This new cryptocurrency has people buzzing – its market value is at $35 billion in just 3 days

Internet Computer

Internet Computer, a cryptocurrency that just launched on Monday now has a market value of about $35.8 billion, according to CoinMarketCap, trading at around $289.

Eric Wade’s Free Cryptocurrency Recommendation

Eric Wade's Free Cryptocurrency Recommendation

Eric Wade just pinpointed a tiny “alt coin” that achieved what no other company has been able to – a real-world digital “truth machine” that could soon become a global standard that every big business on the planet uses.

Eric Wade: Why I Sold ALL My Stocks for Bitcoin

Eric Wade: Why I Sold ALL My Stocks for Bitcoin

You’ve probably heard about folks getting rich from cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. But is bitcoin “useful”? To get to some answers, I’d like to share a piece from Eric Wade. He’s an editor of Crypto Capital newsletter.

What Is a Bitcoin Stock? Is It A Great Way To Play The Bitcoin Megatrend

Bitcoin Stock

You don’t need to buy bitcoin directly to profit. You can also gain exposure to it in the stock market. Read on below for what this stock is and why we believe it’s great way to play the bitcoin megatrend.