Whitney Tilson Project E-92: Energy Supercycle Investor 7 Stocks Revealed

Curious about Whitney Tilson Project E-92? Read this comprehensive Energy Supercycle Investor review to find out if it lives up to the hype and if Whitney Tilson’s 7 Stocks worth your investment.


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Whitney Tilson Project E-92 – What Is All About?

The countries of the world are playing a giant and deadly serious game with each other.

It has nothing to do with war – yet hundreds of millions of human lives hang in the balance.

Aside from the human costs, though, the financial stakes of this “game” are worth around $4.5 trillion a year right now…

Within a decade, though, it’ll put as much as $10 trillion a year in play around the world.

To put this massive figure into some perspective…

That’s more than the current GDP of every nation on the planet except the U.S. and China.

Now, here’s the twist…

Right now, the U.S. government is working on a gameplan to not only secure America’s supremacy in this global contest…

But actually render the game itself obsolete – to the betterment of the entire world.

Just as important, for your bottom line…

This secret, bipartisan “Project E-92” has lit the fuse on seven specific stocks.

And if my calculations are correct, they could soon begin rocketing to massive returns of 300% to as much as 1,000% or more over the coming years.

But that could only happen for you if you’re holding these stocks NOW.

To learn how to get all the specifics on these companies – while you still have a crack at the biggest profits, Whitney Tilson just put together 3 brand new reports.


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How to Invest in Whitney Tilson Project E-92?

Whitney Tilson just pinpointed the 7 stocks you’ll want to buy FIRST. You can find them in the three Special Profit Reports included with your subscription to Whitney Tilson’s Energy Supercycle Investor.

Special Profit Report #1: Up to 300% Gains on Two “Bedrock” Stocks for America’s Nuclear Energy Revival

Whitney Tilson Project E-92

One of these stocks is an extremely well-run utility company that relies on nuclear for 85% of the electricity they provide to two million U.S. customers…

The other’s an Integrated Power Producer (IPP) that’s in the process of buying one of America’s largest reactor fleets.

That means soon, they’ll have as many as five millions customers – a large percentage of which will be serviced by nuclear sources.

Even though these are both sizable companies, Whitney says that he can still see either one of them tripling or more in value over just the next several years.

Special Profit Report #2: Up to 2,000% Gains on Two Pioneers of Scalable Nuclear Electricity

Whitney Tilson Project E-92

The first one’s a long-time darling of Washington and The Pentagon, with over 80% of their revenue coming from government contracts…

But they just landed a new one with the Department of Energy, for a hefty $428 million.

The second company is an up-and-coming pioneer of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs)…

They’re the next-generation of nuclear power plants all the major global players are gearing up for, including China and Russia.

Together, these two firms represent legit chances at up to 2,000% returns – or 20 times your money – over the coming years.

Special Profit Report #3: Moonshot Miners: Three Potential 100-Baggers on Exploding Uranium Demand

Whitney Tilson Project E-92

These three uranium mining companies have the potential to pay out some of the most extreme and explosive returns of any stocks Whitney has ever recommended.

One company in this sub-sector posted incredible 13,258% returns in just three years…

So it’s easy to imagine the kinds of returns that might be possible if uranium demand increases by a factor of 20 over the next 16 years.

100-fold profits could actually turn out to be absurdly low for miners in the sweet spot of a coming boom in the uranium commodity.

All three of these reports are yours for the taking, and to keep forever once you join Energy Supercycle Investor.

What Is Energy Supercycle Investor?

Whitney Tilson and the team at Empire Financial Research are diving into the energy market for the first time with a new service called Energy Supercycle Investor. This is the only place where you can get the full scoop on energy stocks with 500% or more upside potential… using Tilson’s exhaustive analysis.

What’s Included With Your Energy Supercycle Investor Subscription?

Here’s everything you’ll get:

NEW Energy Opportunity Dossier with seven stock to buy right now

We just covered the stocks in this trio of new, hot-off-the-presses Special Profit Reports…

They’re the perfect complement to Whitney’s ever-evolving Energy Supercycle Investor model portfolio of investment picks.

Quarterly Portfolio Updates with “supercycle” analysis

These are serious documents with plenty of data and graphics (even info-graphics) to help keep you up-to-the-minute on the world energy picture…

And how Whitney Tilson’s Energy Supercycle Investor recommendations could help you maximize your profits as the outlook changes.

Six-part “Master Class” Video Series

If you’re interested in profiting from investments in energy, this series should be required viewing, in my opinion…

It’s got everything from the fundamentals to key terminology to crucial economic indicators for energy investors.

Unscripted “Private Boardroom” meetings

Here’s where you’ll get unvarnished perspectives on energy supercycle profit opportunities not only from yours truly…

But also from some of the best energy and investing minds in Whitney Tilson’s extensive Rolodex of contacts in the financial world

Energy Supercycle Investor online portal

Your dedicated member password gets you secure 24/7/365 access to this invaluable online hub…

Where you’ll find everything Energy Supercycle Investor publishes, all in one convenient spot.

Full archive of Special Profit Reports

Current titles include A $2 Stock at the Heart of the Next Energy Supercycle, The 1,000% Windfall Watchlist, and more.

SPECIAL BONUS REPORT:How to Optimize a Windfall Trading Account

This is where you’ll find answers to the questions a lot of new (and veteran) investors have about online trading accounts and platforms…

Including how to select the right online broker for YOU, how to set up the right account for your kind of trading, risks to consider, and lots more.

Inaugural Empire Investing Congress virtual conference

Back in his hedge-fund days, Whitney Tilson used to run one of the most successful investing conferences on Wall Street.

Lots of big-name investors attended and presented (like billionaire David Einhorn, for instance)…

And a lot of seriously lucrative recommendations were made.

In November, Whitney is planning to bring that conference back in a new online format that’ll include some of his esteemed Empire Financial Research colleagues…

As well as some of his closest friends and contacts on and off Wall Street.


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Energy Supercycle Investor Subscription Fee

As of moment of writing, you can get a full year of Energy Supercycle Investor for just $995. That’s over 80% off the normal, everyday list price of $5,000 a year.

Energy Supercycle Investor Refund Policy

Empire Financial Research is NOT offering refunds on Energy Supercycle Investor as part of this deal. But, if you’re not happy with Energy Supercycle Investor for ANY reason…

At ANY time within the first 30 days of your membership…

You have the ironclad right to get full credit for every penny you’ve spent to join – which you can put toward another high-end product published by Empire Financial Research.

Whitney Tilson Project E-92 – Is It Worth Your Time?

Whitney Tilson is out with a brand new Project E-92 presentation for his Energy Supercycle Investor newsletter.

There Whitney shows us irrefutable proof of a coming boom in nuclear power that no rational, thinking person could possibly deny. This “nuclear renaissance” is already underway…

Not just in America, but in other developed nations around the world, too.

According to Whitney, the U.S. is now in the driver’s seat of this global movement… Which means HUGE potential profits for those who buy in now.

Because of the recent shift toward bipartisan support for nuclear power among the American people…

Washington is suddenly (finally) going “all in” on this clean energy technology. With legislation and policy, funding, military contracts, technological development, you name it.

And as history shows, when the U.S. government gets behind something full-force, it not only becomes the norm…

It can also make a whole lot of money for savvy early investors in the right companies

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