Marc Chaikin 2024 Election Surprise Warning – What Is It?

Fifty-year Wall Street veteran Marc Chaikin has used his award-winning Power Gauge system to track every twist and turn of the market since the 2016 election year. Right now, he’s warning that a dramatic market event has a shocking 90% chance of hitting U.S. stocks as soon as Super Tuesday.

Marc Chaikin 2024 Election Surprise Warning – Watch It Here

Marc Chaikin 2024 Election Surprise Warning – What Is All About?

If you have any money in U.S. stocks, Marc Chaikin predicts that February 29 could be the most important day of the year for your wealth.

Not only because that’s the day he’s stepping forward with The 2024 Election Surprise Warning – a major new announcement for all of his Chaikin Analytics readers…

But also because it serves as a critical reminder that, in the context of the last four years we’ve navigated in the U.S. stock market, 2024 stands apart.

It’s beholden to a powerful four-year cycle that most Americans pay little attention to.

Which is why Marc Chaikin predicts millions of investors are about to be completely BLINDSIDED by a dramatic market event headed straight for U.S. stocks.

One that is nearly as predictable as Leap Day itself.

It hits every four years, with 90% certainty….

In fact, the last time this happened was in March of 2020 – right around the infamous COVID crash.

Marc saw that selloff coming, weeks in advance:

And now he says that this coming too – clear as day – when Marc look at the Power Gauge.

If you missed Marc Chaikin’s warning back then, this could be your last chance to get ahead of one of the greatest shifts the U.S. stock market will ever throw at us.

Like 2020, it will kick off a period of extraordinary risk…

But also a period of extraordinary opportunity, if you know exactly how to move your money.

Bottom line: It’s time to get ready.

For everything you need to know about February 29, click here.

As Marc Chaikin will explain on February 29, you must prepare for U.S. stocks to behave very differently than in recent years.

So much so that Marc is actually calling 2024 the year of the “other.”

Here’s why and what it means for your wealth.

What will Marc Chaikin share through The 2024 Election Surprise Warning?

When you tune in on Thursday, February 29:

  • You’ll find out exactly what makes presidential election years so different…
  • Why Marc Chaikin is waiting until just before Super Tuesday to release his list for 2024…
  • And most importantly, the ONE move Marc recommends you make with your investments right now.

On February 29, Marc Chaikin will be unveiling his new top 10 and bottom 10 reports for 2024.

Everyone who tunes in will get to hear one of the ideas on each of these lists, totally free of charge, as a way to thank you for tuning in.

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When Is Marc Chaikin 2024 Election Surprise Warning?

Marc Chaikin 2024 Election Surprise Warning is scheduled to take place on Thursday, February 29 at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

How To Sign Up For Marc Chaikin 2024 Election Surprise Warning?

To get access to Marc Chaikin 2024 Election Surprise Warning, all individuals have to do is enter their respective emails here.

You’ll receive free access to Marc’s brand-new series, Three Election Ticking Time Bomb Stocks. Flagged by the Power Gauge, these stocks could see huge losses during the election year…

And he recommends you steer clear of them for 2024.

Remember, on February 29, Marc will be giving you the single most comprehensive election year roadmap he’s ever shared during his 50-year career…

He’ll show you exactly how he’s come to make this prediction and reveal nearly a century of market data that has brought him to this inevitable conclusion.

Along the way, Marc will also share the name and ticker of what could be among the top-performing stocks of 2024…

Plus the name and ticker of a stock Marc predicts will go down as one of the worst stocks of the year.

Bottom Line: Should You Attend Marc Chaikin 2024 Election Surprise Warning?

Marc Chaikin’s urgent prediction is airing on February 29 at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

On that day, he’s revealing why the presidential election changes everything for how you should be investing in 2024.

Unfortunately, he predicts most investors are about to be blindsided by a critical election year market event, heading straight for stocks.

And as he’ll explain during his briefing, he believes this event will hit the market in the days surrounding Super Tuesday.

In other words, you’ll potentially have a short window of time to act on his recommendation after the conclusion of his February 29 briefing.

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