis in the financial markets could be just around the corner.

If nothing else, I think you’ll come away from this free event more knowledgeable and prepared for what may be next for the economy and markets… You can also think of it as “due diligence” that you won’t get to hear anywhere else.

Porter will also be answering a few questions. Be sure to check it out this Thursday. You can find more information and sign up for free here.

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