Power Gauge Investor: Marc Chaikin 2024 Top Ten Stocks Revealed

Marc Chaikin has been in the U.S. markets for the past fifty years and has traded through thirteen presidential elections. He is expecting an extraordinary election surprise to impact the U.S. stock market in just a matter of weeks.

He believes if you follow what Power Gauge system is saying right now, you could see multiple 100%-plus gains in your portfolio in 2024.  Compare it with 30%-50% losses for the same period. Unfortunately, this is Marc’s prediction of what many average investors are going to experience. Read further for details of Marc Chaikin’s prediction for the current election year.

Key Takeaways

  • 4-Year Election Indicator is a term of the very specific way history has shown U.S. stocks to move – up or down – in each year of the 4-year election cycle.
  • Pre-election and election years have their own sweet spots where you have a chance to earn big no matter what happens with the economy.
  • The election year pivot is ahead of us. No matter which party or candidate takes office, the volatility surrounding Super Tuesday will fade away, and the real gains will begin.

What Is Power Gauge?

Simply said The Power Gauge is an algorithm designed to monitor and predict the potential future performance of a stock over the next three to six months.

It scans over 5,000 stocks every day the market is open and issues a new rating: Bearish, Neutral, or Bullish.

Power Gauge Investor Review

When a stock has a bullish rating, the Power Gauge has identified an exceptional purchasing opportunity. The chances are that the stock will increase in the upcoming months.

Power Gauge is also able to track the 4-years election Indicator.  You will be shocked to learn just how predictable the stock market can be when you apply the election indicator to it.

What Exactly Is Election Indicator?

The election indicator is older than Chaikin Analytics and the Power Gauge. This indicator uses nearly 100 years of financial data.

The term “election indicator” relates only to the very particular manner that U.S. stock prices have historically moved, either higher or lower, throughout each of the four-year election cycle.

  • The first year in that cycle is the post-election year, the year following presidential elections.

The indicator shows that stocks have been strong following elections. In eight of the past nine post-election years, the year ended Up. The outcome of the election itself doesn’t matter.

  • The second year of the 4-year election cycle: midterm election years. Here’s where things go wrong for stocks.

The election indicator shows that midterm election years are historically the WORST years of them all in the U.S. stock market.

Power Gauge Investor Review

The typical decline from a post-election year high to a midterm year low is 20%. Aka – a drop into bear market territory.

  • Then they quickly PIVOT heading into the pre-election year. Pre-election years are known for producing significant bull market gains regardless of the problems in the economy. And the reason behind that is something known as the “Sweet Spot” of the pre-election year.
  • The election year pivot is the big market event that is coming. The volatility surrounding Super Tuesday fades away, and the real gains begin.

The Sweet Spot Of Your Money

The Sweet Spot is an important part of election indicator. Here is the pattern that stocks follow:

  • Stocks make an important low in the midterm election year.
  • Then, as the pre-election year approached, they PIVOT rapidly.
  • And continue to surge at least 40%!

Chaikin gets into further details – he laid out the average gains you can expect by June of a pre-election year. The halfway point:

  • The Dow is up an average of 19%.
  • The S&P is up an average of 20%.
  • And the Nasdaq is up an average of 29%.

And no external forces, no black swan event, war overseas, recession, or unexpected presidential outcome can stop what’s coming this year.

Chaikin’s Prediction For 2024

Chaikin and his team have a simple, straightforward method for you to set yourself up for exceptional potential earnings this year.

Election years usually witness a spike in volatility around the earlier primaries, according to the election indicator. Usually around the Super Tuesday.

Power Gauge Investor Review

There is 90% chance, according to the election indicator, that we will end the year with significant profits rather than losses. Only two election years since 1940 have seen markets close lower than their starting points.

The average increase in the market during election years for a sitting president seeking reelection is 12%.

The election indicator provides more information than just projected gains. It is very specific of when to expect them.

Election years have their own sweet spot. We can expect most of election year gains to happen AFTER Super Tuesday.

Bottom Line: There just isn’t such a thing as a “losing” year if you know what is coming to the market according to the election indicator. And with the help of the Power Gauge, you can always know exactly WHAT to buy – to position yourself for the highest potential gains.

Big Tech and AI in 2024

Marc believes 2024 will be the year of the “other” stocks. This does NOT mean he thinks tech and AI will necessarily suffer.

