Wealth Megatrends Review: Is The $2 Trillion China Exodus Legit?

Wondering if The $2 Trillion China Exodus is the real deal? This detailed Wealth Megatrends Review will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Have you heard that China is in deep trouble? In his new video Sean Brodrick is talking that soon we’re going to see a mass exodus of foreign businesses from China.

Sean Brodrick has been featured on TV, including CNBC and Fox News because of his long track record of forecasting major world events, and showing to investors how to profit from them.

Read further for Wealth Megatrends Review and you will also get details to answer yourself the question is the China Exodus for Real.


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Is The China Exodus for Real?

Sean Brodrick believes that a new industrial boom is beginning in America. His research is showing that trillions of dollars, hundreds of factories, and thousands of jobs are moving back from China to America. He gives the credit for this windfall in investment and jobs to Donald Trump.

Free trade can thrive only when everyone follows the same set of rules. Americans who were greedy and lacking in perspective allowed China to get away with breaking those laws for years.

Trump implemented tariffs and export restrictions on China for sensitive technology.

All the elitists in Washington and the media accused him of starting a trade war. In reality he was just responding to the economic war that China had been waging, and winning, against America for decades.

Joe Biden kept all of Trump’s tariffs and other China policies despite protest from Trump’s opponents.  The reason is that no matter he couldn’t admit it politically, he KNEW it was long overdue.

The bare shop shelves and supply chain shocks of 2020 gave us even more motivation to bring manufacturing back to the United States.

And what started as a slow flow of reinvestment in America… has become a raging current, particularly over the past 12 months.

General Motors and LG built new advanced battery factories.

Apple and chipmaker Broadcom signed a multibillion-dollar contract to start producing 5G equipment here in United States.

Eyeglass companies like Zenni now make their glasses in Ohio after making everything in China for years.

And many more.

Why The Capital Is Coming Back To The US?

First big reason is Security. As tensions with the US increase, the Communist Party passed a “national security” law that is so hostile to foreign companies that it’s scaring a lot of them away.

Second, even bigger reason, is the cost. In the past, when China was still developing and closer to the third-world countries, it easily became the world’s factory. Many people that lived in poverty were willing to put in long hours and get little pay. However, China has changed during the past few decades. Currently, it is a middle-class nation. Fewer people are agreeing to work 14 hours every day at $2 per hour.


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China’s Threats To Invade Taiwan

Brodrick’s research indicates China could make a move in the next 18 months. If they invade, transpacific trade will shut down. Because Taiwan has a promise from the United States of protection from China.

If this happens it will have a great impact on the stock market. The stocks of many companies that have exposure to China will most likely crush.

Sean Brodrick’s The Two Wealth Megatrends

Brodrick believes that today, two megatrends are coming together at the same time: the huge change in manufacturing caused by trillions of dollars moving from China to the United States and the rapid growth of artificial intelligence.

The companies he has found during his research will be at the heart of the re-growth of American manufacturing.

What makes him so sure? Well, he has a long track record of spotting megatrends that other “experts” failed to see.

Brodrick’s Three Key Stocks

After months of research, he has narrowed it down to three key stocks:

Pick #1 is a major player in semiconductor chips — one of the core technologies that power AI. Machines in the factories will likely depend on these chips. This company works closely with Google and OpenAI (companies that stay behind hit app ChatGPT).

Pick #2 is a significant player in the industrial robotics industry. They produce equipment utilized in almost every heavy sector you can think of.

Pick #3 has a 100-year history of success. They were crucial to practically every high-tech innovation of the previous century, and the current artificial intelligence boom is no different. During the years they’ve often paid investors a nice dividend.

Brodrick prepared a detailed investor report titled, AI and the Return of the American Factory: How to Profit from Two Merging Megatrends. Inside you’ll find the names and tickers of the top three companies.

AI and the Return of the American Factory: How to Profit from Two Merging Megatrends

These are not the only opportunities he has in mind.

Sean Brodrick’s Three Leading Companies In US Re-shoring

These are businesses that are set up for expansion even if China doesn’t invade in the upcoming 18 months.

Recommendation #1: A major apparel maker – Midwest-based company that owns some of the world’s most well-known footwear brands. They are also a key player in the garment market for the construction sector.

Recommendation #2: Another hot EV opportunity that developed a cost-effective way to build “micro-grids”. They generate, store, and distribute power locally, without putting strain on the old grid system.

Recommendation #3: A real estate investment trust or “REIT” that owns the land and warehouses used by some of America’s biggest companies.

Everything you need to know is in a second report titled: “3 More Red-Hot Stocks for the Reindustrialization of America.”

3 More Red-Hot Stocks for the Reindustrialization of America

Retail price for the two reports is $198. You can get them for FREE together with a risk-free trial membership to Brodrick’s investment research service, Wealth Megatrends.

There is more.

Brodrick’s “Picks & Shovels” Stocks

The last three companies Brodrick was talking about in his presentation are probably going to be crucial in assisting other businesses to prosper in this new era.

He has prepared one last investor report on these three final stocks, titled: The Key “Picks & Shovels” Stocks for the Rebirth of U.S. Industry.

Inside you’ll find the names, tickers and everything else you need to know about these companies:

  • The metalworking, maintenance, and repair company (which has always given out a good, fat dividend!) that he believes will profit the most from industry returning to America!
  • A little-known firm that is essential to the manufacturing and energy industries’ ability to operate. Investors will be thrilled about this “sleeping giant” stock if they get in early.
  • A company that might take the lead in the lithium market. Numerous technologies, including electric vehicles (EVs), cellphones, and medical equipment, all rely on this crucial metal.


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How Much Does Wealth Megatrends Cost?

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Wealth Megatrends Subscription: What Is Included with Standard Membership?

Here is the list of all benefits included in the Standard subscription:

Wealth Megatrends Subscription

  • Report #1: AI and the Return of the American Factory: How to Profit from Two Merging Megatrends.
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  • Report #3 The Key “Picks & Shovels” Stocks for the Rebirth of U.S. Industry.
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Wealth Megatrends Review: Is It Worth It?

Wealth Megatrends is the best resource for anyone wishing to take advantage of the historic opportunity these days. With Wealth Megatrends, you won’t only get stock choices every month and hope for the best.

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