Marc’s prediction is that we can expect tech stocks to deliver average gains of nearly 22%.

One of Marc’s buy recommendations right now is Fortinet Inc. (FTNT):

Power Gauge Investor Review

As of their latest earnings report, the company has outperformed Wall Street expectations. Power Gauge predicts they’ll be among the very-best performing stocks of the year.

Marc’s Stock Warning

Marc’s #1 stock to avoid right now is Charter Communications (CHTR):

Power Gauge Investor Review

Charter has been underperforming for the past year and has a bearish Power Gauge rating. Its underperforming will continue as more Americans switch from cable to streaming. You will find the full list of the worst performing stocks in The Chaikin 2024 Bottom Ten Report.

Chaikin’s Election Year Blueprint

Marc Chaikin just released two brand-new special reports that include exactly what stocks to buy, and exactly what stocks to avoid, starting now:

  • The Chaikin 2024 Top Ten Report.

Power Gauge Investor Review

Because of the strong pivot in the election year, Chaikin believes all ten of these stocks have a reasonable possibility of doubling over the next 12 months. Historical evidence indicates that this pivot is usually initiated in February and March. That’s why you should these stocks buy right away.

  • The Chaikin 2024 Bottom Ten Report.

Power Gauge Investor Review

This report is detailing the 10 stocks Chaikin predicts will be among the WORST of the 2024 election year.

With its recommendations Power Gauge Investor was designed to help Chaikin’s readers take advantage of the pre-election year “sweet spot.” Here is more about this service.

What Is Power Gauge Investor?

Power Gauge is the fastest, most straightforward path to outperforming the market this year. By signing up you will receive many benefits, including:

Power Gauge Investor Review

  • 50% OFF 1 year of Power Gauge Investor ($5,000 value). This means you can get a full year of access to Marc’s best and worst picks for the 2024 election year in Power Gauge Investor for just $2,500.
  • 1 FREE YEAR of access to Power Gauge Analytics. This is an advanced version of the Power Gauge, with numerous new bells and whistles, that usually costs $5,000 a year.

This access includes their Screener and Workplace Tools. Using the Screener Tool, you can screen and narrow down the most Bullish stocks in the market, based on your personal financial goals. Workspace Tool gives the complete history of any stock you’re considering, so you can see exactly how it is expected to perform.

  • ACCESS to the Chaikin Discovery Engine. Simply enter in any winning stock into Marc’s revolutionary algorithm (which is based on technology pioneered by Netflix), and you’ll instantly see a list of comparable stocks with the same potential to soar. Furthermore, you may utilize this approach to filter out the riskiest equities currently available on the market.
  • BRAND-NEW REPORT: Chaikin 2024 Top Ten Report
  • BRAND-NEW REPORT: Chaikin 2024 Bottom Ten Report
  • BONUS REPORT: The Power Gauge: How to Double Your Money on the Best Stocks
  • ACCESS to special election year market coverage ($1,000 value). You’ll always have the most up-to-date information on the election indicator and its impact on Chaikin’s strategy. Once a quarter in 2024, they’ll provide you with brief video updates on the upcoming election from a market perspective – and the short-term effects on U.S. stocks.
  • 1 FREE YEAR of Marc Chaikin’s Market Insights Newsletter ($999 value)
  • FREE BONUS Mystery Gift ($2,500 value)
  • You’ll be protected by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee backed by Chaikin Analytics.

Is Power Gauge Investor Legit?

Power Gauge Investor was the best-performing strategy at Chaikin Analytics last year. This is the reason why many of Chaikin’s followers can’t wait for his new recommendations for 2024.

These new recommendations will be the single greatest factor in determining the financial year you’re about to have.

When it comes to following Marc and his extraordinary system, the consensus is clear: Once you start doing things the Chaikin way, you never go back.

Power Gauge Investor Verdict

By signing up to Power Gauge Investor you’ll have access to the 10 stocks Marc urges you to buy NOW, to perfectly position yourself for major potential gains this election year.

Knowledge is power.

If you can understand what the data is telling you, you can achieve extraordinary things on the market.

That’s why Power Gauge was created. To help regular people to understand the Wall Street data in a simple way that doesn’t require mathematics or finance degrees.

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